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part three

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Remmie Epps escapes

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6 years later

Darkness engulfed her, no movement and no light. Faint sounds of machines whirring filled her senses but those sounds she had come to be comforted by them. Suddenly 25 year old Remmie woke with start when something clamped over her mouth. She looked up to make out slivers of Travis's face pressed inches from her own "Rem, I need you to listen to me ok... no questions ok" Travis ordered watching Remmie intently. Remmie took a few moments before nodding and Travis removed his hand and placed it against Remmie's cheek "god, I imagined this moment thousands of times. When I told you... when I had you looking at me with truth for the first time" Travis stated tucking the hair behind her ear. Remmie remained still watching him "there was a reason why I was sent to you six years ago. Why even after I was unprofessional so many time I still worked with you... I was meant to make you act more normal, like common people so you could blend in with the rest of the world" Travis admitted his voice husky as though he was torn by what he was saying. His soft finger tips gently and lightly stroking her cheek "I thought I could do it... but... I care about you, I've come to care about you and I thought as long as I didn't think about what they were going to you then this would all be ok" Travis bit his self off and listened after a few seconds studied her again "they want to take you out, of here send you back into the real world.... I can't explain fully, about what happened to you... why you were taken and what happened to your family but I will" Travis stated before he reached down and grabbed Remmie's hand "please say you'll follow me" he pleaded as Remmie sat up and nodded. Travis grinned before he lent forward and kissed her on the forehead "someone is going to take care of us... I'm going to take care of you" he promised before he pulled a pair of shoes over and helped slip them on to Remmie's feet and guided her to her feet. Holding her hand lead her to the stairs she had been brought down all those years ago. Remmie said nothing as she was guided out of the only place she had known for 19 years. The corridor was brightly lit but the walls were a dull grey, each corridor looking the same. Travis didn't stop; he headed to the right following the corridor halfway down passing two more doors like the one Remmie had just left by. Half way down Travis turned left down another corridor that dead ended with a double set of steel doors. Stopping Travis pushed a white panel in with a click and the panel popped open and two buttons were revealed. Travis hit one glancing behind, Travis looked at Remmie and sighed "I'm sorry about all this" Travis apologized before Remmie studied him for the first time since being taken from her room, his eyes were sunken and sullen. Dark circles dragged below each eye. His cheeks seemed slackened and his cloths were just as disheveled as his hair "it was never meant to end like this... you were their pride and joy... you were their program" Travis admitted before running a hand through his hair, not letting go of Remmie's hand "whose program... I don't understand what this all means Travis" Remmie stated before Travis stepped forward and stared at her "bad people Rem, really bad people... they don't know you like I do" Travis stated as Remmie thought before she shook her head "Lloyd" Remmie muttered before Travis frowned "who" Travis questioned as Remmie shook her head "no one" she declared as Travis took a deep breath "you trust me right" Travis asked as Remmie took a few moments before she nodded "good, that's all you need for now I promise I will look after you" Travis stated as Remmie nodded before the doors slid open and Travis dragged her in and hit the only button on the four walls. The door slid shut and a soft whirring started from above their heads and Travis tapped his foot glancing at his watch. After a few minutes of silence Travis let go of Remmie's hand and pulled a weapon from inside his pocket and readied it before him before he took Remmie's hand again "I think we're going to make it out" Travis admitted before the doors opened and Remmie was guided out into a carpeted hallway that ran only left or right, Travis took Remmie down the right side and followed it until it curved but instead of following the hallway Travis dragged her to a stop in front of a door. He looked both ways before he raised his foot and slammed his foot against the door knob and splintered the door but did not open it another kick forced the door in wards and Travis dragged her into the room and directly to the window "we are going have to jump" Travis admitted as Remmie frowned before looking out the window "and go where" Remmie questioned as Travis stated at her "a general is going to meet us... I made him promise not to come here until I got you out of here... I'm going to have to tell him everything after wards... I will have to tell you everything too" Travis admitted, pushing Remmie back he held the gun up and fired three times. The window shattered in a loud cracking sound that echoed around the empty room.
Travis peered out the window and Remmie walked over to him and stared down at dark water that whipped at the wall beneath them "we're going to jump into there" Remmie questioned as Travis nodded then tucked the gun back beneath his jacket "go on jump" Travis ordered but Remmie stared at him with big eyes "Rem, please, you have to jump" Travis ordered but before Remmie could answer a shadow filled the door way "maybe she doesn't want to jump" Dwight declared causing both Travis and Remmie to stare at him "maybe she knows she's already home" Dwight pointed out.

Travis stepped in front of Remmie and shook his head "how long could you carry on lying to her Dwight, she was going to figure it out" Travis questioned reaching for his gun but Dwight held his own gun "you think you have the first idea of what the kid is capable of" Dwight stated as Travis shook his head "she isn't a kid... your treating her like a lab rat" Travis stated before he pulled his gun out "I won't let her go back" Travis declared causing Dwight to grin "what makes you think we need her back now" Dwight asked before he fired twice and Travis stumbled back. Remmie hoisted herself up onto the window still and pushed her self out. She plummeted to the water the slashing sound of her body hitting the water knocked her hearing out and the coldness of the water forced the air out of her lungs. Struggling she dragged herself to the surface and looked up towards the window but saw no shadowy figures staring out in to the darkness. Taking a few burning breaths she allowed tears to slide down her face before she began to swim.
Dwight smiled as he stepped over Travis's body and stared out into the darkness and saw a fleeting figure in the water, Dwight looked down at the young mans body and wondered how much he had cared for Remmie. Dwight pulled a phone from his pocket and dialed a number "I took care of Travis. However the butterfly has finally flown" Dwight stated as he smiled "yeah, I'll put a trace on her straight away" he stated before hanging up and looked towards the window once more.

