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no one is taking this lightly.

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shigure walked home sadley, by himself. he walked through the door and sat down on the chair with out taking his shoes. one tear rolled down his cheek, and one tear was enough to set off yuki. " shigure crying? i never thought i'd see the day." yuki looked at shigure, who was ignoring him for the moment. yuki took out the milk and drank from the carten. he kneeled down by the chair thta shigure was sitting on. " whats wrong with you." shigure shrugged then said one word. " tohru." yuki looked around. " were is she," yuki started. dreaded thoughts started to fill his head. " she's, she's fine yuki dont worry... but i need to talk to both you and kyo if im going to tell you... which i have to." shigure got up and gestured towards yuki to follow him, which yuki did, but with worried eyes. they walked up the stairs and knocked on the door of kyo's room. there came no response, which is what they expected. both of the cousins entered the room, which they saw kyo sitting holding his arms and rocking back and forth. he looked horrible, and smelled that way to. "kyo," shigure whispered. " i need to tell you both something." yuki sat on the bed shigure still stood. kyo rocked. "this is about tohru, well, as you know, she hasent been her self latley ( kyo rocks faster) she was getting miserable, and depressed, wouldent talk, only would cry, we all know that." shigure looked around. the boys seemed concerned, but not suprised. so shigure kept going. " anyway, tohru like i said, was miserable. and she decided to... to do what wika said." ( kyo stopped rocking, yuki started to cry a little)" she couldent have, not are tohru," yelled yuki, tears streaming down his face. he crossed his arms " she was forced to i bet, i'll kill anyone who treid to do that." " and i'll kill you yuki," shouted kyo standing to his feet. he to was crying, shigure looked at them sadley. " your the one," kyo panted, " that rapped her, thats why she left, thats why she was iserable. its all your fault. its all the stupids rat fault."kyo with all his energy that he had left towards the roof. he was disgraced, he had shown his misery, and to yuki of all people.

" you did what," shigure asked softely. shigure looked at is younger cousin, and saw that what kyo had said was true. yuki was crying rather hardley now. " i... i didnt mean it to end like this." he covered his face in his hands, and sobbed. shigure put his arm around yuki to comfort him, but for some reason he felt disgusted. " it would be best, not to talk to tohru ok yuki, she dosent remember you, she dosent know."

shigure left yuki then. going into his own room, and sulked. he treid to write, but he couldent. he threw his hands up. " for god sakes," shigure screamed, " it was one girl, theres more, oh so many more." shigure threw his hands onto the desk. " but, i miss her already, and theres nothing i can do about it. i dont know if you've ever heard that men dont cry. yeah, but thats what my own dad told me when i was little. strong men dont cry. but one whole house, with three strong men. and they creid. oh yes, they creid, they creid all night. if only they knew, that strong men cry to.

this is useless nonesense that i decided to add in, just in case you wanted to know so i dont waste five minuts of your life, when you could hae been saving a turtle or something... i'm done.

ok, so im getting close to the end chapters. i hope some this chapter has better grammer and spelling. im not going to make any escuses, those two things have never been my strong points. EVER!! but i guess you guys knew that huh. well also eight of the chapters i typed first thing in the morning because i had people telling me that they want more, and i was eager to, so... but let me tell you i'll type for people that tell me they like my story any day... thanks :'D
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