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spoon full of enoyance

by fingecko 6 reviews

Neil wont stop wistling mary poppin,s "spoon full of suger" and i becomes a spoon full of enoyance trying to stop him.

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the sevan decendents were sitting in the pizza parlore. but there was only one problem. worst than, Crounus, worst than enything!!!!!.

Neil wonuldnt stop wistling. not just an odnary song but an enoying one.
"spoon full of suger"

they were all sitting there and Jay said

"neil stopp wi.."
"neil stop.."-Alanta
"no!!"- alanta
"neil stop.."-archie
"being-so-smart-atractive-because-you-never-will-be-ha-ha?"-neil blabbered out in one big world.
"tell jay your secret"-neil
"what secreat"-jay
"dousnt matter"-theresa said blushing
"do you want me to tell him"-neil
'HELL NO"-theresa
"neil stop"-Herry

Suddenly crounus apperead. Neil was still witling

"SSSTTTTOOOPPPP" everybody yelled, even crounus.
"what" neil said
"Stop Wistling!!" everbody said. including everybody in the paurlor.
"you caulda just said so"
he stoped.
but then after a while he started to sing it
"here we go again......." muttered theresa.
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