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Chapter One: They Said Take a Breath, Look Around...

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And so begins the tour...

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Chapter One: They Said Take a Breath, Look Around...

"It cuts so deep they failed to say. This rock n roll razorblade..."

Relieved to finally be off the crowed plane, feeling her claustrophobia beginning to get the best of her, Addison walked to the nearest rest room. She stared at herself in the mirror and wondered what the fuck she was getting herself into. Her mom warned her that if she kept such a negative attitude towards the band, she was guaranteeing herself a bad time. She didn't care though, she heard what she heard and guilty until proven innocent was just her way.

She headed for the entrance of the airport and checked her paper for the person she was supposed to be meeting. Zack...

Zack was sitting in his rented SUV, pondering getting out of the car and looking for this girl. He had no picture of her, just a name and he was going to feel like an ass if he had to stand there like a limo driver holding a name. He walked inside the entrance, and stood there, waiting to see a girl who looked about twenty and totally lost, he assumed that would be her.

Addison came prepared for meeting Zack, asking her roommate to find a picture of him online before she left. She had a vague recollection of what the guy looked like and kept it in her mind and she wandered to the airport exit where pickups where supposed to be. Then she spotted him, a guy about six foot and looked like, well someone's bodyguard. She took a deep breath and thought, here goes nothing.

"Are you Zack?" she asked softly, walking up behind him. He spun around and looked down at her, feeling surprised that she was actually quite good looking.

"Addison?" she nodded. "Cool, let's get going, we're already going to be late," he added, turning his back to her and she followed him to the SUV waiting outside.

"Nice to meet you, too," she mumbled to herself.


After sitting in complete silence for the longest half hour she could ever remember, she was bummed to see three tour busses outside of someone's suburban home, luggage lining the sidewalk. It hit her then that she was obviously going to get no time to get to know these guys before they had to live together in the smallest of all spaces. It only added to her forming hatred...

"I pretty sure I forgot something," Ryan stated as he stared around his room, which had been stripped of most of his clothes and was now just furniture. Brendon was leaning against the doorway, looking completely uninterested in what Ryan was saying, but nodded anyway.

"We always forget something; we'll just buy it if we need it. This tour is going to be amazing, I just want to get it started already," he said, walking forward and sitting down on Ryan's bed.

"Yeah, why aren't we leaving yet? Are we still waiting for that girl?" he asked. Brendon shrugged. He looked out of the bedroom window just in time to see a black SUV pull up behind the tour busses. He watched as Zack got out of the car and a girl stepped out of the passenger seat, looking a little annoyed. He had to stop himself from gasping out loud. She was beautiful. She was slender, and had beautiful brunet hair and was dressed like she belonged in an American Eagle mailing flyer. Those girls were hardly his type, but he couldn't deny she was easy on the eyes.

"Damn, she's kind of hot," Ryan said walking to the window and peering out, watching the girl sit her many bags of luggage down with the rest of them as some of the crew began to load up the busses.

Jon was sitting on the front porch, letting the minutes pass by, not worrying about a damn thing. He saw the girl and nodded, glad she wasn't a total hag like he had been picturing. He didn't know why, but he was just assuming that she was going to be an ugly dork of a girl, who would whine and moan about everything that's wrong with music today and sit in the back of the bus listening to her classic rock on vinyl.

Addison sighed as she saw two boys peering out at her from an upstairs window, and one looking at her without any sort of feeling whatsoever from the front porch. She adjusted her purse on her shoulder and let her flip flops slap the ground as she approached the porch. She decided to try her best to be friendly and smiled at the guy sitting on a chair.

"Hey," she said, walking up to him with her hand extended, "I'm Addison." Jon nodded and shook her hand.

"Jon." She nodded and felt awkward. She knew nothing about this band expect all the bad things she heard and their music, thanks to her roommate, and had no way of carrying on a conversation. Thankfully the front door opened and a man stepped out and was the first person to look friendly towards her.

