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Chapter three: You say you don't, but you don't know

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AN: Okay, so these days, I'm sort of going through ebbs and flows with Panic. I just watched them be guest programmers on that show Rage and like, holy crap, I never knew Spencer was actually funny and when Jon says fartknockers and Ryan asks "and why aren't you eating flapjacks?" and the part where Ryan pokes Jon's face and Brendon randomly says "fuck", it's just too much. But I still think they are assholes...carry on....

Chapter 3: You say you don't, but you don't know

"You say you don't want to, tell me that you love me."

Feeling in a much better mood then yesterday, Addison decided to start putting her best face forward. She turned when she saw a body moving out of the corner of her eye and flashed a smile at the figure. Ryan rubbed his eyes as he advanced on the coffee pot, with stale coffee from the previous day, intentionally ignoring the grin on Addison 's face. He still didn't like her and he certainly wasn't going to let suddenly pull a 180 with her attitude and start being fake and phony.

Morning, Ryan!" she said, trying her best to be nice. He stared at her a minute, and then proceeded to rummage for pop-tarts. Addison glared at the back of Ryan's head, internally groaning at his childishness. A second later, Jon appeared rubbing his tired eyes and joined Ryan in her search for a quick breakfast.

"Morning..." Addison said, glancing at Jon, her voice a little less cheerful. Jon emerged victorious and handed a bag of pop-tarts to Ryan, and turned himself to look at Addison, feeling a shy smile play on his face. She looked good for just waking up.

"Hey," he said. Addison smiled and immediately decided that he had to be more mature then the rest of the lot. Jon sat down beside her on the couch and turned to her, thinking they may have all judged her too soon and that Brendon may have been onto something. He was about to ask her something about herself, when Brendon slid his body into the front section of the bus and smiled at everyone, making Addison nearly fall off the couch.

"Morning...hey Addison," he said, still grinning. She smiled at him politely, dumbfounded by the effect his smile had on her. Ryan tossed Brendon some breakfast and he sat down on the adjoining table.

"So, Addison, I wanted to ask you yesterday but things were so busy, what made you get interested in a career like music management?" he asked. Jon snapped his mouth shut and glared at Brendon, he was never the jealous type, but Brendon was always stealing the spotlight...

"It's kind of funny actually," she said, surprised that he even cared, "I actually knew a group that was so horribly managed that it made me realize how much of a better job I could do. That's initially what sparked my interest," she replied giggling.

"isn't that slightly conceded?" Ryan said, his tone matter-of-fact. Addison sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Aren't you the pot calling the kettle black," she replied. Brendon snorted.

"Wicked burn, dude," Jon replied smiling to himself as Spencer groggily appeared where everyone was, Zack trailing behind him.

"Morning, assholes," Spencer said, earning a small grin from everyone, except Ryan. Addison smirked; thing Ryan's heart was obviously made of stone.

"Guys, hurry up and put some clothes on, we're almost in L.A. now," Zack said fully dressed himself. Addison felt herself blush; she was still dreading the fact that she had to change in front of these strangers. She stood and walked to her bunk, grabbing clothes for the day and retreating to the small bathroom. Brendon stood quickly and walked to the bus's back section, hoping to catch a glimpse of something more on Addison, he needed fuel for his fantasies. She had fallen asleep before anyone else and the on her bunk curtain was open just enough for Brendon to take in the sight of her modest cleavage and her tan, slim thighs. He couldn't help the dream he had, he felt himself got hot at just the thought. He must've been standing there thinking about his dream longer then he intended to, for Addison came stumbling out of the bathroom, fighting with her belt and slammed into him.

"Oh shit, Brendon I'm sorry!" she said. He felt himself turn bright red, thinking that she had to be hearing her own moans inside his head. She shook her head at him when he just grinned at her goofily; Brendon smacked himself internally as she pranced away. Brendon looked back after he heard laughter from behind him to see Jon standing there staring at him.

"Holy shit, dude. You have a total boner for that girl. It's hilarious," he said, still laughing as he pulled on his t-shirt. Brendon looked at the ground and then smacked Jon.

"Shut up. I think she's hot, yeah, but she pretty much hates us so what does it matter?" he said, now glaring at Jon. He shrugged, walking away from Brendon as the bus slowed down to a halt...

Addison felt herself nearly sprint off the bus, running for pavement and in desperate need of fresh air. She wasn't sure, if busses were normally that stuffy, or if the tension made the air feel thick, but it was nice to finally breathe the outdoors, even if it was smog-ridden Los Angeles air. She caught of glimpse of Bob walking off the other bus, followed by Panic's additional musicians and a few tech people. Bob smiled at Addison, the excitement of what was coming from the day clearly shown on her face.

