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Spring Cleaning

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Jason and Sarah get to work on cleansing their new home, but Jason soon realizes that if he seriously wants to win the battle to come, he is going to have to start thinking outside the box.

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-Jason jumped out of the way just in time as a jet of fire scorched the spot he had been standing. Jason jumped away again the moment his foot touched the ground, avoiding another attack as a huge claw attempted to stomp on him. Sweat dripped off of Jason's chin as he scowled at his foe.

-The massive dragon hissed at the small human that had eluded its efforts. The beast was colored in red scales and its eight foot long head was adorned with a large black horny crest. One of its wings was shredded and useless which meant the beast no longer had the gift of flight. Its beady eyes tracked Jason's every move as its long whip-like tail slapped the ground angrily.

-The dragon shot its head forward again, mouth opened wide. Jason jumped into the air to avoid the attack and came down striking the dragon's head with his sword. His sword struck home and took a chunk out of the beast's boney crest. The dragon raised its head quickly, responding to the blow. Jason was catapulted over the beast's back and landed behind it, but as Jason landed on the ground, the dragon's tail swiped him aside.

-Jason landed behind some rubble and stayed there. He peeked around the corner to see the large monster looking around for him; the beast was big, not smart. Jason let out a frustrated sigh as he crouched down and tried to think. His sword wasn't working against the beast; even when he managed to get close enough to use it, it just didn't do enough damage.

-Jason tried again to tap into his powers, but he couldn't focus his mind in the heat of battle. He could only use his full power when he felt cornered, but now that he knew he could save himself, he no longer felt fearful enough to bring it out. He was going to have to learn control if he wanted to survive a fight against Jeffery.

-Before Jason could come up with a plan, the bolder he was hiding behind was smashed, and Jason was forced to flee again as the dragon pursued him. The monster shot its head forward and opened its mouth wide. Jason tried to get out of the way, but the monster's teeth were closing in too fast. In an act of desperation, Jason threw his sword at his attacker.

-The blade found its way into the dragon's left nostril, and the monster lifted its head, roaring in pain. Jason looked up at the monster and noticed the dark clouds up in the sky. Jason smiled to himself as an idea formed in his mind while he watched the dragon flail its head around in the air.

-"Lighting bolt!" Jason screamed as he held a hand up to the sky. The clouds yielded to his will, and a jagged line of electricity descended from the heavens. The jagged line of energy reached down and touched the end of the sword that was still wedged in the dragon's nose. The creature let out a scream of pain as its nervous system was overloaded.

-The light faded, and the dragon's large head fell to the ground with a loud thud. Dark blood oozed out of its nose, ears and mouth as Jason walked up to the fresh corpse. He reached to retrieve his sword but saw that the metal had melted and warped; the blade was now useless.

-Jason clenched his fist, angry with himself. He had won the fight, but using his powers was still hit or miss. If he wanted to have the kind of control that Jeffery did, he was going to have to work a hell of a lot harder. He reached inside the dragon's mouth and ripped out one of its fangs.

-"Sword!" Jason commanded, and the blood and drool soaked tooth transformed into another blade. For some reason, saying what he wanted seemed to make using his powers easier. In the heat of battle, it was more difficult to focus on what he wanted, but Jason still managed to pull himself through one way or another.

-Jason cut off the dragon's head and dragged the large trophy by the horns as he made his way across the scarred landscape. After a long walk, Jason arrived at the human stronghold where Sarah eagerly awaited him. She ran up to him with a big smile on her face and wrapped her arms around his neck.

-"Looks like you had a good time," she said, looking down at Jason's trophy. He shot her a reassuring grin and entered the human camp as spectators gathered around. Jason walked up to the village headman and tossed the dragon's head at his feet.

-"One head as promised," Jason said. The older man inspected the bloody object before he looked at Jason and bowed his head. The thirty spectators followed suite and Jason let out a relieved sigh. Killing a dragon to recruit soldiers had been a pain in the ass, but it had worked.

-Scourge, as the locals had named him, had been a hell dragon left over from the wars Jeffery had waged years ago. Though Jason didn't put much stock in the stories he had heard about Jeffery taking his army to heaven, Scourge had been the most problematic demon in the area. Now that he had single-handedly killed it, the humans would have more faith in his abilities.

