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Prison Break

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Jeffery learns of Jason's escape, but what will his reaction be?

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-Jeffery stood alone against his imposing foe. Beads of sweat dripped down his bare back as it steadily rose and lowered as he took deep breaths. Jeffery's face was beet red and his mouth was agape to allow the oxygen into his lungs. He stood almost naked, wearing nothing but torn pants that were stained with blood.

-Jeffery's eyes were fixed on the lumbering beast that circled him. The creature resembled a minotaur from Greek legend, a crude human form and a bull's head and horns. Its hoofed legs looked too narrow to support its massive bulk, which was probably why it walked on all fours. Its ridiculously bulky arms planted the creature's knuckles into the dirt floor as it moved. Its thick neck supported the massive horns on its disproportionately small head as it lined Jeffery up for another charge.

-Black froth sprayed from the creature's mouth as it let out a deep bellow and launched itself at the dark lord again. It dug its knuckles into the dirt and propelled itself forward. The ground shook with the deep thumps from the creature's fists driving into the dirt as it galloped towards its target like an unstoppable locomotive.

-Jeffery braced himself, but he wasn't worried. He had analyzed the creature's strengths and weakness early on in the match, and he knew the pattern. The monster was a single hitter; it would put all its energy into a single attack and had little variation in its methods.

-Jeffery waited until the beast was almost to him before he jumped into the air. He soared over the eleven foot monster and drove his foot down onto the beast's head, kicking off of it and knocking the creature off balance.

-The beast stumbled forward and its horns angled downward. The pointy spikes hit the dirt and buried themselves. They dug in and got stuck, but the rest of the beast's body continued on its momentum. The creature's head angled down sharply as the bulk of its body tried to push past and the room echoed with the loud snap of the monster's neck breaking under the strain. Its body twisted and fell to the ground in an unnatural position and did not move.

-Jeffery let out a sigh and turned to walk to the edge of the circular arena where the large entrance stood. His head hung low with exhaustion and saw her feet.

-He looked up to see her thoughtful stare and felt his frustrations washed away. It never ceased to amaze him how easily she could cheer him up. Simply being near her made Jeffery feel relaxed and carefree, despite the way things had turned out.

-Raven offered Jeffery a towel and he wiped the sweat from his face. Jeffery closed his eyes and concentrated; his armor slowly formed on his body again, as if it grew out of his very skin. Even his cloak and sword seemed to come from within him.

-"You're loosing your touch," Jeffery said, looking back at the dead beast. Raven followed his gaze and shrugged.

-"I had thought that the human would give you more of a challenge so I suppose I didn't put as much thought into that one as I usually do. But now I suppose you will be needing another. I promise the next one will be more of a challenge for you."

-"Don't worry about it, the boy disappointed us all."

-The two of them walked toward the large door together, but before they could reach it, the door opened on its own. Raven and Jeffery stopped and watched as Jade briskly walked toward them. Jeffery could see the look of urgency on Jade's face as she walked up and knelt before him.

-"Master, the human has escaped!" Jade said. Jeffery arched an eyebrow but didn't seem too bothered by the news. Raven gave no reaction at all.

-"...oh?" Jeffery asked.

-"Marrow has already assembled her wolves," Jade continued, "Siren is sending out swift swimmers and I will search from the skies with my gargoyles. We will find him."

-"," Jeffery said.

-"Master?" Jade asked in surprise. Though she would never question his order, understanding the order would better help her carry it out.

-"Recall Marrow and Siren," Jeffery ordered, "if he can escape from the dungeon, he may be stronger than I thought. What the hell, I'm in a generous mood; let him try and reform an army. When he resurfaces, we'll crush him."

-Jade gave a quick nod and left the room to do her master's bidding, leaving Jeffery and Raven alone together. Jeffery looked at Raven thoughtfully and then looked off into space. His mind went over how human could have escaped. Jeffery didn't really believe that he had managed it on his own; when they had fought the boy hadn't managed to land a single blow, and Jeffery hadn't even been trying.

-All thoughts of the human were put out of Jeffery's mind when he felt Raven's arms rap around his chest and she hugged him affectionately from behind. Jeffery placed his hands over hers and he felt her pressing her body against his back. Raven's hands slid down Jeffery's chest, over his belly and onto his crotch.

-Jeffery smiled and turned around so he was facing Raven and kissed her passionately. The two of them embraced and continued kissing and touching each other. Within a few moments, their clothes were lying in torn shreds on the ground and Jeffery was lying on his back.

-Raven was the only woman that Jeffery ever allowed to take the dominant position with him. Even when he enjoyed the company of his generals, he was always in charge. Raven was the only exception; she was his equal. She positioned herself on top of Jeffery and began to move her hips while he leaned back and let her have her way until they were both satisfied.

-When the throws of ecstasy and passion had finally passed through her, Raven lied down on Jeffery's bare chest, and he wrapped his arms around her. The two of them lied together on the blood stained floor of the arena for a long while, neither one wanting the moment to go away.

-Back when he had still been human, Jeffery had always wanted to hold someone in his arms, to have someone be with him, and as he stoked Raven's hair, he couldn't imagine ever being without her. their hearts beat in unison and their sweat dripped onto the floor as their breathing started to settle.

-"So how long do you think we should give our dear friend Jason?" Jeffery asked.
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