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Chpt 19a: The Secret One.

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In lieu of chapter 19 and as apology for the shortness of 18 I give you The Secret Chapter. PS: 1006 reads. I'm amazed. I love you kids like forever.

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Bonus Feature: A Trip In The Mind Of Trick

I had been driving for what felt like days, but only a few hours had past. I kind of understand a fraction of what Andy felt a few days ago. Except mine is impending possible fatherhood. Half of me is curious as to Pete's position on the situation, but the other half honestly doesn't give a fuck.

How am I supposed to feel? I just got her and now she might be taken away. That's probably irrational, but why bother with rationality at this point?

Before long I pull into an all too familiar drive-way. I make my way up the walk and pause at the door. This is stupid. I shouldn't even knock, but I do.

"Tricky? What on earth are you doing here?" My mother asks stepping aside to let me in. One look at those overly concerned, all knowing eyes and I crack.

"Ane's pregnant. Mom." I blurt out. I didn't mean to do that. I didn't want to do that. I've just opened the widest can of worms in existence.

"Oh Tricky! That's wonderful!" She says throwing her arms around me. I gulp and nod. Sure, I can fake happy. I've learned from the best. Pete is a better actor than he lets on.

"Yeah mom. Wonderful." I say in my most convincing "the world's not falling apart and I'm fine" voice.

She looks at me, head tilted to the side and smiles again, "Patrick," She says sternly "What's the matter?"

"Nothing mom, just nerves I guess." I offer her a weary smile, this seems to satisfy her so I kiss her cheek and walk up to my old room.

The walls are light blue, covered in record sleeves, posters and art. A twin bed sits in the middle against the wall. I walk to it, allowing myself fall backward into the familiarity of it all. I kissed her for the first time here. Realized I loved her for the first time here. These rooms, our rooms, are our histories.

We were fifteen. Neither of us had ever really kissed anyone before. Nervous was an understatement. I remember the way she looked at me before she leaned in. Big green eyes locked with mine, lips slightly parted, moist from a fresh application of strawberry lip smackers. I'll never forget that taste in all my life.

I lay my head back on my hands and close my eyes letting the world spin.

When I wake up it's dark outside. I must've slept longer that I thought. I walk downstairs to find my mother and father seated in their respective recliners watching Wheel Of Fortune. My father cursing at the contestants wrong guesses, shouting the letters he'd have used at the TV. I lean in the doorway and smile.
"Oh, well hello sleepy head." My mother says craning her neck around the chair to look at me.

"Hey mom," I say returning her smile, "dad." I nod in his direction.

He nods back and waves a hand toward me not breaking his concentration on the puzzle at hand. I laugh to myself and make my way to my mother's chair . "G'night mom. I'm gonna to talk to Ane." I say and kiss the top of her head.

"Alright sweetheart, but you tell her I want news up to the minute on my little Stump bump*."

I smile and nod again, "Will do Ma."

The drive back to Wilmette is shorter than I'm used to. But it could just be all that's weighing on my mind distracting me from watching clocks while I drive. I have a bad habit of watching clocks. The guys hate it. But Ane doesn't, says she can always use me like a watch. I work, like clockwork.

I arrive back the apartment, upstairs is quiet. The only light on is the tiny one above the equally tiny kitchen table. Glancing over a white piece of paper catches my attention and I make my way over to investigate.

Under the folded note card is a black box, inside that box is a video cassettee. I unfold the card reading it carefully a loud to myself.

I know you may not be ready to see this, or me, but I thought you deserved it. I love you. Please know that. Embrace it, and never forget it.

I fold the card again and stuff it into my hoodie pocket. I shuffle into the living room tape in hand. I shove it into the VCR and take a seat on the couch.

A fuzzy picture appears, shortly followed by what I can only assume is a sonogram. I press the volume button, filling the room with a steady swimming beat.

Awestruck by the sound I manage to read the tiny text displayed at the top corner of the black and white screen.

Harris, Anemare B. Baby Stumph
March 28th, 1985 Fetus: 5 ½ weeks.

"Baby Stumph," I whisper to myself. My eyes stretch wider than ever before.

Is it possible to instantly love someone who barely even exists?

"Ane," I call out, jumping up from the couch, quickly have to sit back down. I've never been this dizzy before. But it's a good dizzy. I think.

I'm met with no reply. I stand again slower this time, "ANE!" I yell out once more, pressing the surround sound button on the remote. So that the heartbeat, our heartbeat, fill the apartment.

Ane appears in the hallway wearing nothing more that a pair of my boxers and a T-shirt I'm sure she stole from my closet as well, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She smiles at me tiredly stifling a yawn, "Yes Patrick?"

I jump across the arm chair closing the distance between us and wrap my arms around her tightly, lifting her from her feet.

"Hey! Hey! Okay now," She says wrapping herself around me, "Slow down, spinning will most likely induce vomiting."

I not and come to a stop setting her on lightly on her feet before me. Her pale green eyes lock with mine and for the first time I can see the rest of my life behind them.
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