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part two

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Remmie Epps was taken as a child and trained. for what she has no idea but 19 years later she escapes and with the help of a general and aiding the FBI she attempts to discover who and what she is.

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13 years later

19 year old Remmie focused on a spot on the wall as perspiration rolled down her forehead, the small of her back and chest. Her legs were beginning to tighten as she pushed the button to speed the treadmill up. Even in the cooled windowless room Remmie was still hot, she had pushed herself, it was expected of her.
The sound of her trainers pounding the rubber strip below her drowned the sound of the door leading to the observation room opening and people walking in. Remmie slowed the treadmill down when Hathaway and younger doctor stood in front of her "afternoon Remmie, your working hard" Hathaway pointed out as Remmie stepped off the treadmill and stared at Hathaway and his companion "I'm only doing the hours required of me" Remmie declared matter of factly causing Hathaway to smile before he folded his arms "you remember my son don't you Remmie, Doctor Douglas Hathaway" Hathaway questioned with a gesture to the young man beside him and Remmie nodded towards him "Remmie I wanted to ask you some questions" Hathaway stated as Remmie nodded before she grabbed a towel hanging over the railing of the treadmill "do you remember your family" Hathaway questioned as Remmie began to wipe the sweat that was slowly drying on her skin "no, I don't remember them" Remmie admitted coldly as though she was simply telling them her daily routines "do you remember anything before your life here" Hathaway asked dropping his arms "no, my memories are of this place only, and my intense and extensive training taught by you" Remmie stated as Hathaway grinned and looked towards Douglas who watched Remmie "you were six years old when you came here Remmie, I promised you that I would take care of you and I have haven't I" Hathaway questioned as Remmie thought before nodding "if you a inquiring if you have physically hurt then no, nor have you injured me emotionally or mentally" Remmie declared as Hathaway nodded "so in essences you've had a good life here" Hathaway asked as Remmie thought once more "it's been adequate life, I've learned a great deal... you yourself said that my studies far over shadow children that age" Remmie declared as Hathaway nodded before glancing towards the observation room "what studies did you like the most" Hathaway questioned. Remmie thought for a few moments before she looked at them "anthropology, archaeology, human science, forensics, entomology, natural studies" "ok, ok that's good" Hathaway stopped her and grinned "so, viewing your reports, essays... takes on the studies do you believe you have sufficient knowledge to perform these tasks as though you were an expert" Hathaway asked causing Remmie to think about the question for a few moments before nodding and folding her arms "I believe I have enough knowledge on most subjects to perform tasks relevant with expertise" Remmie assured causing Hathaway to beam then glance at Douglas "so lets say that if you were to be placed say a government" "a political government position" Douglas cut in causing his father to shot him a sharp look the smile faulting for a few seconds before looking back at Remmie "do you think you can work in that position without alerting people to your inexperience" Hathaway asked a little more sharply.

Remmie watched them for a few seconds before nodding "I believe I can perform correctly" Remmie admitted causing Hathaway to smile brightly again at her "good, good. That's all Remmie you finish your training. You also be getting a new guard as well. He'll be in this afternoon" Hathaway informed her before he turned and headed back to the door at the back of the room. Douglas studied Remmie for a few moments more before he too turned and followed his father. Remmie sighed before she grabbed a bottle of water and drank greedily from it as the heavy door slammed shut.
Remmie strolled over to the electric fight dummy that stood in the bottom diagonal corner that had been turned into a gym and training area when she had become old enough to learn how to right. She placed the bottle of water on wooden horse used to do gymnastics before turning to the dummy as she placed her back foot shoulder width apart and ready to fight when the outside door opened and a tall and young man stepped in. the door closed automatically behind him as the man looked around the room "Remmie Epps" the man questioned as Remmie straightened up and looked at him "yes" she stated as the man nodded and walked down the metal mesh stairs his highly polished boots clipping against the metal "my name is Josh Travis, I'm going to be watching over you along with Dwight" Travis stated as he stepped off the last step and grinned at Remmie who studied the young man. He was only a few inches taller than Remmie and his head of golden brown hair curled around his ears and neck given him a look of disheveled. Remmie found herself staring at his face, the only male faces she had seen over the passed thirteen years was that of Hathaway, Dwight, Douglas and another elder doctor who had never seemed appealing to the eye, however Remmie found herself drawn to Travis, he was rather appealing to her causing her stomach to knot it self as her hormones seemed to stream through her system.

"I was informed of that before hand, doctor Hathaway told me" Remmie stated coolly causing Travis to grin at her again before wringing his hands out as he took in her room once more. It had become five different rooms over the years, a bedroom, study, gym, dressing room and a laboratory. Her bathroom and toilet was behind her study. Letting a low whistle Travis turned his steel blue eyes back to Remmie "this is all for you" he questioned as Remmie frowned "if you were sent to protect me then should you have not be informed of this before. I live here, I never leave this room. Anything I may require is brought to me" Remmie told him as Travis swallowed before nodding solemnly adverting his gaze slightly "yeah I was told" he admitted before he took a deep breath then looked back into Remmie's eyes tightening his jaw "that must suck, having to live within these four walls" Travis stated as Remmie shrugged and shook her head "no not really, I have only ever known this room. All my books describe the world as much as I need to further my studies" Remmie pointed out coolly causing Travis to stare at her before he shrugged "ok... what do you do here" Travis asked as Remmie allowed her shoulders to slump "I am given a strict routine which I complete daily... monthly changes are made because Doctor Hathaway believes it to become stagnate" Remmie explained as Travis gapped at her "you have a routine... you mean ever day you do everything on a list" Travis questioned as Remmie nodded "I no longer need a written list I memorized my routine and complete what is listed for me to do. It is how it has been done since my arrival" Remmie stated as Travis shook his head "ok, what are you meant to do now" Travis questioned as Remmie took a deep breath "I need to train with he dummy... I must tone my moves and make them more graceful" Remmie told him before she turned and walked over to the dummy and prepared her self for her training when Travis followed her and stood behind the dummy "so you have never left this place at all, even at Christmas" Travis asked as Remmie frowned "no, why would I prefer to travel out on that day than any other" Remmie asked as Travis waved a hand "it's Christmas your meant to do something on that day" Travis admitted as Remmie shook her head "many cultures do not celebrate Christmas as the Christian's and Catholics do, and looking at Christmas mythological it is not about exchanging gifts it is in fact meant to celebrate the birth of the savior and that god has delivered those who follow him from evil by sending his son to earth" Remmie pointed out as Travis grinned at her "danger will Robinson" Travis mocked causing Remmie to stare at him with a confused look "I don't understand what that means" Remmie stated as Travis shook his head "it means you speak like a robot, too mechanical" Travis pointed out as Remmie shook her head "I don't see the point in diluting the facts of the matter by common use of words" Remmie admitted as Travis laughed "I think we're going to get on just fine" he admitted before strolling over to the wall and leaning against it whilst watching Remmie.

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