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At Lunch With Harry

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Im Not Telling still- I DONT OWN HP!

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would love too! excalimed jade, ok i see ya then said harry. "ok, then bye!" said harry stumbling off. Omg! he soo cute! jade jumped up and shouted. looked enbrass when i got confused looks. I couldn't stop thinking about him. Not evening when I was in the room studying. Ir's finally around last time and I was so excited to see harry again it was just something about him. On my way to lunch-thinking about my converstation that I had with harry and I didn't notice that I had the biggest smile on my face. "And just what are you so happy about?" Oh! Hi dacro said. It's nothing, i said smirking. Dacro just stared at me with an question. I was only known gyffindor to be friends with slytherin. i wasn't paticular who i hung out with I was frinds with everyone. When I finally gotten to lunch harry was already waiting for me and two other people I didn't really seen before. "Hi" harry said. "Oh, yea this is my friends hermorine & ron" said harry. "Hi", they both said with welcoming smiles." Nice to meet you too" I repelied. "Let's hurry an take an seat before lunch start!" When lunch started everyones was eating like they havent seen this much food in front. I wasn't really- I just exaimed there

to be continued again!!!
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