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Chapter 12

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Anna returns for the tour.

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~~A/n: So I decided to put this one at a good stopping point so I can get some work done, both in life and in my other story. Enjoy! and thanks to everyone who commented!~~*

"You're back!" Jon yelled, pulling me into a hug and swinging me around. I had only been gone a month. Now I was meeting them in the airport to get ready for the tour rehearsals. It was now 10 am, and we had a long day ahead of us.

"Yes I am," I responded with a laugh when he put me down.

"You're hair is longer, and different. I like it." Ryan said, also giving me a hug. I had gotten dark brown low-lights in my auburn hair. I liked it, and was glad they seemed to as well.

I proceeded to give Spencer and the other girls hugs. I hadn't seen them in a while as well, and they were talking a million miles a minute. You know, girl talk. Brendon was off to the side, hands shoved in his pockets.

"Did you think I forgot about you?" I said, giving him an awkward hug. All I got was a half smile.

"So," I said turning back to the rest of the group, "Where to next?"

Grabbing my bags, we made our way to the rehearsal studio; the boys to practice and us girls to dance. The rest of the day was spent learning choreography. A lot of it we got to make up, which was exciting. I really liked the choreographer as well, Denise. She was in her late thirties, and currently 5 months pregnant, which made for an interesting practice.

At 8 pm, we had learned all the choreography for the tour. I was amazed. I was liking this whole being a dancer deal. It was great being back with the girls too. We walked out into the somewhat cool Vegas air to wait for the car to the hotel.

"So what's up Brendon's butt?" Breanne asked. "He's so moody today!"

"Really? I thought I was the only one getting that vibe." Jen said.

"He's probably just tired. I heard they haven't been getting a lot of sleep." Ilana said as the dark SUV pulled up and we piled in.

As soon as we checked into the hotel, we went to our rooms, Ilana and I in one, Jen and Breanne in another. They were quite nice, and Ilana had the idea to go swimming. We called the other girls who agreed to meet us downstairs. Then there was a knock on our door. After looking through the peephole, I opened the door grinning.

"What are you two lovely ladies doing this evening?" Spencer said, leaning on the doorway

"We were going to take a swim to cool down our sweaty bodies," Ilana said coming up behind me.

"Oh? Can we join you?" Ryan asked. "We've been working hard too."

"Sure! Meet us downstairs, okay?" I said. After a nod, I closed the door.

Ilana changed into a very sexy bikini, while I only had a one-piece.

"Girl, we gotta take you shopping," Ilana said when she saw my suit.

Arriving downstairs, Jen and Breanne, along with Ryan, Spencer and Jon were already in the pool, splashing around.

"Where's Brendon?" Ilana asked.

"Being a drama queen. He's on his man period or something." Spencer responded.

We swam around and relaxed for about a half an hour. It was nice to relax my muscles after the long day. Tomorrow might possibly hurt.

"Well, I'm going to head to bed. What time do we have to be ready for costume fitting?" I asked.

"9 in the lobby. Have a good sleep." Ryan said.

Walking back into the hotel, I saw Brendon glaring down at us from his hotel room window.
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