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My Ran-neechan

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She came home expecting a boy, but found a man in his place. He believed that after everything was explained, life would return to normal. Sadly, sorrow is a strong toxin. So is rage.

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A/n: First time using the Japanese names, so sorry if I mess them up XD I don't own DC, just like every other fangirl on this site. I wanna own Shinichi, tho. Or at least Conan.

Anywho, don't be too hard on Ran in this XD Some of you girls will wanna tear her limb from limb in this XD


"Conan-kun? Conan-kun, are you home?"

She dumped her book bag onto the couch after removing her shoes at the doorway. "I'm sorry I'm late, the theater parking lot was packed," she called breathlessly. She waited for an answer. "Conan-kun, are you there?"

"I'm in my bedroom, Ran-neechan."

She let out a sigh of relief. "Don't scare me like that, Conan-kun," she said, ending with a slight laugh. She made her way to his room, talking lightly as she went. "For a moment," her hand gently pulled the door open, "I didn't think you were-"

"Ohayo, Ran."

"Shinichi," she breathed. He simply smiled at her, like nothing had happened and nothing had changed. It wasn't until the door shut behind her did logic and reality finally take back control of her senses. "Where's Conan-kun?" she asked. He just went on smiling.

"I'm your Conan-kun, Ran. Always have been."

"N-no," she breathed back. The humor of the situation she was in took hold, and she let out a small laugh. "No, you can't be-"

"I am, Ran."

He removed the bowtie from his throat and threw it to her.

"Speak into the back."

She looked at him for a moment. He couldn't be serious. He gestured for her to go ahead, and she slowly raised the back of the bowtie to her lips.

"H-hello?" came Conan's voice when she spoke into it. "Holy-!" Startled, she dropped the bowtie from her hands. "H-how?!" she asked. He simply laughed and picked up the fallen neck piece.

"Dr. Agasa made it for me, since no one would listen to a kid."

" could you ?" she asked. He looked up at her and gave her a crooked grin.

"That day at Tropical Land, the shady men from the roller coaster decided they wanted to use me as a guinea pig for their latest experimental toxin, but instead of killing me, it turned the my clock back ten years...and I became Edogawa Conan."

The grin slowly disappeared and his face took a darker tint. He began to play with the bowtie in his hands as he spoke.

"At first, I wanted to tell you, but then I realized it would probably be better if you didn't know. The last thing I'd want was for you to get involved and hurt on my behalf. So, I played dumb and did all I could to get my true identity back while keeping it a secret."

Slowly, a childish smile grew and he began to fiddle with the knobs on the back of his tie.

"I used the gadgets Dr. Agasa made me to help your father solve his cases. I thought that if I spread his name around, some word of the Organization that drugged me would pop up and I'd be one step closer to an antidote. Finally, Agasa and Ai-kun-she was the original creator of the toxin that changed me-finished the antidote I am."

He opened and closed his arms, not knowing if he should embrace the stunned girl or to go on. He took in a deep breath, deciding to continue.

"I'm back for good this time, at least I should be, and now nothing will stop me from finding those men. I-I don't care anymore. I don't care if they find me, if you get involved, because this time, I can protect you. I won't let them set a hand on yo-"

"How dare you," she snapped sharply, cutting him off. Her voice was forced, rejection dripping from every word. His head shot up to look at her in disbelief. "Did you not think I could protect myself? I nothing but your damsel in distress? I'm not..." She trailed off, trying to keep her emotions at bay. "I'm not helpless. And...and how dare you think of me as such, and after you had known!" Rage filled her form, sorrow and rejection forgotten. "You had known my feelings from the beginning, that I loved you, and yet you ignored them! You pushed me away, Shinichi!"

"Ran, I-"

"And why did you have to pick MY house?!" she pushed on. "Was it your sick idea of a joke?! I was worried about you! I was scared to death that something had happened to you! I didn't know if you were alive or face down in a ditch! But, NO! You were right here the whole time and did you even care about the Hell you were putting me through?! How dare you!?"

"Ran, please!"

"I was scared to death, Shinichi! I was scared I had lost you every moment you weren't here! Why didn't you tell me?! Am I..."-her voice cracked-"Am I that untrustworthy? Was I so much so that you couldn't even spare to tell me you were alive? I wouldn't...I wouldn't have told anyone, I swear. I-" She was cut off when he grabbed her wrist and pulled her into a tight embrace.

"I never thought you were untrustworthy. Far from it. I wanted to tell you everyday, but I also wanted to keep you safe, just incase something happened and I was too weak to save you in your time of need. I never thought for a moment you were weak in any way. It was because you are so strong that I was worried."

His arms tightened around her shoulders, his forehead pressed to her neck. His voice dropped to a dull whisper.

"They can break people, Ran. If it wasn't for you, they would have broken me a long time ago. I could...I could never forgive myself if anything happened to you, much less if for one second you lost the flair I fell in love with...I wouldn't risk you like that.

"Ran, I love yo-"

The back of her hand came down hard onto his cheek. He stumbled away in shock. "Get out," she hissed through clenched teeth. "Get out of my house, Shinichi."

He stared at her for a moment, shock in his eyes. Slowly the pieces fell into place, and after a moment he gave her a solemn nod. She was trying to hide it with anger, but he could see her eyes were brimmed with tears waiting to be shed in privacy. In a sigh of defeat, he slowly started to leave, but not before stopping to look at her one last time.

"Sayonara, my Ran-neechan," he told her quietly before passing her and heading out the door.

The door shut, and, silently, she collapsed.
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