"Addison? So glad you made it, I'm Bob McLynn," he said, holding his hand out for her to shake. She turned away from Jon and smiled at Bob. She shook his hand and he motioned for her to step inside the house. She nodded as she walked past him and into the foyer. She peered around and followed him into what looked like the kitchen/dining room area. Another boy was sitting at the kitchen table with a girl who looked about seventeen. They both looked at her and she threw them her best smile. The girl said hi and the boy continued to just look at her.

"Spencer, this is Addison. Get used to her, she's not going anywhere for a while," he said. Spencer nodded and turned away from her and continued to talk to the girl sitting beside him. Addison rolled her eyes in annoyance at his rudeness and turned back to Bob. He handed her a stack of papers and began explaining technical junk that was thoroughly engrossing to her. She was getting excited by going on tour and keeping all kinds of secrets from all those rabid fans. She was excited about the whole thing, although she still wished she was interning for Fall Out Boy's manager or something, at least she knew they were cool. As Bob wrapped up his lecture and rules speech, Ryan and Brendon came down the stairs, Brendon practically running up to meet this girl.

"Hey, Brendon, Ryan, this is Addison. She's going to be around all tour, so try being civil with her, huh? You all have no choice but to bond, considering we had to squeeze her onto your bus. Sorry about that, by the way," Bob commented to her. Addison shrugged and checked Brendon up and down. He wasn't bad looking; he just looked like he must be completely annoying. And this Ryan kid looked like a total asshole. He just radiated a cockiness that forced Addison into instant distain for him. Plus she was going over in her head the fact that she was going to be sharing a bus with these four guys and their body guard. Lucky her.

"I'm Brendon," he said turning to her and flashing a smile she assumed made the teenies weak in the knees. She flashed him her equally beautiful smile and introduced herself. Ryan just stood there, staring past her and out the window to the backyard. Brendon looked over at him and smacked his shoulder.

"Don't be rude," he mumbled to Ryan. Addison shifted as his eyes looked her up and down. He obviously didn't know her at all, or he would know that he just performed one of her biggest peeves, and that it was the first strike against him.

"I'm Ryan. How old are you?" he asked her. She almost wanted to tell him, /old enough to hurt you and feel no remorse/, but replied honestly. He nodded at her response and meandered off to the table to sit with Spencer and that girl.

Brendon rolled his eyes at Ryan, getting the vibe from Addison that she was really not liking them. Brendon didn't want her to hate him at least, so he tried his best to open dialogue. He was about to ask her how she got interested in music management when Zack came into the house to tell everyone to grab their stuff and pile onto the bus. Addison sighed and walked to the front door to pick up her duffle bag and purse. She was the first one to the bus and stepped inside, feeling her jaw drop in astonishment. She had only ever seen busses like this on "The Fabulous Life of..." on VH1 and almost peed herself in excitement that she was actually getting to live in one. She knew she would probably hate it in about an hour, but decided to try and make the best of it. She was about to throw her duffle bag on a bunk in the back, but was met with an annoyed voice.

"I sleep there, sorry. Any other one but that one," she heard from behind her. She almost gasped out loud at the comment and turned around to meet the voice it belonged to. Ryan threw his backpack into the bunk and shrugged at her. Addison had to stop herself from throwing a punch at the face that was so adored by her roommate. She couldn't wait to call her and tell her what a jackass he was, but she knew her roommate would never believe it. Feeling it was probably best to let it slide, she stepped to the next bunk and put her bag down.

"Right across from me, good choice," she heard Brendon say. She turned around to see him sit two bags in the bunk across from her and he smiled.

"We're going to have a lot of fun, I promise," he told her, placing his arm around her shoulder. She looked at him and sneered.

"I'm sure," she replied, shrugging his arm away and walking to the front of the bus.

Brendon watched her go and sighed to himself. He didn't know what it was, but there was definitely something about her that he wanted to get close to...
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