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the curse is gone

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shigure is going estactic, and all threw the night, its only kyo, and tohru. what happend when the curse breaks?

Category: Fruits Basket - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Kyo, Shigure, Tohru, Yuki - Published: 2006-11-24 - Updated: 2006-11-24 - 315 words

tohru and kyo and yuki were all back at shigure's house. shigure was grinning form ear to ear. " yay! tohrus back," he went screaming through the house all afternoon. when kyo got him to settle down he was out of energy anyway. " so," said shigure, does that mean that we have are cook back. tohru was about to respond when hatori walked in. " well," he said, rubbing his hand on his head. " kyo will be fine, he'll just have to take his medicine." hatori glanced at tohru, " and im sure that tohru will make sure of that wont you?" tohru blushed and nodded, and hatori smiled. " good," he said, " i guess that i'll be of then." he waved goodbye to everyone except shigure ( which made him cry) and left. yuki looked at tohru, and smiled. " i think i'll cokk dinner tonight tohru." that set shigure off into a tantrum. " noooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!" shigure screamed. yuki sighed and tohru smiled. " thats fine yuki, i can make it, ive been wanting to cook for some time anyway." yuki grinned, " ok, i'll help then." tohru nodded and smiled.

after dinner, everyone was tired ( exspecailly shigure) so they decided to all go to bed. tohur was walking up to her bedroom when kyo stepped in the way. he looked in her eyes, which made tohur blush. " tohru," he said softely, " will you hug me please." tohru looked at him in confusoin. " but i cant kyo, you'll just turn into a cat." kyo shook his head. " i dont know tohru, just try, i feel weird." tohru nodded and went into kyo's embrace. he held her like that for at least five minutes. then he let her go. k yo smiled. tohru had wide eyes, and a wide smile to match it. " kyo," said tohru jumping up and down. " kyo..." kyo smiled again. he grabbed her hand, and they went into tohru's bedroom.
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