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Chapter two: 'I wish I had her', are the words that I say...

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Ryan is a douchebag.

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Chapter 2- 'I wish I had her', are the words that I say...

I'm looking forward to how lonely I will stay, cause you don't have me.

Addison sat herself down on the plush couch that was seated on the left hand side of the bus. She peered around, glancing at the small kitchen area, the huge wide screen TV, and wondered how the hell people lived like this for so long. It was nice for a visit, but she was sure it got maddening in a very short amount of time. She smiled as Bob approached her again, he was the only person she felt comfortable around at the moment and was grateful to be his shadow for this internship, because he seemed passionate about what he did and it was exhilarating to her. He began explaining to her the other bands he managed and told her that after he was comfortable with her level of expertise, he was going to let her be on her own for a little, but it wouldn't happen until almost the end of the tour. Addison felt her stomach flip at the chance to manage an insanely popular band all on her own. She hoped by that point in the tour, the boys would recognize her more as an authority figure and respect her, even though she was their age...

Spencer wasn't sure, but something about this girl was rubbing him the wrong way. After he watched her eyes flicker with pure enjoyment at the things Bob was promising her, he started to the back of the bus, which harbored a really comfortable wrap around couch, another wide screen TV and a table. The other three boys were sitting there, with Ryan plugging in his Playstation so they could get down to their favorite hobby on the road.

"What do you think about Addison?" he asked, shutting the door behind him. Jon looked up at him from his notebook and shrugged. Jon couldn't have cared either way, she was just there to learn about a job and that was all. He wasn't going to take shit from her; if that's she thought was going to happen. He was older and had probably been in the music business longer than her. Brendon stood up and walked to the small fridge in the corner of the room and smiled to himself. He knew he had never dated a girl, who looked like Addison, but there was something more to her, he just knew it. He wanted her to trust like him, he wanted to mention how he felt odd around her, but, how would he say that to his friends, who were pretty apparent about their feelings towards her in their silence.

"Well," Ryan said, finally speaking up from his task, "I think she seems like a total bitch. And I bet she doesn't even listen to our music. I'm sure she doesn't know one damn thing about us and could probably care less. Way to go Bob for picking an intern who really knows her shit," he finished. Spencer nodded.

"That's how I was feeling," he said. Ryan and he had been friends for so long, he figured that they would feel similar in this situation; they usually shared a brain wave...

"Well, I've got to get on the other bus. But, Addison, thank you so much for shadowing me. You seem very passionate about this subject and it's refreshing to a guy like me. I hope you enjoy this experience; I want this to be rewarding and helpful for you. I'll catch up with you in our first city, huh?" Bob said, standing up and once more shaking her hand. She beamed her perfect smile at him and nodded.

"Thank you so much for this opportunity. I'm sure it will be more then rewarding," she said, keeping her seat. Bob nodded and turned his back, walking off the bus and telling the driver it was time to get moving. Addison sighed as the door closed and the bus lurched forward. The tour was off to a good start. The band she was supposed to be learning about where completely ignoring her, she wasn't even on the same bus as the man she was shadowing and she had never felt so alone.

Addison wasn't sure when, but she fell asleep merely minutes into the trip to the first city, which was Los Angeles, and was woken up at what she thought had to have been late evening.

"Hey, Addison? Are you hungry, we've stopped for food," she heard a voice say over her. She groaned and sat up, not happy about moving from the dent she created in the soft couch. She blinked her eyes open to see herself staring down a pair of soft brown ones. She felt oddly attracted to the eyes, thinking that maybe she was dreaming. But she quickly snapped out of it and realized that the eyes she was looking at belonged to Brendon. She sat up quickly and rubbed her face, feeling disgusted at her moment of attraction. Brendon smiled shyly at her and she nodded, thinking that food might be a good idea. She quickly ignored the boy sitting across from her, still feeling haunted by his eyes, and walked off the bus.

