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Chapter Two - Devastation & Blame

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Glinda's point of view after the "death" of Elphaba.

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She woke up to early morning celebrations and parties being had all over Oz.
The Ozians were still partying from the day before and it seemed they were non-stop.
Although everyone around her seemed full of cheer and laughs, she couldn't help but feel grief and miserable pain strike throughout her whole body.
Maybe the world saw it as they had rid themselves of the Wicked Witch of the West, but Glinda saw it as losing her very best friend.
She lazily put on her pink robe and slowly descended down the stairwell.
Today she had to put on her false face and make everyone believe she too was happy for Elphaba's death; a front she wasn't sure she could hold onto any longer.
Since the last time they talked, the days grew cold and longer.
Glinda felt something deep inside her gut, as if the world was somehow not right, almost upside down in a way.
"Those damn shoes," she said to herself as she walked towards the dining area. "If only I had the common sense to never give those shoes to that girl."
She knew if Elphie were with her right now, she would say "Glinda it's not always about you, so stop flying off the handle."
Thinking about Elphie made her smile, and all the memories she had locked away for so long, trying to be released, had come to her in her dreams. After waking up and realizing it was only a dream, and that Elphaba was really dead, it made Glinda more depressed then ever. Each realization was making her heart break more and more each time.
But she had to face the truth: she was the reason why Elphaba had died.
Dorothy had killed one of the last people Glinda had in the world, and it was all her fault.
Sure she had the people in the high society, and the support of the Ozians, but only Elphaba knew the real Glinda; not the Glinda the Good Witch who traveled by bubble, but Glinda, who just wanted to be loved.

After breakfast she went back up to her room to sulk.
This is so unlike me, she thought.
Soon her usual pink attire even seemed too cheerful on such a mournful day.
She sat in front of her vanity and tried on various faces that she hoped wouldn't give away her true feelings of the past night's event.
What would people say if they found out her true feelings?
She could not allow it.
As much as she loved Elphaba, she could not risk loosing all she had left on blabbing out her whole true, life story. She didn't dare.
Even her husband was too much of a nuisance to have around the house, leaving her no space to grieve.
She should have kicked him out of the house long a go, she thought to herself as she allowed a small chuckle pass through her lips.
It wasn't like she loved him. It was all about social status back then. What mattered then was money and jewels, and where you sat at a function...but not now? Not anymore?
Elphaba's death has taught her that she needs to take life by the broom, in a figurative way, and take flight to her dreams.
If only she could figure out what those dreams were....

As she stepped outside the sun put a glaze on her blonde hair, and each ray kissed her soft skin, sending warmth through out her body.
Looking up at the sky she felt as if Elphaba was close by, a feeling she had mistaken for Elphie's spirit watching over her, and protecting her.
But that feeling was more than a feeling.
For what little Glinda knew, Elphaba was close by, and alive....

A/n: I'm switching up the point of views from time to time and you'll see how this affects the whole storyline/plot later on in the story.
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