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Remmie Epps was taken as a child and trained for what she doesn't know. However she escaped and with the help of a general she is told she was being trained to be a prefect and now her skills ar...

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Broken Past pt one

November 9th, 1987

The rain pattered against the window pane, it was almost drowned out by the sound of running water from the stainless steel taps. Pushing dark hair from her face Remmie looked up in the water stained mirror.
Six year old Remmie reached out and pulled the light switch and sent the girly pink bathroom into darkness and padded into her fairytale bedroom. She had loved being read stories about princesses and their princes, of course she preferred the ones where the princesses could save themselves or were strong and took care of the bad guys.

Remmie took her feet out of the slippers and crawled under the covers, moonlight streamed in through the parted curtains. Wanting to go block the moonlight out but becoming too warm beneath the covers Remmie decided to leave the curtains parted. A soft padding lead to her door and Remmie listened to some one breath out side "Remmie" a soft female voice called through the crack in the door "yeah mom" Remmie called out pressing her cheek against her fluffed up pillow "good night sweetheart, see you bright and early" the voice called causing Remmie to grin into her pillow "yeah mom bright and early" Remmie called out before the figure walked away and crept down the creaking stair case. Remmie allowed one last deep breath to escape her before her eyelids grew too heavy and she fell into a deep sleep.

The sound woke her before the lights did, the car engine roared outside Remmie's window before bright lights illuminated the room. Remmie blinked against the harsh light rubbing fiercely at her eyes as she sat up in her bed. Brakes screeched and the lights were cut off sending the room into darkness. Remmie looked towards the clock sitting on her bedside table and frowned at how late it was. Licking her lips Remmie climbed out bed and padded to the bathroom half awake, half in her dream world, not even bothering to switch the light she walked over to the sink and turned the tap on scooping water into her mouth. She stopped midway when loud voices echoed up from down stairs, Remmie turned the tap off and gingerly walked back out into her room, she jumped when the door slammed shut and voices continued pacing back and forth. Remmie crept over to her bedroom door and listen to the voices which where too muffled to make out. Her mothers voice raised above them all, frowning Remmie crept out of her room glancing towards her parents room and found it open, the two other doors where left ajar. Looking down through the railings to see shadows moving furiously back and forth. All of a sudden there was a thudding sound and someone started up the stairs. Remmie scurried back from the railings and raced back into her bedroom. Her eyes darting around her darken room she quickly and quietly made her way to the built in closet and squirmed into the corner hiding behind her stuffed bears and coats. She attempted to steady her breathing as another person climbed the stairs. After a few moments Remmie heard nothing then all of a sudden the door opened and someone walked into the room. Holding her breath Remmie peered through the gap between the door and the frame. A shadowy figure stood half lit by the moonlight, the figure searched the room, first darting to the bathroom and yanking the light on, quickly turning away and back into the room when finding no one in there. Remmie swallowed hard blinking the tears, desperately biting back the urge to cry out for her parents but the strange man was not leaving and she feared that he would hurt her or her family.
The figure ducked and looked beneath the bed and upon not finding any one stood up and looked towards the closet. The figure made its way slowly over to the closet gripping hold of the doorknob slowly before yanking the door open. Remmie waited until the figure looked down before Remmie bolted to her feet and straight out of the closet brushing past the figure heading straight for the door. She heard the figure follow her muttering to him self, Remmie barely made it to the stairs when a hand gripped her arm and almost yanked her off feet, skidding backwards.
Remmie kicked out as she was dragged back to her room, almost being picked up off the floor. She was dumped on her bed ungraciously before the figure bent down before her. The mans balding head glistened with both the light from bathroom and moonlight, his dull green eyes seemed sunken in his head and his thin mouth pushed outwards "kid your going to listen to me" the man ordered in a emotionless voice. Remmie studied him before she went to push past the man but his vice like hands gripped her arms almost pinching them.
"Kid, listen to me, I do not want to hurt, I'm not going to hurt you. I'm going to take you somewhere safe. Your mom and dad are going to be fine but we need to leave now ok kid" the man stated. Remmie said nothing, after a few seconds she stood and the man grinned at her "good girl, we're going to get along fine" the man admitted before he too stood and led Remmie out of the room. As she made her way down the stairs she saw the other two rooms where left open and in the hallway she saw the long blue rug usually laid out so neat and straight was pulled up and twisted, the old style lamps that Remmie's mother had said her mother had given her had been knocked over and cracked. Remmie swallowed hard upon not finding her parents. She was guided out of the door, the evening grass where cold against her feet, the small stones bite into her flesh causing her to winch at the pain webbing its way up her leg. The man stopped her when she stood next to an all black van, one of three that sat in the driveway leading up to the house beside the mini van that her mother owned. He opened the door but before he could lift her she pushed as hard as her arms would allow her before darting towards the woods that laid to right hand side of the house. She heard the man grunt as he stumbled backwards against the van but she heard no more as she drove into the bushes, give out a low cry when the branches cut into her cheeks and arms before tearing at her night clothes. Her feet were now burning with pain as her feet began to bleed.
After what seemed to be twenty minutes Remmie found her self in clearing, she glanced around the darken woods unable to find a clear path or even the way she had come, but she heard grunting of men making their way through the brushes and she knew that she had to run. So moving forward she quickly climbed through the interweaving branches brushing away twigs that scratched at her legs. She ran for a few minutes before she heard the men come through the clearing. She brought her self to a stop and forced herself to watch as the men looked around. The man who attempted to take her from the house rubbed at his chin before he snapped and pointed in a different direction and all three moved off towards another part of the woods. Remmie waited before she carried on walking her small body aching all over. Her feet burned with pain that spread up her legs and after a few moments Remmie began to feel light headed the shadows spinning uncontrollable before her legs buckled under the dead weight of her body and she slumped to the ground ignoring the pain as her body hit the ground hard, all that mattered was the darkness seeping over her and an uneasy sleep crept in.

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