Addison slowly trekked her way to the rest stop, which was one of those nice ones with a McDonald's, Cinnabon and Starbucks. Naturally, she found Ryan and Spencer ordering lattes and Jon chatting up some girl at the Cinnabon. Addison rolled her eyes at the three of them, still dreading the next few months that she would have to live in close contact with these freaks. Brendon walked inside a few paces behind her and stopped short when he got another good look at her. He kept his eyes focused on the view he had of her perfect ass, and continued over to Ryan and Spencer. He leaned against the counter, now observing the slenderness of her legs and the hourglass shape her body had in her jeans.

"Um, what are you staring at?" Spencer asked, looking right at where Brendon was looking. Feeling startled, he shook his head and peered at Spencer, whose eyes were definitely beginning to put two and two together.

"Um, nothing. I was just...admiring..." he really didn't have a good word to finish his sentence.

"Addison's ass? Dude, she's such a bitch. And she's totally not your type. Come on, now," Spencer said. Brendon shook his head. Maybe she didn't look like the girls he normally falls for, but maybe that's why he was so unlucky in love. Maybe he was just looking at the wrong thing.

"What about Addison's ass?" Ryan said, gripping his latte. Brendon sighed, annoyed by his friends.

"Nothing!" he said and stormed off in Jon's direction. Ryan and Spencer exchanged glances, their brain waves syncing and both knew what the other was thinking. Ryan nodded and stared at Addison.

Addison grabbed her fruit and walnut salad and bottle of water and marched back out to the bus, ignoring the boys as much as possible, thought she felt Ryan's eyes burning holes into her. She wasn't sure what she did, but he was really getting under her skin, they all were, and she had only been with them for barely ten hours.

When she was done munching her fruits in silence, feeling eyes looking at her sneakily, she had enough of the stares and whispers and decided it was time for bed. She suddenly realized that she was the only girl on a bus full of five guys and a bus driver...she had to change and shower in front of them, everyday. Addison had so shame when it came to her body, she worked hard on it and was proud, but she was uncomfortable as hell with these guys. She reached into her bunk and pulled out her pajama's, toothbrush and face wash, retreating to the midsized bathroom, shutting the door the bunks behind her. She finished in the bathroom and climbed in the bunk, which she recalled was across from Brendon's. She climbed in and closed the curtain, taking out her Ipod and shoving the headphones in her ears. She had enough of this awkward day and was ready to just sleep, but every time she closed her eyes she saw that smile and those lips...

Ryan watched carefully as Addison slammed the door shut behind her, and then whipped his head around to stare at Brendon.

"Don't even tell me you have a crush on her? Yeah, she's got a really nice body, but so what, dude? She's kind of a bitch," Ryan said, staring at his friend in awe. Jon snorted.

"Ryan, if he likes her, so what? What are you, still in high school?" he asked. Ryan huffed.

"'s just that it's obvious she hates us. So, unlike Brendon, I have enough sense to hate her back," he said. Spencer smiled slightly. Brendon stood up and threw his trash away and walked back to stand in front of Ryan.

"If you don't shut the fuck up about Addison now, you're going to make this tour fucking hell for everybody. Just get the fuck over it," Brendon said with his tone full of anger and exhaustion. He had nothing but the highest hopes for the tour, he was really looking forward to it and he hated that it was all going downhill when it hadn't even been a day. He didn't like Addison, per say, she was hot and all Brendon was doing was appreciating her beauty...

Addison woke up the next day to find herself totally in a foreign place. She had a sudden moment of panic when she couldn't recall where she was, but came crashing back down when she remembered. She shoved the curtain open and stepped out, giggling to herself and she looked around and five bunks, each with an arm or a leg hanging out of it. She could hear snoring too, and rolled her eyes, glad she had her Ipod, or she probably would've been woken up. She stepped out of the bunk area and into the front part, sat down on the couch and sighed. She had come to realization that she really knew nothing about these guys and she maybe wasn't giving them a fair chance. She knew already that she and Ryan were going to take a lot of work to build their friendship, but that she might be able to gain an ally in Brendon...
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