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Chpt 18: Faster than I thought possible

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You're going love me. Or hate me. Either way. You get a surprise next week.

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Chpt 18: Faster than I thought possible

The door clicks open again and I pop my head up over the arm of the couch hoping to find Patrick. "Oh, it's just you." I say miserably, Evie offers a look of mock offence stepping further into the room.

"Well, don't I just feel super special." She replies, her words dripping with sarcasm. Dropping her keys and bag on the bar by the kitchen she makes her way to stand before me, "Get up, We've got and appointment with duck lips * and stirrups."

I make a face at her and roll back over. She responds by poking my side insistently, "Get up." She says sternly.

I look at her again and shake my head, this doesn't seem to phase her. "Get your, soon to be fat, lazy ass up. We've got to go."

I shake my head again, this warrants a kick to the ass from Evie. "Get up, now woman." She says nudging again.

"No." My words are muffled by the couch cushion I'm currently burrowed into. I don't want to face the doctor. I don't want to face anything or anyone until Patrick and I are okay again. Until things make sense again. Not that they ever really did to begin with, but it was better than this. A million times better.

"And why not?!?" Evie asks, kicking my knee again. This girl has become increasingly violent in her pregnancy. Poor Andy.

I sniff, sitting up to face her, " Patrick knows."

"Again, and?"

"And it didn't go too well." I say standing. I make my way to the bedroom Patrick and I have been sharing with Evie close behind. I peal off the PJ bottoms I'd been living in and replaced them with a pair of my own jean. I exchange the tattered "Yo MTV Raps" shirt I've stolen from Patrick a million times for a Patrick V 1.0 polo courtesy of Pete. "Decent?" I ask Evie allowing her to survey my appearance.

She shrugs, "Enough, just put your hair up or something."

I spin the unruly curls around and bind them with a pair of chop sticks, "Let's go."

"Alright." She says leading the way from Patrick's room to the door. Not much is said on the ride. To Dr. Schwartz's** office. I sign-in while Evie talks to the nurses at the station. She's apparently made friend's here. Two to be exact. Katy and Ashley. Nice girls.

I stand when Katy calls my name and motions for me to follow her down the hallway. Ashley calls for Evie not long after and she's ushered into same room. Its large, with two exam areas. I raise an eyebrow at Evie.

"I didn't want you to be alone, besides better me in the next stall than some stranger. Right?" She asks, seating herself on the exam table.

I shrug. She sort of has a point. Katy smiles at me, "Take off the hoodie and lift up your shirt to just below the bra line." The moment of truth. Well confirming the truth. Okay. So my denial is not at all founded any longer. Not after three positive pee sticks.

I oblige, shuddering slightly when the sonogram goo makes contact with my skin. Evie is currently in a mirror position. Andy refused to come today, she's going to find out the sex. And he wants a surprise.

The door to the exam room clicks open, Dr. Schwartz walks in and smiles widely at us, "Afternoon ladies, I'm Alex. As you may know Evie. And you must be Ane," She says pointing a latex gloved finger in my direction. "Let's Rock-n-Roll, shall we?"

The machine kicks on and I watch as Dr. Alex move the wand around on my stomach. "Here's the heart beat," she says reaching over to turn the volume up. The room is suddenly filled with a steady bounding hum.

I look over to Evie, who is all smiles, and I can't help but feel myself grin.

Suddenly, nothing else matters. I could careless about the source of this little life as long as it's beat stays steady I think I'll be just fine.

"Everything looks great, right on the mark for Five weeks." Dr. Alex says handing my a towel to clean off my stomach. I pause, mentally counting back.

"Evie!" I almost scream.

"Yes dear?" She asks turning her attention from the nurse to me.

"It's A STUMPH!" I squeal.

"Well, hot damn."

* Two words: Vagina Monologues. If ever given the chance, go see the play. Or read it, or rent the video.
** Alex wanted to be Schwartzenager. But I shortened it. (These are my first footnotes, I am no longer a virgin -- wait, nevermind.)
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