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Screenwriting an Apology

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tattoos, and hip hop

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Leave Lovers Dead in Ditches
Chapter Twenty:
Screenwriting an Apology
"You have me still because I'm breathing."

The next morning I woke up to Pete rubbing his thumb across my cheek. I smiled at him, and he smiled back. "What are you doing?" I asked.
I moved closer, and kissed me, "I forgot how beautiful you looked when you were sleeping."
I giggled, and moved over to him. I rolled him over onto his back, and then straddled him. I bent down, and kissed him deeply. "You know you have a birthday coming up," I pointed out. He nodded. "And I was thinking of getting matching tats."
"Ooh! Kinky!" he said. "So what should we get."
"I say we get something epic. Do you have anything on your lower back?" I asked, and he shook his head. "How about we do a rose with two nautical stars, and we'll have wings, and it'll be in black and gray?"
His head came up inches away from mine, "I think it sounds beautiful. What is it supposed to represent?"
"The rose on you will be me, and visa versa, and I think I want to get 'xo' with it too," I said.
He smiled, "I like it."
"Alright, you call your guy, and I'll get Eric to draw it up, but for now you need to take a shower and fix your hair. You have a major case of bed head," I said.
"I thought you said you liked bed head?" he asked confused.
I laughed, "I do, but not when it has a stinky husband attached to it." I then walked out to go see Eric.
I told Eric about the design, and he was drawing it up while we were on the road. Pete had said his friend would meet us at the next stop on our tour.

That night I got off the phone with my mom. "Well, good news Charlie is just fine," I said sitting next to Pete on the couch.
"Uh hun," he said while watching TV.
I looked to him, "Actually I lied she died."
"That nice sweetheart," he said.
I was angry at this point, "Do you even care about our daughter?" He looked at me, and I just got up, and stormed off to the back room.
I couldn't believe him. Didn't he care? She was his daughter too. He should care. I heard the door close behind me, and I turned around to see Pete standing there.
"Honey, come here. I do care," he said.
I looked at him, "Then why don't you show it?"
"Because men don't show emotion as much as women do," he said.
I laughed, "Yeah, but you write these amazing songs that have so much emotion, and you say it's hard to show your emotion."
"For this it is," he said.
"Why?" I asked.
He smiled, "She is my flesh and blood. She looks just like me, and I love her as much as I love you. She is my life, you and her both. Don't you ever forget that."
I then went up to him, and hugged him, "I love you."
Then he whispered, "I love you too."

That morning we arrived at our next stop. Waiting to greet us was none other then Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance. I smiled as I got off the bus, "Hello, Gerard it's nice to meet you. I'm Natalie."
He hugged me, "It's nice to finally meet you too. You have such a brilliant musical mind. We should get together sometime to do a duet."
I laughed, "How about tonight?"
"We'll do something theatrical," he nodded.
"Not without us I hope?" Pete asked.
Gerard laughed, "Never without Fall Out Boy. You can never do anything without them. They won't let you."
We all laughed, and headed for rehearsal.

"So, what do you think we should do?" I asked.
Everybody was now brainstorming for our big finale tonight. "I say we take a few hip hop songs, and make them punk," Eric rang out from the back of the stage.
I looked at Pete with a look of 'that might just work', and he looked at me back with the same look. "Let's do it," we said simultaneously.

That afternoon Pete, and I sat down with his friend, and he made stencils of Eric's design. While we were getting tattooed we were laughing about old times, and times during the pregnancy.
"Remember what you ate while you were pregnant with Charlie?" he asked.
I nodded, "I ate everything with peanut butter."
"Yeah, and you wouldn't touch it if it didn't have peanut butter on it. You were so stubborn, and when you'd get those mood swings everybody would just kind of leave for a while. You got mean," he said laughing.
"Yeah, I guess so. I wasn't really on the receiving end, so I wouldn't know."
"Do you remember the first time I tried to kiss you?"
"Yeah, and I lied about you being a really good friend. I wanted to be more than friends you know? I'm glad we got married."
"Me too."

A/N: I know it's short, but you got to give me a break. It's Thanksgiving. By the way, Happy Turkey Day!
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