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AN: I had a new story idea so I'm gonna roll with it. I figured seeing Panic! live would rouse some kind of story in me and it did, but it's pretty least for a while. This first part is super short, but it's an intro, not a chapter, so the real story starts after this. Read and comment!

I present "Looking for A Song to Sing" by getupngo

"I'm looking for my radio, so I might find a heart to follow..."

Addison grumpily walked away from her meeting with her internship counselor, thinking about how annoyed she was that this should be a happy moment. She landed her dream internship of being manager for a famous, touring band, but why had this band chosen her? Couldn't they have picked someone else, anyone else?

She fumbled with her plane ticket, upset that she was given only one week notice to pack for a minimum of five months worth of life. She would need to have absolutely everything necessary with her and then some. She wanted to feel excited, she planned for this to be one of the best times in her life, but she felt like she was going to put a damper on it by the fact that she disliked this band and everything they did.

Panic! At the Disco in her eyes was bad music, a lot of razzle dazzle without the talent. She was so upset by the choice that was made. Whose idea was it to put her on tour with these assholes anyway?


As she sat in the uncomfortable plastic seat, waiting for her flight to be called, she flipped through her Ipod, upset that she shared it with her roommate and best friend, who was in love Panic! at the Disco and begged to come along. She just wanted to fuck Ryan, and while Addison was dreading this experience with all her heart and soul, she wasn't planning on fucking up her job by dragging turbo slut with her a little added drama. Extra drama was going to be highly unnecessary.

She was dreading this experience for reasons mostly due to rumors she heard about their cocky attitudes and the horrible way they treat their fans. She had no proof to the matter that any of this was factual, but she had heard too many stories to think it was just made up.

She yanked her headphones off as she heard her flight was beginning to board. With no one to wave her off, she simply stood in line and boarded her plane, headed to from New York to Las Vegas. She had also wanted to visit Vegas, but never dreamed she would be meeting the city like this. /"Leave it to Panic! to ruin a good fantasy"/, she thought.
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