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Drools and Tears

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It's the next day now, jay and Theresa are done practicing their song. They're not quite done yet, but now it's for school.

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"Hey Jay!" Theresa came up to Jay.

"Hey Theresa," He put on a smile.

"We made a pretty good song, we work pretty well as a team."

"Yeah, totally. You got s great voice."

"haha, thanks. You too!"


"Hey look it's Malcom! Malcom over here!"Theresa called out.

"What?Me?"Malcom asked.


"Oh" He said shyly.

"You're a real good pianoo p[layer. Where'd you learn to play like that?"

"oh...I don't know...I guess it comes naturally." he smied and blushed.

"Well you're amazing!!" Jay complimented.


"I've got to get to class Jay, walk me there?"

"Sure" Jay let out a arm.

Theresa giggled.

"See you malcom,oh and come and have lunch with us with me and my friends." Theresa looked back.



"Thanks." And Malcom walked off.

"Well thanks Jay for walking me to Science class..." Theresa smiled, a sweet one.

"You're welcome." He smiled back.

Theresa stepped up and gave hima kiss on the cheek.
Jay blushed. That was the second time now!

"Hehe, well bye!" Jay said.

"Okay, see you at lunch and after school for practice."

"Alright, see ya."He had ona dreamy face.

Theresa waved one more time and dissapeared into her classroom.
Jay had his hands on his pockets as he starred at where she once was...drooling. He was thinking about her.

Then Archie came by whistling.

he spotted Jay and walked his way.

"Haha, you should see the look at your face."
"huh?" He felt something on his chin and wiped it off.

"So...what's got you into syrup?"


They started walking to their next class...Socials.

"Well something's on your mind...a girl?" Archie chuckled.

"Of course not!"

"In other words that means of course there is! Are youu crazy!"
Archie teased.

"Fine you got me."Jay looked down and sighed.

"So who's the lucky girl?"

"There's none, just like you had none, your invisble crush Atlan-"

"Shh!!!" Archie covered Jay's mouth.

"What?" Jay took Archie's hand off his mouth.

Archie gave him a look.

"The halls are empty."

"Still, you never know if one of those gossipers could be spying on us!" Archie looked this way and that.

Jay sighed. "What ever Arch."

"Anyway, tell me! Who is it!?" Archie came back to the subject.

"If you think there are spies!!! Why don't you whisperer!!!" Jay scolded at Archie.

"haha, ok now spill!"

"For the millionth time! I'm not telling you!" Jay tried to whisper.

"Fine, i'll just have to guess then. And for your information that was only the third time..."

Jay gave him a look. "Oh!! Hey! Socials class!" Jay ran off.

"But--Jay!" Archie ran after him.



"Haha, bye Lorlei!I've got to meet my friend..Jay, we have to...rehearse something." Theresa said coming out of English class.

"Spending time with your boyfriend heh?Well see ya!" Her friend Lorlei teased.

"Lor! he's not my!...boyfriend." She started to whisper.

"He obviously likes you! And like him!"

Theresa blushed.


"Lor! Be quiet!"


"Well got to go, see you tomorrow!"

"Ok, bye lover girl!"

Theresa stuck her tougue out and smiled.

She waves and walks towards her locker. Jay and marvin were suppose to meet at her locker afterschool.

She was about to turn the corner when she heard Jay and Archie by her locker.


"Okay Jay...It's time to confess. Why are you goingto Theresa's locker?"


"'s her isn't it!"


"uh huh!"

No!! no! it's not her! I don't liek her at all!" Jay lied. He liked her...ALOT! She put a soaring butterfly in the pit of his stomache and heart. It tickled his heart when it did leaping pumps.

"really?" Archie asked crossing his arms and raising a brow.

"Yeah...I just promised I'd meet her here for a project."

"A project? In Math? That's the only class you have together besides PE and Drama, and you said your Drama teacher doesn't hand out Projects...right?"

Jay had lied about that...Archie wasn't suppose to know about the musical.

"No, it's juts in Math..." he had to think of something...FAST!
"We have to make this graph/chart thing..." Jay said dumbly.

"Okay."Archie said, "So you sure you still don't like her anyway?"

"Of course not! Are you crazy!" Jay said...he couldn't believe he said that. But he really didn't want Archie to know...

"Well then...see ya!" Archie waved and walked off.


No!!no! It's not her! I don't like her at all!" Theresa was hurt when she heard that.

She liked him so much. Wasn't it obvious? That moment on that stage made her feel even closer to Jay...and now this? He didn't get the signals? Who else could he possibly like?

A tear swelled in her eyes.

"Ok then, you sure you don't like her anyway?" she heard Archie ask.

"Of course not! Are you crazy!" Jay said.

Theresa couldn't take it no more. She ran off. She didn't want to do the musical anymore...she had it with him!


Archie dissapeared in the distance. Jay turned around.

"Who am i kidding!" Jay told himself.

"I couldn't tell Archiie but..." He put his hand on his foregead as he felt a big headache coming.

"She's beautiful! Real pretty! She makes my heart want to jump out of my skin! She makes me...ugh!" He slammed hishand on the locker.

"Who you talking to?" Jay was afraid it was Theresa.

he turned around and saw Marvin.

" scared me..."

"You okay? You seem...mad."

"More like fustrated."

" really DO like her."

"Huh? no!"

marvin laughed, "Yeah you do buddy."

"Ok fine...don't tell anyone ok! Especially Theresa!"

"My lips are where's Theresa anyway?"

"I don't know..." Then his phone rang.


Theresa ran and ran could she could no more.

She stopped to sit on a bench in the cold air.

She calmed down thinking about everything Jay had just said.

She took out her silver flip-phone and started to text message Jay for she could not handle this at all.


Jay im not doin the song anymore who was i kiddin? were not musical type andim sorry i even tried.

"What!? I don't understand!"Jay said.

"What is it?"Marvin asked.

Jay handed him his phone.

"Is something wrong?" Marvin asked, after reading it.

"I don't know..."


WowI haven't updated in such a longg time! Well rate and review plz! Ands if yur wondering how i mesmerized my dream. I wrote it down. lol.
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