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saved by the bell

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everyones at school now and saki and arisa are worried about tohru, who decided to introduce her self to kyo and yuki.

Category: Fruits Basket - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Arisa, Kyo, Saki, Tohru, Yuki - Published: 2006-11-24 - Updated: 2006-11-24 - 599 words

kyo and yuki dreaded to go to school. would they see her, would she be there, and most importantly, would she remember them. even though they seeked the answers for these questoins, they both knew they already knew the answers. the day walking to school, they didnt talk. they didnt even fight, which wasnt what ussauly happened. when they got to school, people were bursting with conversatoin. everyone talking, but yuki and kyo didnt talk at all.

homeroom had started. kyo tried not to look at tohru, not even think about her. he was scared that she would forget everything, but that was stupid to be scared of kyo thought, its already happened. when the announcements where finished arisa came over. " whats up orange top," she growled. " hvaent seen you guys all week. " yes," said saki in her ussaul creepy voice. " but somehow your waves are different from before. you all seem so... so sad." kyo's hair ran up his spine. but yuki answered in his calm boice, " i think that it would be best if you didnt talk to us anymore, nothing personal.. it is for me" kyo interupted. " i dont want to be talking to these whores anyway." " oh, please dont be mean to arisa ans saki, sohma kun," said a small voice. kyo turned around when his heart missed a beat. " what ever" he hufed. tohru smiled. " hello you tow are the sohmas right? my name is honda tohru, im very pleased to meet you." tohru held out her hand. yuki gave tohru a fake smile and shook her hand. " vey nice to meet you miss honda, my name is yuki, and this is my cousin kyo." kyo glared at yuki, but smiled at tohru," yes thats my name, nice to meet you tohru." he glared at yuki again, then him and yuki sat down. saki and arisa were both confused, and it showed on there face. " tohru?" said arisa, " are you ok." tohru looked at arisa questinably. " oh yes arisa, im fine, have i worried you?" arisa looked at saki, and she shrugged. " umm, not, but tohru, your acting as if you dont know kyo and yuki." tohru smiled. " well i only did meet them today arisa sun." " not tohru," said arisa with concern on her face. " you live with them, you've lived with them for two years now. you, kyo and yuki... would always come to school together. and the other sohmas like momiji and haru." tohru gae them allblank stares. " but arisa, ive only met them today." arisa sighed and looked down at her feet. " what ever you say tohru" and she walked off. saki gave tohru one concerned look, then went off to look after arisa. tohru was left there confused. she looked at kyo, and felt something she had never remembered feeling before. " kyo," she whispered to her self. and then something flashed in her mind. that boy, kyo and her laughing smiling. holding hands. her blushing when kyo tried to kiss her. when she was done having this flash back, she looked at kyo again. he was staring at her then looked at his desk, when he saw that she was looking at him. she looked at kyo and did that for a while. she felt all fluttery when she saw him. as if she'd known that person, fell in love with him. now she was having memories that she didnt remember. she walked nervously up to his desk, and he looked her way. when she got there she said " ky, kyo..." and then the beel rang. and he left.
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