"Good morning," she said happily, approaching the man she was now calling her mentor. He greeted her back and introduced her to some people she didn't get a chance to meet two days prior. He motioned for her to follow him and they approached the backstage area, Addison watched in awe as Bob talked to who she assumed was the owner of the venue, he was so persuasive and really seemed to know exactly what he wanted the band to take from the venue and give to their fans. After a while of this chatter, Bob told Addison to go collect the boys and bring them back to sound check. Apparently equipment arrives a day ahead of the actual performers, a fact Addison was unaware of, she was learning already.

Determinedly, she walked back outside to the bus and found Zack, letting him know that it was time for the boys to go sound check, informing him that some fans were already waiting. He nodded, handing Addison her VIP pass, to ensure that if she were caught amongst the fans, she would be able to get out. She walked onto the bus and was met with an icy stare from Ryan, he was sure she was about to get bossy with them.

"Hey guys, I have to take you inside for your sound check," she replied. Ryan scoffed to himself, he was right.

"Why isn't Bob here?" he asked her, his tone thick with an arrogant attitude. Addison turned and stared at him, her mouth slightly agape.

"Um, he's inside. I'm just doing what I was fucking told to, Ryan," she said, feeling her temper begin to rise. When the curse word came strongly out of her mouth, both Spencer and Ryan whipped their heads around to look at her, realizing she might not be someone they wanted to mess with.

"All I did was ask a simple question," Ryan replied standing and walking himself up to her, "you have a lot of nerve," he said simply, their eyes matching each other in intensity.

"Get the fuck out of my face. I don't want to kick your ass on the first day of the tour," she said, her blood beginning to boil under her skin.

Brendon and Jon exchanged glances; Spencer was staring wide eyed at the scene in front of him. He knew his friend and knew that when tempted, Ryan could show more guts then anyone would guess.

Addison stepped up another step, making her level with Ryan, she felt her breath beginning to get shallow, and he was really getting under her skin in the worst way. She went to step at him, her tightly curled fist rising to make an attempt at his face, when she felt someone grab her around the waist and pull her off the bus as she watched Ryan's beat red face disappear from her vision.

She shoved her way out of the embrace and turned to see Zack was the one who just rescued Ryan from having his face rearranged. She shoved away from him and tore off towards the venue in a heated stomp, impatiently waiting for the boys to finish their sound check. The tension between the boys, their crew and Addison had of course escalated, only added to her silent rage. The whole entourage had heard of Addison's attempt at fighting with Ryan and she was now on watch with Bob.

Bob had given her a lecture about responsibility and the importance of actually getting along with the group that you are over seeing. She rolled her eyes when he was out of her vision and retreated to her bunk. Everyone was on a break until it was time to prepare for the show and she wanted to take a nap, hoping to calm her nerves.

She felt herself beginning to slip into a restless sleep, when she suddenly heard someone calling her name. She groaned and snapped her eyes shut, recognizing the voice to be Brendon's.

"Addison? Where are you? I want to talk to you," she heard him saying. She gave up on ignoring him and waved her hand out of her bunk and he advanced on her quickly.

"What got into you today?" he asked her, sitting down beside her in the bunk. She shrugged. Sometimes her fuse was short with people she really disliked and Ryan was unfortunate enough to be on that list.

"Well, just so you know, it was actually kind of sexy on you..." he said, his voice beginning to trail off towards the end of his sentence. Addison quickly removed her gaze from the low ceiling and stared wide eyed at Brendon's comment. Was he really this stupid?

"Um, my short fuse is nothing to get a hard on over," she said, finding her voice was full of astonishment. He shrugged.

"I'm just saying. I like a girl who can handle herself," he said. She couldn't help but let a small giggle escape her lips. He looked like a little boy trying to explain why he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He cleared his throat and looked at her, smiling a little when he saw he had made her laugh, even though he wasn't trying to.

"Addison, you mind if I..." he said, not really sure if this was okay to do. He had only known the girl for two days. She sat herself upright and stared at his large, brown eyes. She knew what he was going to ask and threw caution to the wind as her eyes landed on his soft lips.

"I think I might actually like that, Brendon," she replied, smiling softly. His eyes caught hers and he leaned in quickly, fearing that going slow would give her enough time to change her mind. Addison sighed as his lips crashed with hers; he was actually a smart kisser. She let her left hand travel to the back of his head and pulled him a little closer, Brendon feeling his stomach flip at the sensation of being so close to her.

Neither of them were sure exactly how long they sat there making out, their kissing becoming more heated with each passing second, but next thing they knew it was six in the evening and it was time for Brendon to go get ready. He reluctantly pulled away from her and sighed. They both stood up and walked off the bus back towards the venue silently; neither of them knew what was okay to say...
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