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Trial and Error

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As they travel to their new home, Jason develops his powers, but can he master them in time to fight the demons that infest Europe?

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-Sarah watched intently as Jason closed his eyes while he concentrated. His clothes slowly began to morph into long robes that were far too large for him. Sarah smiled at how ridiculous Jason looked. He opened his eyes and looked at his new wardrobe.

-"Damn it," Jason said with a sigh, "that psycho makes it look so easy, but I can't even make myself some decent clothes."

-"You should be more concerned about a decent weapon," Sarah said, "the dark lord's influence may be weaker in Europe, but the place is still crawling with demons left over from the invasion a few years ago."

-"How am I going to make a weapon when I can't even make a shirt that fits?" Jason asked. "I guess I could try to change your clothes again?"

-"The last time you tried that, I ended up in a bikini," Sarah said with narrowed eyes. She walked over to him and ripped off one of his oversized sleeves. She tossed the lump of cloth on the ground and looked at Jason, "try turning that into a sword."

-"Turn a rag into a sword?" Jason said sarcastically.

-"Oh come on, this thing probably used to be a gold fish," Sarah said as she stomped her foot down twice. A bellow of complaint emanated from the creature that they rode on and Jason smiled. He had almost forgotten that they were on the back of one of the very demons he would have to fight.

-Jason looked at the piece of cloth and focused his mind on the image of a sword. He pictured the cloth being the sword, twisting and changing. He tried to will it with all his desire and the cloth slowly responded to his wishes. The torn sleeve seemed to melt into metal and then reform into the crude shape of a sword. It was very simple in design, a wooden handle and straight double edged blade with a plain metal guard.

-Jason picked up the weapon and confirmed it was a real sword. He couldn't believe his eyes; he had actually turned a torn rag into a weapon, and if he could do that, he could do anything. He looked at Sarah with a smile, but his celebration was cut short. The beast they were riding on let out a startled cry and sped up, nearly knocking Jason and Sarah off of its back.

-"What's going on?" Jason asked looking around at the water.

-"Something scared him," Sarah answered as she looked down at their transport.

-Jason looked at Sarah and realized that something was chasing their ride. With a feeling of dread, he looked toward the creature's tail and saw a very large silhouette under the water behind them. His eyes went wide with horror as a massive fin broke the surface of the water and rose up until it towered fifteen feet in the air. They were being chased by a giant shark!

-"Kill it," Sarah said calmly, so calmly that it seemed to add to the eeriness of the situation.

-"I can't kill something that big!" Jason said, not taking his eyes off of the monster that stalked them.

-"Well you'd better do something, or that thing's going to eat us," Sarah said, stepping up beside Jason and looking at their pursuer. Jason finally managed to pull his gaze away from the water and looked at her. Sarah's face had no hint of fear at all, only grim determination and focus. Jason couldn't even begin to imagine what kind of life she must have had to give her such nerves of steel, even when faced with such a nightmarish situation.

-The water behind them exploded, and Jason looked back to see a shark as big as an oil tanker launch itself at them. Its mouth opened wide and Jason stared down the endless chasm. Row upon row of massive teeth made promises of pain and death as they inched closer, and Jason's instincts finally took hold of him.

-He held out a hand as if staving off an attack, and every instinct in his body made him think only of survival. His mind screamed in terror and he focused all of his fear and panic at the shark that threatened to devour him. Jason let out a yell and the shark's body was ripped apart by an invisible force.

-Jason and Sarah were knocked on their backs from the force of the explosion as the shark blew apart, sending blood and gore raining down. Jason sat up with an expression of disbelief on his face, as he picked pieces of gore out of his hair. Sarah sat up next to him and looked around at the mess before looking at Jason.

-"Well...that worked," Sarah said as she looked at Jason with her blood covered face and smiled happily. The two of them looked around at the mess that Jason had made. Chucks of bloody meat and bone littered the back of the beast they rode on, and the water around them was dyed red. What was left of the shark's main body was now an unidentifiable island of shredded flesh.

-Jason and Sarah watched as dozens of smaller sharks, and other horrible creatures, went into a feeding frenzy around the dead monster. They bit and tore and shredded the meat, swallowing what had been an unstoppable nightmare mere moments before. By the time the human spectators had moved away from the horrible scene, all that remained were scraps.

