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Chapter Three - An Unexpected Visitor

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Fiyero comes face to face with his worst enemy.

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Fiyero woke up to bluebirds singing their sweet love songs to the crisp morning air.
As he sat up he clearly noticed Elphaba, perfectly camouflaging with the grass, lying next to him.
She looked so peaceful and beautiful.
He couldn't help but watch her sleep. He didn't dare blink or look away for even a moment. For he was afraid if he did, she would disappear into thin air, and he'd realize it was all just a dream.
Soon a light breeze of summer air blew past them, attempting to take a strand of her pearl black hair with it, but it just floated, perfectly swaying to a soft rhythm.
Oh how she was a sight for sore eyes.
He sat up, still gazing her way, and decided he had to leave her side for just a moment to prepare breakfast before she woke up, as a surprise.
He ventured into the woods, across the dirt road from where they had laid sleeping.
It seemed as if the woods got darker and darker with each twig-snapping step he took.
At last after many minutes of walking, while partially impaired from the darkness, he came across a strange and unique berry bush, growing wildly out of an old tree stump.
The berries seemed like they were radiating with a magic glow as if begging him to pick the bush's juicy bounty.
Something seemed so odd about this bush. It was out of nowhere, and of all places, in a stump. Yet he couldn't resist.
He was very tempted to snatch up these berries, but he was unsure if they were safe to eat.
Although he had his doubts, the berries called out to him, and he figured it couldn't hurt to grab just a few.
As he picked a few, a rustling sound came from behind a tree....
He turned and saw a tiny bird on the ground, searching for seeds for its family.
He turned his attention back to the berries when he felt heavy breathing on his back.
Knowing for sure it wasn't Elphaba, he slowly turned around to face the culprit.
There stood the biggest bear he had ever seen.

Forgetting about the berries, Fiyero ran as fast as his legs could carry him, dodging trees and jumping over random shrubbery, that seemed to be placed there to slow him down.
Just as he started to loose the bear, and see the heavenly light at the other end of the woods, a long root that had blended very well with the ground, had tripped him.
He fell flat on his face and his boot was stuck within the root.
He pulled as hard as he could, but there seemed to be no tree nearby for the root to be connected to.
The root seemed to tighten around his foot, causing pain to shoot up his leg.
The bear soon caught up, and stood directly over Fiyero, leaving him basking in his enormous shadow.
Fiyero closed his eyes and shielded his face from the bear's claws.
From behind the bear stepped out a somewhat porky man.
"Hello there, Fiyero," The man said.
Fiyero recognized this voice at once.
The Wizard....

Fiyero took his hands from his face and stared, almost dumbfounded.
"So you thought you could get away with this, huh?" the wizard started.
"Just figured you and miss Elphaba could run away and do as you pleased?"
Fiyero stood up shakily, trying to absorb all he was hearing.
"Yes I know she's alive. I'm the great wizard of Oz. I know all, see all."

Fiyero needed a plan. His eyes wandered to find something quick to disable the wizard and the bear. He needed to find Elphaba and hide her away where no one could find them.
"I thought you and the girl flew away, far from here to never return, in that...that flying balloon?" Fiyero asked, trying to buy some time. Finding a weapon was harder then he suspected. The ground was bare. Even the root he had once tripped on disappeared.
The closest object he could get was a rock, but that was closer to the opening of the woods and there was no way the wizard would let him get close enough.
Then wizard walked closer, "I decided to return, for I had some old unfinished business to take care of. Or should I say a certain person to make sure was deceased. I was surprised that such royalty like you would help a fugitive."
The wizard's words stung, and knowing this, he smiled.
It wasn't a friendly smile, or even the kind when a joke is told, but a sinister smile where you know danger is lurking around the corner.
The wizard's smile gave Fiyero an uneasy feeling in his gut, and quickly decided about running for it.
Fiyero gritted his teeth, "I love her, and I will do everything within my power for her! And you can't stop me!"
He made a mad dash for it.
It was no use.
The wizard used magic and transported a tree right in front of the exit.
"You cannot win against me, you fool!" He taunted.
He let out a laugh, so horrible; the waves rang throughout Fiyero's body.
Just as the wizard was about to sick the bear on Fiyero, a blood curdling scream could be heard all over Oz.
Fiyero's face flushed and turned a deep pale.... Elphaba!

A/n: I was thinking of making the bear into a Bear and decided against it because I'd have to add a story on how the Bear became enslaved and such.
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