-Jason considered heading for the next human encampment, but the sun was going down, and he was tired. Jason retired to his makeshift tent, and the newest addition to his army broke up and went about the business of securing the camp for nightfall. Jason and Sarah had been working to eradicate the monsters from their new home, but it was still unsafe at night.

-Jason laid down his new sword and lied down on his little cot. He closed his eyes to get some rest, but all he could think about was what to do next. Even with his powers, using a sword against demons and monsters just wasn't going to cut it. There was no way that his human army was going to stand a chance unless they had better weapons.

-Jason let out a depressed sigh and tried to put it out of his mind. A moment later, his eyes shot open again; someone was in his tent. He tried to sit back up, but someone pushed him back down and got on top of him. Jason's eyes adjusted to the darkness, and he saw Sarah straddling him.

-"With all the work we've been doing, we haven't had time for fun," Sarah said, "and I think you deserve a reward for your victory today."

-Jason tried to object, but Sarah silenced him with a kiss. All the tension drained away and his body seemed to melt under Sarah's touch. Back before he had awoken in this hellish world, Jason had frequently enjoyed the company of women. Even when he had been the hero of the humans of the Dark Territory, he had still found time to indulge himself. But he had been so busy perfecting his skills and building his army, he hadn't even thought about sex for the last several weeks.

-Sarah and Jason ripped each others close off and embraced each others naked bodies. They rolled around on the floor during their passionate encounter. Sarah became more and more vigorous with each passing moment. Even after Jason was completely spent, Sarah was still not satisfied.

-Jason lied on his back while Sarah continued to move on top of him until she finally cried out in ecstasy. Sarah lied down on Jason's chest, their sweat covered bodies breathing in unison on the floor. Sarah let out a contented sigh as Jason stroked her damp hair. As Jason tried to slow his racing heart, a thought popped into his head.

-"Sarah," Jason said, "when the demons first appeared, the army fought them with guns, right?"

-"Yes," Sarah answered, "they were relatively effective against the demons, but the armies of the world were simply overpowered with sheer numbers. For every demon that fell, five more pushed through. The world never stood a chance."

-"That's because the world didn't have someone like me on its side," Jason said, "this time, he won't have it so easy. She said I could make anything I wanted, anything at all. I think I just thought of a way to turn this thing around. Starting tomorrow, we're going to refit and refine our army."

-The next day, Jason stood in the center of the small camp, and the humans gathered around him. "Everyone," Jason said, addressing the crowd, "in less than one year, I will fight to retake this world and put an end to the dark lord. To fight this war, I need soldiers. I have the power change you, to make you all stronger so that you can fight by my side. Who among you will be the first?"

-The people all looked at each other, uncertain as to what they should do. They were scrawny, starved people that had lived without hope for years. It was no surprise that they were reluctant to put their lives in Jason's hand, but one of them finally stepped forward. He was a black man that still had some meat on his bones and a fierce look in his eye. He presented himself to Jason and gave a nod, showing his willingness to endure whatever Jason had planned.

-Jason stepped up to the man and placed a hand on his chest. Jason closed his eyes and concentrated hard; this wasn't some sword that he was trying to forge, it was a human being. He had gotten much better at molding items, but he had never done anything to a living creature before. He focused his thoughts harder than he ever had before, and once he had the image in his mind, he released his power.

-The man instantly cringed with discomfort as his body started to change. Every muscle in his body bulged and stretched his skin, and he even put on a few inches in height. His clothes would have been torn to shreds from the increased bulk of the man's body, but they too transformed. The cloth rags that covered the man's body changed into bulky armor. Even the makeshift sword that the man held changed into an oversized rifle.

-Jason lowered his hand, and the man looked himself over. His body had put on over a hundred percent of its former muscle mass, and his new armor looked like it could withstand anything. The man examined his new weapon, looked at Jason, and smiled with great satisfaction.

-"Welcome to the new army," Jason said, pleased with himself. He looked at all the other spectators around him and nodded, "whose next?"
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