-Two more days passed without incident, and Jason continued to develop his powers. By the time they finally saw land, Jason and Sarah were both wearing matching suites of armor. Jason had molded his simple sword into an intricately carved blade with a whit handle and golden guard. His armor was brilliant white with golden trim. Together with his bright red cape, Jason literally looked like a knight in shining armor. Sarah lacked Jason's cape, and her sword was narrower and more feminine, but in every other way, her attire mirrored his.

-As they approached their new home, they could see the familiar image of the Dark Territory. Even the once sandy beaches were covered in the black, tar like mass. Jason could see several demons running about the coastline, eating anything that washed up from the sea. Jason drew his sword, determined not to become their next meal.

-When they got close enough to shore, Jason and Sarah leapt from their transport's back and began cutting down the scrawny scavengers the moment they set foot on the ground. The black skinned humanoids shrieked in pain as they were killed. Their impossibly thin bodies crumbled to the ground while green blood oozed from their wounds.

-Jason decapitated another of the wretched creatures, but a dozen more charged at him. Jason and Sarah readied themselves, but the monsters suddenly stopped in their tracks and started backing off. Jason relaxed his posture, thinking that they had scarred the creatures off, but Sarah didn't.

-The ground in front of them shook violently and something rose out of the black soil. A massive beast stood up from its crater and towered over the two trespassers. Eight segmented legs supported the saucer shaped body that was as big as a house. One gigantic claw remained on the ground, too heavy for the beast to lift while the other, smaller claw clicked excitedly. The two long eye stalks that looked down at Jason and Sarah left no doubt in Jason's mind; the thing used to be a crab.

-The creature's large claw shot forward with incredible speed. It sprang out on its side, just above the ground, opening up as it moved towards its intended targets. Sarah jumped up into the air, avoiding the attack, but Jason wasn't as fast. The claw snapped shut on him just as he raised his sword to wedge it open and save his life.

-Jason realized he wasn't going to be able to get his sword loose as the crab clenched even tighter, so Jason jumped up and out of danger, only to be snatched out of midair buy the crab's smaller claw. It caught him around the waist, but Jason grabbed both ends and was strong enough to keep it from crushing him.

-The crab brought Jason up to its body and opened its mouth. Jason looked at the dozens of tiny claws and teeth moving around like a big wood chipper; if he didn't get loose, he was going to be torn to pieces. Jason tried to tap into his powers again, tried to feel what he had felt when he killed the shark, but it wouldn't work. He moved ever closer to the crab's mouth, so close that he could hear the teeth and pinchers clicking and sliding against each other as they greedily awaited their meal.

-Jason was inches away from the monster's mouth when Sarah landed on the claw and plunged her blade into it. The demon cried out in pan and released its grip on Jason. He dropped down to the ground, and the crab flailed its wounded claw, sending Sarah flying. She landed out of Jason's view, and the crab launched its large claw at her.

-Jason didn't know if Sarah was alive or dead, but he wanted to kill the monster either way. For the first time, his fear and reason gave way to his anger. He ripped off the arm of one of the dead demons he and Sarah had killed earlier and demanded a sword.

-The severed limb instantly transformed into a large blade that Jason charged at the crab with. He let out a battle cry as he cut through the monster's pillar sized legs one after another until the beast toppled over on its side. White, puss filled blood gushed from the wounds and the monster tried to drag itself forward with its large claw.

-Jason threw his sword at the beast, cutting off both of its eye stalks. The crab flailed around wildly, blind and immobile. Jason launched himself high into the air and came down to the crab with his fist clenched. Jason punched the hill shaped carapace dead center with so much force that it caved in on itself. Cracks spread out in all directions across the crab's exoskeleton, and Jason kicked off of it just before its body burst.

-Jason ran around the mangled remains of the beast to find Sarah brushing dirt and gore off of herself yet again. She walked over to what was left of the crab's small claw and retrieved her sword. She flicked the blood off of it before she sheathed the weapon, and then she smiled at Jason.

-"Well that was fun," she said cheerfully.

-"Doesn't anything scare you?" Jason asked in disbelief.

-"I don't think so," Sarah answered, giving the question a moments thought, "in any event; I guess this will be our new home for awhile."

-"Yeah," Jason said as he looked around at all the bodies around them, "home sweet home."
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