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Ch 10

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So after they ate we went back to the recording studio, and I went back to watching them play and sing.

At one time Pete came over and sat beside me on top of the table I was on.

"Boring, huh?" He asked.

"Nah, it's fun. I enjoy watching you guys work." I replied, watching Patrick as he played a tune on his guitar, making up the next notes inside of his head and then sending the message down to his fingers.

Pete smiled as he too, watched Patrick.

"He's a genius." I muttered.

"I know. I'm lucky to have him." Pete said with a smile.

"Dude. I didn't know you were that way." I joked.

Pete glared at me.

I chuckled. "Joking, Pete, joking."

Pete rolled his eyes and laughed before kissing my cheek and jumping down to run over to see what Patrick had thought of.

I smiled and put my hand up to my cheek. It was still moist from were Pete had kissed it. It was another of those "thank God I'm solid at the moment" type deals.

About 4 hours and 35 songs later the guys decided to call it a day and go back to the hotel they were staying at.

I ran out of the studio first to call a taxi, of course forgetting about my invisible body. I'd never called one before, and I really wanted to try it out. I also forgot about Patrick drving us there.

I stood on the side of the sidewalk and whistled at the yellow car, but it went whizzing past.

"Mother fucker!" I yelled.

I stuck out my hand and whistled again. The car went right on past.

I flipped him off. "Jack ass!" I yelled. I then turned around to see Pete laughing hysterically while the other guys were looking at him in utter confusion.

"What?" I asked, then it hit me. "God damn it!" I exclaimed.

Pete was sitting on the ground now, holding a hand out to keep his balance. Of course he was still laughing so hard tears were rolling down his cheeks.

I ran up to him and stood in front of him with my fingers crossed.

"That is not funny." I stated, a smile tugging at the corners of my mouth.

Pete answered me with a louder laugh.

"Asshole." I muttered.

He then started pointing at me. "You... haha... you, they can't..." He struggled to say what he wanted to as he was laughing. "They can't see you!" He managed to gasp out as he laughed harder. "And... haha... Patrick... he... brought the car!"

"Fuck you Wentz." I mumbled, smiling widely now. Ok, it was funny.

I heard Patrick giggle behind me. "You tried to get a taxi didn't you?"

I flipped him off and nodded, knowing he wouldn't see me.

"Pete shut up!" I said, getting slightly annoyed because he was still laughing.

"Pete... I'm warning you..." I murmured. But he didn't quit laughing.

I jumped on top of him, knocking him over onto his back. I then started tickling him furiously, showing no mercy.

"No! Stop!" he yelled, while laughing harder still. "Help! Guys!" He cried desperately to the guys for help, but they couldn't see me and would go right through, so it didn't matter.

I tickled under his armpit, and found that it was definitely the spot to tickle. He suddenly rolled over on top of me and held both of my arms with one hand.

"Shit." I muttered. The other guys were looking at Pete with wide eyes, which I understood. He looked like he was floating in mid air.

"What are you gonna do now?" he asked in a smart ass voice.

I grinned. I knew exactly what to do.

As soon as he fell through me with a yelp onto the hard sidewalk, he did too.

I stood up and walked through him over to the other guys, laughing at his surprised face.

"I should've seen that coming, huh?" He muttered to himself before getting up and dusting himself off.

"Dude." Joe said suddenly. Everyone looked at him. "There really is a ghost."

I looked at Pete and we both started laughing. Patrick hit Joe's baseball cap and laughed himself, as did Andy.

"Joe, you're hopeless." Patrick said with a laugh.

Joe grinned. "But everyone loves me for it."

Everyone stopped laughing and started shaking their heads.

Joe's mouth dropped open. "Well. Fuck you." He said and turned around and walked towards the car while everyone laughed at him.

The car ride back to the hotel was a lot more lively than the one that morning. Everyone was now fully awake and talkative, everyone, that is, except Pete, who kept rubbing his forehead.

"Headache?" I whispered to him.

"Yeah." He replied simply.

I sighed and leaned up to kiss his forehead, then his cheek. "You can lay on me if you want. I'll stay solid, I promise."

He looked at me and I smiled. He then leaned over and placed his head on my shoulder before closing his eyes, falling asleep in seconds.

"Dude. Pete looks freaky." Andy said from the front seat. I smiled. He probably did.

Joe and Patrick looked at Pete and laughed. "That does look freaky." Patrick agreed.

"Dude, what if the ghost chick and Pete got together?" Joe asked.

I flipped him off. I was still there, you know.

"That would be weird. Can you imagine them kissing?" Andy asked.

"Ha, better yet, how bout fucking? That would be an experience, right there." Joe said with a laugh.

My cheeks burned. "I am still here you assholes." I said, focusing on my voice to make sure that they heard it.

Their eyes widened. Patrick looked embarrassed. "Sorry, Brailly."

I didn't reply because I suddenly started to feel really weak. But I stayed strong so that Pete wouldn't fall through. It hurt with every passing second, though.

"Pete." I muttered, trying to wake him up.

He stirred and looked up at me. "What?" He asked softly.

"Can you move, I think I'm gonna...." I trailed off and put my own hand up to my forehead. "Whoa." I muttered to myself. A wave of dizziness passed through me, and I felt like passing out.

"You ok?" Pete asked, his voice suddenly full of concern. Patrick glanced back at us with a worried face.

"Brailly?" Pete said my name, but I didn't hear it.

I put my face in my hands and fought the pain building up inside of my head.

Finally, it passed. I looked up at Pete, who was staring at me like he was going to cry.

"I'm fine." I said with a fake smile.

His shoulders relaxed, but his face still looked worried. "It's your turn to lean on me." He said.

I happily obliged. leaning on his shoulder. I expected to go through, but I didn't.

I closed my eyes, but of course didn't go to sleep.

I was thinking about what just happened when I did the dreaded slipping through.

Pete winced, and then looked at me as I sat up. "I think I'm starting to get used to that." He joked.

I smiled. "I'm not."
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