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welcome back

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tohru is regaining her memory now. all it took one was kiss, and the word love. now theres wika.

Category: Fruits Basket - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Hatsuharu, Kyo, Momiji, Tohru, Yuki - Published: 2006-11-24 - Updated: 2006-11-24 - 799 words

kyo was just changing to his clothes in the locker room. the bell had rung, and he was late but he didnt care. he changed slowley then left. he saw tohru walking the hallway, and swore and treid to turn around when he heard his name being called. " kyo kun."shotued tohru waving her hands in the air to try to get his attentoin. kyo swore under his breath, and walked up to her. " yes," he said softely. " umm... kyo?..." " what," said kyo starting to get annoyed. tohru looked up at him, she looked into his eyes, then she leaned up, and kissed him. softely,at first then harder. kyo was taken back by suprise. he let go of her. " tohru?" he asked. tohru looked up at kyo. " it helps me remember," whispered tohru. " i remembered that, that we were in love, but i met you today. i feel like we were together, as if we loved each other, and weve kissed before havent we." kyo blushed and nodded his head. this time he was smiling, but tohru wasnt, she looked confused. " and i knew yuki to, didnt i , and i really did live with you. why did i leave." tohru looked up at kyo, and grabbed his hands. " why did i run away," she whispered. kyo looked in her eyes as well as she did his. he squeezed her hands lightly. " because," kyo started. " what had been done to you was to much to bear." he said. " and the family was inflicted with pain, as were you." kyo looked down at the floor, tears started to crawl down his cheek but he told himself to stop crying, and wiped it off. " i cant hug you can i" kyo nodded and stood there. " im so sorry tohru," kyo whispered. " i was so mad at yuki, and then i was mad at you for wanting to forgive him, he did such a horrible thing to you. and i loved you to much to let you... to let you be hurt again. and i couldent protect you." kyo had tears spilling out of his eyes. and tohru stilled held his hands, as memoreis filled her head. good memoreis bad memories. things she wouldent have wanted to see. things that were dear to her. " kyo", he heard her whisper to him," i sorry for running away, im so sorry for inflicting pain on everybody." kyo looked up, and saw that tohru was crying to. kyo smiled and wiped he tears away. tohru looked up. " dont start crying, tohru, you know how mcuh people have been crying ever since wika had took you." tohru nodded, then shook her head. kyo laughed. " well, alot, ok, and we dont need you crying ether." kyo started dragging tohru down the hall. tohru looked up in suprise, " where are we going, kyo." she asked. kyo laughed," were going to a place, where we can have fun, and get away from all this crap." tohru smiled and ran up with kyo. they stopped however when tohru and kyo saw who happened to be standing by them. " well, long time no see tohru." said a dark haired light eyes man. " wika," kyo growled. tohru had to hold him back. wika smiled. " so, i see that tohru regained her memoreis." wika tsked. " its sad that it only lasted one day, you two must really be in love." wika grabed kyo by quick suprise and tossed him threw the air. then he took out a knife and brought it up to tohru's chin. tohru frowned. then grinned. " you want to know something wika" said tohru, " your ot strong," and tohru slipped threw his grip and ran. wika was about to run after he when kyo came up and punched him in the face. wika flew backwards, but got right up again. he growled and threw the knife at tohru. kyo jumped in fromt of her, and yelped with pain. " kyo," tohru screamed. she knelt down beside him, and lte out a sigh. the knife had only peirced, kyos arm. tohru was about to rip something off her dress when wika cam and tried to strangle her. " get of her you jack ass." ame haru's voice. all the sohmas had come to rescue the now one of there family freind. yuki ran queitly and smacked wika in the face, while haru, kicked him from behind. while those two were beating him up, tohru and momiji were helping kyo. momiji didnt look up at tohru, he was to bussing blushing, but tohru was making small talk in which momiji nodded his head in agreement or disagreement. soon wika was just a heap on the floor. and kyo was till bleading and moaning with pain. yuki turned around to tohru. " welcome back," he said.
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