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Invader Zim goes to

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Zim and Gir go to "Walmart" for some shopping only to find out its black friday and people are going nuts.

Category: Invader Zim - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor - Characters: Gir, Zim, Other - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2006-11-23 - Updated: 2006-11-24 - 742 words

Zim and Gir are at the home base. Gir is annoy the piss out of zim.
gir:"But Master.... I want tacoooos"
Zim "Gir will you shut up! we need supplies before you need.... tacos..."
Zim stuffs a sqeezy pig in Girs mouth as he happily chews on it
Gir muffled "Hi PIG"
Zim " we are out of supplies maybe I can use these human's... supermarkets to get the supplies i need TO THE SUPERMARKET!"
Gir takes off with his rockets as zim screams along for the ride the buzz down the city streets as gir flies around zim hits everything in its path they finally arrive at the local "Walmart" zim stumbles off gir.
Zim "you insolent robot... uhg whats the use.... lets just get the supplies" He pulls out a checklist and begins to wlak inside only to walk straight into the glass door. "What!? is there a defense shield? You do not TOY with the Irken empire. Puny Huumans.... he sets a bomb on the door and runs away behind a car.
he walks in whistling dragging gir behind him with girs dog leash whistling lazily as peopel scream on fire around him. As he wlaks in one of the greeters is still handing out flyers... on fire...
Zim "Hmm? hmm.. HM! WE go there! Ogfff!" He gets nailed by a crowd of people " What is this! what are these mass of smelly humans doing?!"
Gir " TACOS!!!! " he screams as he runs off to find his own food sqeuaking along the way. "
Zim " Gir? GIR! where are you! stupid robot... "" he mumbles as he walks down crowded isles to find what he needs. he reaches to get a generator
Zim " no i was here first " he takes it from the shelf and puts it in his oversize shopping cart with no wheels.
The Man grabs it out of his shopping cart.
Zim: "i think u must have me confused with an useless human. Now give it back before I destroy youuuuu" Shakes fists in anger
Man: "No i have so there" he starts to wlak away
Zim blasts the man shooting off his arm with one of his arachnid leg lasers and cathes the generator.
Man: Screaming " Ahhhg Nooooo my arm!!! ahhh God!!!!" he cries
Zim: "Pitiful human! muhahahahahah!"
Woman: "Hey that generator is mine!" she grabs it out of zims hands and runs off into the neighboring isle.
Zim: " Hey!" he cuts the huge shelf of stuff next to him in half as it topples over into the next isle crushing many people. he takes another generator from the toppled shelf and whistles as he goes back to his shopping cart with no wheels and puts it in.
Gir: "WHEEEEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEEEEEEEE!" He runs along the isle and throws a whole crap load of food into zims shopping cart
Zim: "What is this!?"
Gir: "ummm some tacos, burritos, nachos, salsa, Cookies, chips, icecream, pancakes...
Three hours later
Wennier dogs, a baby, a doggy, tomatoes, and a dust bunny!"
Zim sleeping: Waking up : Huh? what? Where am i? oh yes... comon gir lets get out of this wretched place."
As they wlak out a random woman walks up to them
Zim: "I did no such thing!"
Security man: "Then whats that?" pointing to the baby in the food.
Zim: "huh? oh umm thats miiinnnne" he smiles as he then jams a happy probe into the mans skull.
Security man: 'Boy am i happy.." Begins to whistle as he walks away.
Zim pushes his cart to the end of the lien which is throug hthe isles and out the door and around the world once." What is this hypocricy! these human are just begging to be destroyed!" He begins to blow up random people as they scream and run and scramble around he finally makes it to the frotn of the line to the cashier.
Cashier: "is that all"
Zim: "of course! you imbisole"
Cashier: "Thatll be four hundred and sixty-two dollars"
Zim: "What!?" blows a hole through the mans chesthe walsk out of the store whistling lightly as you see the man who lost his arm in the backround hitting on a pretty woman.
Man: "i lost htis arm in the war... yeap..."
Zim goes home to find that the gir had eaten his generator on the way.
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