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Its time to tell

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This is an A/A one to all A/A fans that voted. Archie is going to face a fear and face love. dose alanta love him back. COME IN AND FIND OUT, WELCOME ALL!!!!(even J/T fans, dont worry next i am mak...

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Archie woke up with a shock. "good it was just a dream, just a dream". He had a dream that He told Alanta he LOVED her(A/N alot X50)and she rejected him. if that was real he would have to, have to..... well he dint know but all he knew was that breakfast was waiting for him. He just put pants on and dint bother with a shirt.

Archie walked down Stairs but he dint see breakfast all he saw was alanta, This was wayyyyy better than breakfast he thought."hi arch" she said while she was lying on the couch. she sat up and patted the place beside her.

Archie dint know but alanta was cheaking out his musles. "ah... seams like you actuly HAVE been working out" she joked. "well der!!!, cause i am the strong, amazing, talted decendent of Archilies" he said "dream on" alanta said playfully.

"wow im hungry" archie said. "yep, you said it" she got up and made her way to the kitchen. 20 minutes later she came out with pancakes. "i hope they arnt as worse as jay's ones" Archie said hopeing for a good breakfast. Archie put one in his mouth "w...o.w th..ese a.r.e grea..t" he said with a mouth full of pancakes. He leant ove to get more but alanta pulled them away and said "hey 1 for you 5 for me"

Archie they said with a smirk on his face "well i know how to get them from you" He started tickling her like mental. The pancakes were all over the floor. Neil then came in and saw Archie on to of Alanta with her still laughing. "oh you guys are having a little fun are you, Ha HA" he said walking into the kitchen. Archie got of Alanta and they found themselfs in the darkest shade of crimson ever. "im going to get changed" alanta said "me too".

Alanta came out 10 minutes later showered and with her clothes on. archie was down stairs. "were is everyone" alanta asked. "gone out i guess" he said lying down on the couch. Alanta walked over and sat on his Stomach."ouch" he said playfully. then he pulled her in so his frount was agains her back. "ehat was that for?" she asked. "i needed a blanket so i think you will make a nice one" he said. Alanta got him and they both sat up.

"Alanta i ahve something to tell you ive wanted to say for a long time..." he said. "listnig" Alanta said. "i.. you" he said. Alanta looked at him shocked. She wanted to tell him for such a long time. but she tryed to speek but nothing came out. Archie got up and walked over to the stairs but Alanta run up to him And kissed him. The warm long his thaey had been waiting to do. Alanta broke apart now in Archies imbrace "i love you too"

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