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Chapter Four - Realizations

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Fiyero and Elphaba have a lot to think about and consider when it comes to what happens next.

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A/n: Chapter 3 was Elphaba's nightmare. (fyi)

Elphaba screamed, as she quickly sat up from a horrid nightmare.
A stinging sensation had taken over her forehead, and soon realizing she was sweating, took a nearby leaf off the ground and wiped her face dry.
After realizing where she was and remembering the events that had taken place the night before, she looked next to her expecting to find her love, Fiyero still sleeping there.
Her heart started to pound against her chest.
She slowly stood up and looked around the interior of the sulking, weeping willow they had taken shelter from.
"Fiyero?" she tried out into the air.
When she got no answer she vacated the willow teepee and stood for a moment, letting the breeze hit her face.
"Fiyero!" she called out. "This isn't funny! Get back here this instant, I'm warning you!"
She stood there, with her hands on her hips, for a few seconds longer.
After no sign of him being around she started to panic... was her dream real after all?

She crept close to the edge between the meadow and the forest. Hoping to sneak a glance of what could be Fiyero.
She paced every step, with her broom in one had and the other to be readily used as a shield if anything was to come and attack her right then and there.
She suddenly stopped.
She heard leaves crunching behind her, and as a shadow flowed in front of her, her heart sunk deep inside her.
She took a large gulp and prepared herself to face what was there behind her.
The hairs in her neck stuck up as she slowly about faced.
There, standing right before her, was none other then... Fiyero!

After she regained her nerve and voice from fright, she hit him as hard as she possibly could in the chest, and cursed with such anger.
"What were you thinking?! Scaring me to death like that! I could have had a goddamn heart attack for all you care! Sneaking up on me... what the hell was going though your goddamn head?!"
She huffed and puffed her way back inside the willow hut, mumbling more words of hatred for him under her breath.
Fiyero just stood there, trying to get over the initial shock of what just happened.

After a few seconds of attempting to understand what he did wrong, Fiyero walked over to the tree.
"What the hell was that for?" he demanded as he barged into her sanctuary.
"Don't take that tone with me!" she shouted at him.
For the few seconds she turned to face him, he noticed tears streaming down her cheeks and his instincts told him to go over and wipe them away.
As he started to get closer she scooted herself away, as if wanting nothing to do with him.
She crossed her arms and faced the back of the tree, mumbling some more.
"What do you want from me?" he realized it didn't come out the way he planned.
"Just go away," she responded.
He stood up and headed towards the leafy branches of the tree closest to him. As he reached for the branches he turned back towards her. He could hear her weeping silently. Oh how he wished he could comfort her.
He pushed open the branches like a curtain and as he exited he let them swish back into place.
"Why does she have to be so difficult?" he thought.
But soon after thinking about it, he realized that he loved her for her, temper included. Her stubbornness was part of why he loved her so much.

As Elphaba sat there, she thought long and hard. She couldn't handle loosing Fiyero a second time. If she did she would make sure that this time, she too died.
She had nothing to live for if he was gone.
Nanny had passed away months ago, and then there was Liir....
"What even happened to Liir?" she asked herself. "Last time I saw him, he was following around that tramp of a girl who attempted to assassinate me."
She stood up and passed around the perimeter of the tree.
She never had motherly feelings for him... ever.
But then again, she was never showed or felt motherly love. Her own mother secretly wished she would go get lost and die in a ditch somewhere.
The only experience she had with motherhood is when she watched Sarima take care of her and Fiyero's children.
Elphaba never liked children, even when she was a child. The only child she cared for was her sister, Nessarose.
Although she had to admit, having Liir around wasn't all that bad.
He was a little on the stupid side, which some descent education couldn't cure, and he sure could use some weight loss. Elphaba laughed at the thought of Liir being skinny and athletic.

She wasn't sure if she should tell Fiyero that he might have a son out theere, somewhere, especially when she wasn't really sure if he was their child.
Then again, he did loose his family, and knowing he had a son could help, and there was also her knowledge of Nor still being alive, if the wizard didn't kill her after he left.
"He should know," she repeated to herself over and over again.
She just didn't want him to expect her to want to reunite everyone and become one big happy family. It just wasn't her scene. She had unfinished business to take care of. Freeing Animals and stopping the wizard and his drones any way she could.
She knew he would never let her do these things, not only because they are in hiding, but because people think they are dead. And anyway, if they have a family he wouldn't want her to put them at risk too.
It was hard on him already when she had to do her secret mission in Oz those many years ago, and she knew he wouldn't sit back and watch it all again.

She walked out to where Fiyero stood and slowly approached him.
Calling him by his pet name was her way of saying, "I'm sorry."
"Yes," he answered in a rather bothered tone. He didn't even bother to turn around and face her, which started to piss her off.
"Yero, look at me," she demanded as sweetly as she could make it.
When he finally gave in and turned around, she noticed his blue diamonds seemed so distinctive and the light color of the sky brought out the blueness of them.
She looked into his eyes, and when they finally softened, she collapsed into his arms and rested her head on his chest.
He held he tight and she sighed a moment or two, rethinking what she was about to do.
"We need to talk..." she finally let out.

A/n: Here's some help if you have not read the book and are entirely confused.
*Liir - Elphaba and Fiyero's son. In the book, Elphaba and Fiyero have a seven-month affair in the emerald city when their paths cross. Then, Elphaba learns that after Fiyero was killed she gave birth to Liir, and had no memory of it until a "magic gold carp" tells Liir about his unknown parents (aka Elphaba and Fiyero) as he's drowning in the well. He's also in love with Dorothy.
*Nor - Fiyero's only daughter. Nor was captured by the wizard along with her mother, brothers, and aunts. Nor was kept as a slave and tortured, while the rest of her family was killed. When Elphaba found out she tried to save her and bargain her freedom, but was soon "assassinated" after her meeting with the wizard.
*Sarima - Fiyero's wife, whom he cheated on with Elphaba. After Fiyero's death, Elphaba seeks out Sarima to tell her of the affair and ask for forgiveness but Sarima never gives her the chance. She was then captured and killed by the wizard.
*Yero - I didn't make this up. During their affair, Elphaba was involved in a group who tried to kill the wizard. During hiding, she called him "Yero my Hero" as a pet/secret hiding name. He called her Fae.
*Nanny - Elphaba's grandmother who helped raise Elphaba and Nessarose when their mother died. Towards the end of the book, Nanny stays with Elphaba in Kiamo Ko, but starts getting sickly ands weak.
*Blue Diamonds - In the book, Fiyero has blue diamonds all over his body as an appearence characteristic.
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