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Dirty Dammian

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It all started when Theresa was in chemistry. There was a new kid, Dammian,...

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It all started when Theresa was in chemistry. There was a new kid, Dammian, and Mr. Dion, the crazy Chemistry teacher (Dionysus), had put him next to Theresa. It wasn't that Theresa didn't mind, I mean she didn't sit next to anyone in that class, and Jay, Atlanta or any of the others thought that Chemistry was a waste of time. So when Dammian sat down next to her, she smiled. It would be nice to have a new science partner. He turned to her and held out a hand.
"Hey, I'm Dammian, who're you?"
Dionysus coughed. "Excuse Me, But we were just about to start a Lab, will everybody PLEASE quit down." The other people in the class slowly quieted down. " Now spilt into two's please and take a Beaker from the ..."
"Hey, Do you want to be my partner Theresa."

And that was the start of their relationship, at first it was only being Lab Partners together, Than it was sitting together at lunch, than it was all you heard coming out of Theresa's mouth was "Dammian this or Dammian that." And Jay was Jealous. Theresa didn't see it, but everyone else did.

Archie Knew how Jay must feel. He knew Jay liked Theresa. He knew Jay must fell like he did when Atlanta had gone out with Pan.

And Theresa had liked Jay too, she still does, but she had almost given up on him. Theresa thought that Jay only cared about Crouns, and only cared about her as a friend. Of course she was wrong.

In Theresa's mind, she wasn't Dating Dammian, but only spending time with her new best Friend- and Atlanta was hurt by this too.

So when Dammian asked her to come with him to his parents cabin she accepted. She would be glad to get away from the others who had been teasing her about Dammian. So she gratefully packed her bags and drove out in her little red convertible to meet Dammian out at his parents cottage.

When she got there they had some Pizza and watched a movie. Then Theresa said that she was going to have a shower. Dammian just smirked and smiled.

Theresa was relived when the warm water hit her skin. She hadn't had a warm shower for ages- not since Neil had moved into the Brownstone. The brownstone with her friends. And Jay.

She turned off the water and stepped out, tied a towel around her waist and walked out of the bathroom. Then a hand grabbed her, and pulled sharply into Dammian's bedroom and threw her on the bed. And pinned her down, holding her hands against the sheets.

"LET ME GO DAMMIAN!" Theresa Shrieked, Writhing on the bed.

"Why would I want to do that now?"

"I SAID LET ME GO!" Dammian smiled as she yelled.

"Come on, Let's just have a little fun now." Theresa suddenly realized what Dammian wanted to do. And she was scared. She tried harder and Harder to escape from his grip.

"NO." Theresa screamed, and writhed. Then she kicked Him in the family Jewels. Dammian let go in shock and quickly grabbed his twigs and berries. And Theresa ran, grabbing her unpacked bag on the way out of the door, Running like she had never run before, Scared about what Dammian would do to her if she stopped. She started to drive, Top Down, Crying. And then it Rained.


The rest of the gang were washing a movie. More or Less. The movie was on but no one paid attention to it. Except Neil who was commenting on how hot Angelina Jolie was and how she was the only one in the whole world who could be hot enough to spend there life with, Him, The magnificent Neil. And how Brad Pitt has to take a Hike. Jay was worried about Theresa, so was Atlanta, Archie was worried about Atlanta. Herry was worried about a math test, and Odie was wondering how He could help Herry Study. And then Theresa burst in.

She ran in crying, Towel clenched around her body, Hair sopping wet. "If she wanted a warm shower that bad, She could have asked." Neil said, But no one else answered, they all had put aside there own problems and there trying to think of what happened to there Physic red-head.Herry was the first to speak.

"Gosh, it's raining outside, and I locked the garage, I'm going to go move her car inside." He ran to grab the spare keys. Everyone else was quite until Jay said that he was going to go see what happened.

The walk up to the second floor seemed to take forever. Why was Theresa back at the brownstone- wasn't she supposed to be at Dammian 's Mom and Dad's house. He Knocked on Theresa's Door. "Leave me Alone." A small voice inside cried out. Jay opened the door and saw Theresa sitting on her bed crying. He walked up to her and sat down. He put an arm around her.

"What happed Theresa?" Jay said.

"Dammian, Dammian he tried to , he tried to, he tried to Do me." Theresa said, crying. Jay looked at the poor girl, in her towel, Crying her heart out. He pulled her into a hug.

"I'm so Sorry Theresa, I promise i won't let anyone do anything to hurt you ever again."

Suddenly Theresa stopped Crying. " Why Jay, Why would you do something like that for me?"

Jay took a deep breath. " Because I love you."

Theresa smiled. " I hoped that would be the reason."

Thank you to CITRUS-LIME for the name- please R&R (and a crappy ending- i liked my idea - but not soo much my story!)


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