Military base, outside San Francisco
Two days later

The military doctor walked out of sick bay and looked at the tall and lean general standing by the doctors office "General Carey sir" the doctor greeted as he walked over to the general with sharpness. General Richard Carey turned and set his deep brown eyes on him "Captain Tracy, I received your message. You found her" Carey asked as Tracy nodded "well a patrol boat sir, we were lucky, civilian police were head to her location. A fishing boat called in her location. Our guys picked her up and brought her here, I heard you were looking for a woman in the waters" Tracy stated as he gestured down the hall and the pair walked down the hallway "um sir, can I ask... how did you know there would be a woman in the water" Tracy asked while Carey stared ahead "need to know I'm afraid" Carey stated as Tracy nodded knowing the procedure "well her vitals are strong, we have fluids pumping into her sir, she was dehydrated any longer and she would have drowned" Tracy admitted causing Carey to give a sharp nod "just here sir" Tracy stated as he indicated to a single room that could be locked from the outside "I'm due to check in on her now sir" Tracy pointed out as Carey nodded before he gestured to the door and Tracy walked in.
The room was a dull grey with easily cleaned white tiles. A large window stood opposite the door where sun light poured in bouncing off the floor. A medical med sat beneath the bed the head surrounded by machines monitoring vital signs of the dark haired woman lying beneath the standard white sheets. Her dark brown hair spilled around her rounded face, but however the toil of fighting for her life made face seem pale and sullen. Her frame looked frail beneath the sheets and drips leading to her arms. Her right shoulder had been padded out by a thick bandaged small cuts dotted her arms "what happened to her shoulder" Carey questioned as Tracy looked at him "there was a laceration we had to clean and stitch the wound" Tracy informed him before he walked over the woman and began checking her vitals. Carey glanced down and read the name tag attached to her chart, it read Doe, Jane.
"Remmie" Carey stated causing Tracy to stop and look at him "excuse me sir" Tracy questioned bringing Carey back and clear his throat "her name is Remmie Epps" Carey stated, Tracy nodded but said nothing more as he went back to his patient. Carey watched as Tracy checked a monitor before there was a flicker from Remmie's hand. Carey caught the movement a second time before he moved around the bed and stood opposite, her fingers moved again before gripping at the sheets "captain" Carey called before Tracy looked up at him before following his line of view and saw Remmie clutching at the sheets. Pulling a pen from his pocket Tracy walked down the end of the bed and lifted the sheets to uncover her feet and pressed the pen tip in the ball of her foot. He glanced up where there was a jerk from her leg then a moan escaped her lips. Slowly Tracy walked back to the head of the bed and watched Remmie closely. After a few seconds her eyes fluttered open before shutting once against the bright sunlight streaming into the room. Once again her eyes opened and her chocolate brown eyes attempted to focus on her surroundings. After a few hesitant moments Remmie looked from Tracy to Carey then back again "wh..." her voice broke before she could finish, turning quickly Tracy grabbed a jug of fresh water and poured it into a plastic cup then unwrapped the straw beside in and brought it back to Remmie. Helping her to lift her head Tracy pressed the straw against her dry lips and held the straw in place as she gulped the water. Suddenly she chocked and Tracy took the straw from her lips while she choked. Tracy watched as the doctor fussed around Remmie.

Carey waited until Tracy had pulled back before looked at him "can I talk to her" Carey asked as Tracy gave him a look before focusing back on Remmie "not yet sir, she's got to get her bearings" Tracy stated before Remmie focused on him. The choking fits had ceased now she was attempting to understand where she was. Glancing towards Carey she found at his dark features "can you tell me your name" Tracy probed gently but Remmie shook her head "can you speak" Tracy asked but Remmie continued to shake her head. Tracy glanced towards Carey who stared at Remmie "your name is Remmie, Remmie Epps" Carey stated as Remmie frowned then nodded. She swallowed hard and looked around "there was a man, who was trying to save you... he contacted me, can you tell me his name" Carey asked as Remmie thought hard but all that simmered in her memory was a voice stating they were going to save her. Something she felt that she had been told many times before but unable to recollect when and where.
"I don't... I don't know" Remmie admitted, winching when expelling the words felt like they were tearing her dry throat. Remmie swallowed hard again before she attempted to sit up but pain flared up her arm forcing her to slip back, Tracy straightened and began to help Remmie sit up by propping pillows up behind her. Remmie glanced at her shoulder "how deep was the cut" Remmie questioned causing Tracy to stare at her surprised "pretty deep, you had stitches" "dissolvable stitches" Remmie asked as Tracy glanced towards Carey who looked up but then looked back to Remmie "how do you know that" Carey questioned but Tracy shook his head "do you have medical knowledge" Tracy asked while Remmie thought and looked down confused "I don't know... I don't remember" Remmie declared looking from one man to the other "I am General Carey, I'm going to help you remember" Carey declared as Remmie looked at her and studied his face.
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