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i want them gone

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tohru and kyo arent talking to each other. akito's growing weary, and tohru... is tohru starting to regret that she had come to know the sohmas?

Category: Fruits Basket - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Arisa, Hatori, Hatsuharu, Kyo, Momiji, Shigure, Tohru, Yuki - Published: 2006-11-23 - Updated: 2006-11-23 - 601 words

kyo didnt talk to tohru for a while after that. not that he didnt want to ( even though he knew it was making tohru miserable) he just couldnt do it. kyo had wanted to turn yuki in. kill him if he could, but tohru just laughed nervously, and told him to sit down. " i... i dont want to turn yuki in. he may have done something horrible, but, but he's always been there so now its my turn." kyo had stood up in rage and shouted at tohru, telling her that thats what he hated about her, that she was just to forgiving. that she would even forgive wika if given the chance and that he was never going to forgive ether one of them even if she begged.

thats what had happened. now, there was no talking to anyone. exspecailly not yuki. kyo didnt go down stairs, he didnt eat not matter ow many plates whwere pushed through his doorway, and then taken out full of food. kyo kept on thinking that he was doing the right thing, that he couldent protect her, but what was the point in doing this. why was he sitting in the dark, when nothing had happened to him. why wasnt he out there with tohru, trying to protect her when he knew he could. since he hadant tried. and this he thought to himself all night. and he didnt come out.

tohru cried frequelently for the past two days. nothing came more freely. she did what she would normally do. she cooked cleaned. at scholl, she didnt talk to anyone. not even her best freinds, and when arisa asked what was wrong, tohru walked aways leaving her best freind to cry. and tohru kept thinking this over and over in her head " i'm doing the right thing. this is for the best. but why am i just walking around, when i could be helping kyo. instead of doing thiswhen he was just trying to help, i could be helping him." and thats what they thought day and night. not saying a word. just thinking.

" something is serouisly wrong, " retorted a sad momiji, " i havent seen tohru like this ever." haru shook his head. " yup," he looked at yuki who was glaring at the floor, " i wonder if yuki's ok with this." yuki stopped glaring at the floor only in turn to glare at haru. " yuki's fine." he snapped and walked away. momiji whined. " i thought that if we had tohru back then the whole place wouldbe as it was, it was falling apart wiht out her..." haru nodded in agreement. " and now," he sighed, " its falling apart with her."

tohru walked with shigure to the main house. she had asked shigure to take her there, teh first words that she had said to him for two days. yes he was happy, but with such a requesthe could only nodd his head. as they walked there, shigure asked questoin to questoin. he sighed when he found it was use less. " tohru," he sighed " what happened to you." she glanced form the corner of her eye at him, and shrugged her shoulders. shigure sighed again. " well," he said " here we are." tohru looked at the mansion. it was huge. tohru looked at it in fear. " lets go," she whispered.

in hatori's office: " you want to what?" he tried to grasp the fact that the kind one could possibly ask something so cruel. its just like akito said hatori thought. shes sick of us. " i need to lose them all" the girl whispered. " please just take them."
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