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kyo is still tryin to figure out why yuki is so hyper, and tohru is so qiet, and shigure... well shigure is shigure.

Category: Fruits Basket - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama, Romance - Characters: Kyo, Shigure, Tohru, Yuki - Published: 2006-11-21 - Updated: 2006-11-21 - 569 words

" kyo!!" kyo looked threw the windows of tohru's room to see if she was there. she wasnt. she walked in and gave shigure an inquering look. shigure just shrugged his shoulders. he walked up the stairs...

"tohu be quiet, kyo really is going to come in here and then what is he going to think of you." that shut tohru up. " but but" yuki sighed. he got up and tossed tohru her clothes, then put his own on. then got his own clothes on. yuki smiled at tohru, then left her there.

"hey yuki have you seen tohru," asked kyo, not really expecting an answer. yuki shrugged his shoulders and went on. kyo sighed and looked in tohrus room. no sign of her. ' maybe, just maybe...'thoughts of things like the worst things that could be happeninng came through his head. " kyo," came a small voice. kyo whipped his head around only to see a flushed tohru. " tohru? whats the matter?" tohru didnt say anything, she just went up to kyo and kissed him hard on the lips. " these will always belong to you," she said. and she went down stairs to make dinner.

through out dinner, yuki was energetic and talkitive, tohru was quiet and staring down at her hands. kyo was staring at her with an concerned look on her face, and shigure was eating his food being... well being his shigure self. it went like this all through diner, and when dinner was done, tohru went up to her room. yuki went for a walk, shigure went to his office, and kyo just sat there. 'something is wrong...' he thought. he walked up to tohrus room and knocked on the door. " ummmm... who is it." kyo was impressed something new. "its kyo" kyo said. " come on in kyo," he heard tohru say. " she was sitting on her bed, staring at her feet. " tohru?" kyo said and knelt by her side and started stroking her leg. " whats wrong," tohru looked up quickley. " oh, kyo... why would you think somehing like that. im so so so so sorry if i worried you." "no tohru settle down," kyo said and sat on the bed beside her. " dont do" that tohru screamed, and she ran outside. kyo was caught in suprise. what was going on with her.

he started looking everywhere for her. when he couldent find her anwhere else, he went to the roof. and sure enough,she was there. "tohru, im sorry i didnt mean to..." he stopped when he noticed that tohru was crying hystericaly. "tohru?" she looked up a little at the sound of kyo's voice. " im so sorry kyo" she whispered. kyo sat next to her and got as clsoe as he could get. " about what." " i didnt mean," she started crying again. " it just happened. i didnt expect it to. he, he pulled me on the bed, and i treid kyo, i really realy tried kyo, but he's to strong. and then he forced his way inside of me and..." its ok tohru i understand." kyo took tohrus hand and cradeled it then held it to his heart. " i will kill that wika, is its the ast thing i do." he said. they sat there for a couple of mintues looking at the stars, the all of a sudden " kyo it wasnt wika... it was, it was yuki." kyo jumped up. " yuki?" he growled
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