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Chapter One - Introduction

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Fiyero and Elphaba find their way back to eachother

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Author's Notes (a/n): This story is based on characters created by the ingenious Gregory Maguire, from his book, Wicked and some events occurring in the musical.
As I write this fic I have the original cast from the Broadway play in my head: Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenoweth & Norbert Leo Butz...etc.
I am familiar with the entire Wicked storyline (the book from cover to cover, and the play from "No One Mourns the Wicked" to where Elphaba comes out of the trap door.... sorry if I gave up the ending), and the end of the play is where I so happen to begin this story of Elphaba and Fiyero.
Otherwise this fic is completely my idea and possible influences from reviews :)
Although the fic is written from the ending of the play, I'm keeping in character due to how the godly Gregory Maguire had intended (which means I keep my copy of the book beside me at all times as I write this :) ) except the start of this contradicts the whole ending of the book so don't mind it :)
So here it goes....

All of Oz is in the midst of celebrating the death of what they called the wickedest woman to ever be, while a broken heart lies alone in Kiamo Ko. He returned to the castle that not only had he once called home, but also where a friend very dear to him vanquished....or had she?

As he walked along the floorboards that held so many tormenting memories, out of what looked like a storm shelter, appeared a green silhouette of what could be imagined as a woman.
Fiyero helped pull her up and back to her feet, as if he was not surprised that she had been hiding there all along.
She was trembling as he took her into his arms. He looked around himself as if some one would hear his conversation, and when he was finally satisfied that no one had followed him there, he whispered to her "It's time to go."
He wiped a smear of dirt off her face, which made her smile. It was nice to feel the touch of something other then spider webs and dust from being in the hole for some time. It had been so long since she had human contact.
"We can never come back to Oz, can we?" she asked in an almost disappointed tone.
"No." he sternly replied. He held onto her wrist and started to lead her out but she stopped in her tracks and refused to be pulled along.
"I only wish..." she started, as tears filled up in her eyes. He wiped them away, knowing the true harm they could cause her.
"What?" he said in a soothing voice.
Elphaba pulled herself together and let out a suggestion that she knew could never happen, but had hope, for once in her life. "Glinda could know that we're alive."
He looked at her with doubt in his eyes, which made her tear again.
She hated herself for becoming so soft when her life had always been so emotionless except for her being full of hate. The only people that she had ever had true feelings for were Glinda, who portrayed her first and only true best friend, Nessarose, her sister who she half-heartedly loved, her father, who she knew would never quite love her the way he loved her sister, and most of all, Fiyero. She loved him as one could only imagine, and when she thought he had died, she felt no desire to live herself. Those were the hard times, but now knowing they will be together again gave her this odd feeling; a feeling she never wished to feel. Having hope meant she actually had a soul, in which Elphaba had no intentions of admitting, although she secretly wanted one deep down.
He pulled her close to him for support and held her tight. Even though he smelled of sweat, she had to admit that no matter how wretched one would think it smelled, she had missed living without it for all these years.
Fiyero closed his eyes and smelled her hair; a scent he could only dream about for so long and was now real, or what seemed like it. His life had a funny way of tearing itself apart. Not only did he loose Elphaba once before, but he also had his wife and children taken from him without a single, final goodbye. He swore to himself that this time, he would hold onto the things he loved and make sure he never lost them again. He had a second chance with Elphaba and he wouldn't let anything happen to make him loose her, even if it meant they had to go into hiding and leave their friends behind.
He held her tighter and whispered in her ears, "She can't know, not if we want to be safe. No one can ever know."
He gently separated them from each other and looked deep into her eyes. It reminded her of the old days of hiding in Oz and keeping their love a secret from the world. She figured that this secret shouldn't be that hard since she was almost a pro at it. Yet she couldn't help but feel saddened to leave Glinda behind, a friend she hoped to get back on track with.
Hope, there's that word again, she thought.
Secrets weren't new to Fiyero either. Not only had he lied to his wife about why he was in Oz for seven months "on business", but how he was the scarecrow who escorted Dorothy on the road to her way back home. Yet then he had no memory of his past life and who he really was until the spell of the shoes had lifted when Dorothy returned home. After he was brutally beat in Elphaba's hideaway all those years ago, he was saved from the brink of death by a spell Glinda cast on him, that had created him into a scarecrow. It had saved his life with the unfortunate effect of compromising his whole memory.

There was something in his eyes that she knew she could trust, something that made her feel strong and unstoppable. As if they could conquer anything that came their way, as long as they were together and never left each other's sides.
"Come..." he said as he reached for her hand.
She allowed him this one time to be in power of her and walked beside him into the night air, as they made their journey that would soon change their life forever.

A/n: conversation is taken directly from the libretto.
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