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Chpt 19: An Announcement of Sorts

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For Evie. The love my life. And my special slave driver. *wink*wink*

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Chpt 19: An Announcement of Sorts

I can't keep myself focused. The video cassette tape in my lap holds the image that I hope will clear up. At least for Patrick.

Which only leaves Pete.

That name leaves a sour feeling in the pit of my stomach, though that could just be the morning sickness.

Which is a totally deceiving name mind you. It doesn't just happen in the morning, oh no. It rears its ugly regurgitating head all damned day long.

Back to Pete. He's called twice since Evie dropped me off an hour ago.
And twice, I've ignored the phone.

Sleep is my plan. Has been since Evie and I left the clinic. Once safely inside the apartment and sure there was no sign of Patrick. I stripped to my Pjs and planted the tape on the table in the kitchen. With a note of course. Now, I guess its just hoping for the best.

"Ane!" One eye pops open at the sound of my name being called from the living room.
Patrick. He must've found the tape.

"ANE!!" This time the yell is more insistant. Grumbling to myself slightly I roll out of bed. I make my way into the hallway to watch him bound across the furniture before lifting me off my feet to spin me in a circle.

"Hey! Hey! Okay now," I say wrapping myself around him, "Slow down, spinning will most likely induce vomiting."

He nods, slowing to a stop before resting my back on my bare feet. His eyes lock mine.

"What?" I ask tucking my lip into the corner of my mouth.

He shrugs, smiling and pressing his lips to mine. "I love you," He says softly after we part.

His smile is contagious. I can't help but grin as I utter, " I love you too. " just above a whisper.

I don't know how to explain it. But there is something different about Trick now. Something new behind his smiling eyes.

Later that night the entire gang sat gathered around the coffee table in Andy's living room. Pizza boxes and soda can littering the floor around us.

Patrick is seated behind me, arms hanging loosely around my shoulders as he kisses the top of my head. A somewhat comfortable silence lays over the room. Across from us, Joe and McKenna mirror our position. Evie's leg lay stretched out over Andy's lap on the couch, where Pete occupies the end cushion. His eyes haven't met mine all night.

"Come on kids, catch me up on the last six months," Evie commands from her seat next to Andy gesturing with her slice of cheese pizza.

"Well," Joe begins, "There was warped tour, Nan, Fall Out Boy's first ever inter-band sex scandal, Becca got married, and know the rest."

Evie nods slowly, " I guess that about covers it." Silence sits over us again until Patrick clears his throat.

"Guys," He says standing, lending a hand down to me, "We have an announcement to make."

Oh no. Not now Trick. I can't do this now. I shoot a look of distress to Evie. Who, thankfully, catches on and in a split second her voice over powers poor Trick's.

"Andy," She says manuvering herself to floor in front of him "Marry me?"

Not the distraction I was hoping for, but I'll take what I can get. And are those? No she can't be serious. Jazz fingers?

Andy's face falls white before a blush creeps from his neck to his ears to his cheeks, Evie stares up at him. She's nervous. I can tell her heals are twitching like mad as she pulls a silver ring off her thumb.

Andy swallows hard, nodding ever so slowly "yes", while Evie slips the ring on his left finger. She quickly, well as quickly as a six month pregnant girl can, crawls into his lap and covers his lips with hers.

"Woohoo!" Joe howls jumping from his chair. A chorus of congratulations follows and Patrick looks slightly disappointed and defeated.

Oh well.

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