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Ch 9

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McDonalds fiesta! hehe

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While I watched the guys work, I was mentally laughing at every single Fall Out Boy fan in the world.


Because I was watching them make their new record, suckers.

Yep. So I was getting to listen to songs that would be on the record, and some that weren't.

The thing that amazed me the most was Patrick and his guitar. No lie, that boy could play. And sing. He did both with all his heart, giving it everything he had at every second.

That's what I call passion.

And of course the other guys played their hearts out. Joe was wearing a baseball cap and every time he banged his head it would fall off and hit his guitar, thus forming a horrible noise that made everybody yell at him. And of course it made me laugh every single time.

Andy would play his drums with out ever looking at them, which I wish I could do. To do a simple beat I had to concentrate fully on every part of my body, but Andy could sit there and actually talk. Then, when he wasn't playing to record, he'd break out with weird beats every few minutes, just to keep himself amused.

Pete was passionate about it as well. He made sure that every single thing sounded perfect before moving on. I could tell that he definitely cared about the music, and that made me smile. And of course, I also smiled every time he glanced over at me and gave a gorgeous one of his own. Which he did a lot.

There wasn't a lot that I did that morning except watch them play and record. And there wasn't anything else I wanted to do. When I was alive I would of killed to see this. And hey, that's what it took. Hehe.

They finally got to have a lunch break at 1:30. Joe was whining about his stomach was touching his backbone or something like that, so the rest of the guys gave in.

We pulled up to a lovely McDonalds (for rock stars they sure don't live like it) and they all ordered huge amounts of food that made me want to gag. They were definitely guys; they had enough food to feed South Africa.

"Got enough there slugger?" I teased Pete after we'd sat down at the table

He stuck his tongue out at me before shoving his quarter pounder into his mouth.

I wrinkled my nose; burgers had never been my thing. I was more of a chicken nugget person.

But of course, Pete had those too, and shoved one into his mouth while he was still chewing his burger.

I laughed. "You have horrid eating habits." I joked.

"So what?" He tried to say, but ended up showering me in food. I was actually glad that something went through me, believe it or not. I might have just thrown up otherwise.


"That's alright!" I interrupted before he could shower me again.

He gave me a huge smile, with his teeth full of disgusting bits of food.

I laughed at him, not believing how big of a dork he was.

He swallowed, and then pouted. "Stop laughing at me!" He whined.

I only laughed harder, because the mother sitting with her daughter at the table beside us was looking at Pete like he was crazy, thinking he was talking to himself.

Pete looked at her and his eyes widened, then he smiled, waving at the little girl.

Patrick suddenly came over to sit by Pete, and ended up sitting on me.

"Shit!" He exclaimed, standing up quick. This caused the mother to stand up and pick up her daughter, then leave. I was laughing really hard by then.

"Sorry, Brailly" Patrick muttered, his cheeks burning red as he watched the mother leave.

"No problem, Patrick" I replied happily.

"She said no prob." Pete passed on.

"Can you move over?" He asked me. I realized he must of looked pretty stupid, talking to thin air like that, but I did as he asked.

"She did." Pete said.

Patrick sat down cautiously, then started eating his food, glancing occasionally at the space that was me.

Joe and Andy soon came. Joe pushed Pete over and sat down, and Andy tried to do the same with Patrick.

But when he did, something weird happened. I became solid.

So Patrick went flying right into my side.

"Ow!" I exclaimed as Patrick scooted back over in shock. "Andy you ass!"

"Sorry, I didn't know you were there..." Andy muttered, looking at me confused.

"How'd you know what I said?" I asked, suddenly as confused as he looked. "And how the hell did you touch me?" I asked, turning to Patrick.

But they both stared at me with blank eyes. Damn. They didn't hear me.

I looked at Pete. "They didn't hear me." I said.

"I know." Pete answered.

"You know what?" Joe asked suddenly, looking up from his food. He then looked at everyone, who was staring at me. "Why are you standing up still, Andy?"

I laughed. Joe was a little out of it, I think.

Andy just rolled his eyes.

I quickly crawled through Patrick and stood up.

"Thanks" Patrick muttered before sliding over. "She moved." He then directed at Andy, who sat down.

"That was awkward." I muttered.

"No kidding." Pete said with a laugh.

The others looked at him like he was crazy. His cheeks turned a little red, but not much.

"Sorry. I look crazy, huh?" The other guys nodded. "Stop talking to me Brailly, you're making people think things." Pete teased.

"They already think things, Pete. Anyone who's read your lyrics knows you're a little bit on the crazy side..." I joked.

"Hey, you like those lyrics." He shot back.

"Yeah I do, but I killed myself, so that isn't saying anything." I said in reply with a smile.

"Ha, funny." He said, but I noticed a little pout to his face; ah, I'd made a point.

"I was joking." I said, bending down beside him.

"No you weren't" He mumbled. Oh God. Now I know why they call him the Emo King.

I rolled my eyes then looked at the other guys, who were staring intently at Pete.

"I was too. Now get over yourself and enjoy your very huge meal." I said with a laugh, hoping he would cheer up.

He didn't. Go figure. He just sat there while the other guys ate their food, and when Patrick was done with his fries he turned to Pete, and looked at him with concern.

"God, Brailly, what'd you do to him?" He asked.

I laughed. I didn't say anything though, because Patrick couldn't hear me. I saw a pen in his shirt pocket, and I got a sudden idea.

Please be solid, please be solid...

Ha, bingo again.

I grabbed the pen out of his shirt and picked up a napkin.

'He's being a ass' I wrote.

Patrick chuckled.

'All I sai-' But I suddenly dropped the pen. Damn.

Patrick watched the napkin, expecting more, but sighed when it didn't come.

"Guess you lost your solid-ness, huh?" He muttered. I nodded, but knew he couldn't see me.

Pete was watching me the whole time this took place. I turned and looked into his eyes, and smiled.

He just stared at me, and we had a silent battle to see if I could make him smile or not.

I wiggled my eyebrows, then winked.

And of course I got the fucker to smile. In yo face! hehe.

He smiled and laughed, because I did a victory dance.

"You're crazy." He muttered.

I nodded my head in agreement. "Yep, that's what everyone was saying after my funeral."

My eyes widened. I couldn't believe I just said that. But then I laughed. True statement.

Pete laughed as well, and yet again the guys looked at him like he was crazy.

But at the moment I don't think he really cared.
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