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Chapter 13

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I adore this ending...

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The next morning, I woke up refreshed.

"What time did you end up going to bed?" I asked Ilana.

"Not too long after you did. You crashed!" Ilana answered.

Ready for the day, we met everyone down in the lobby.

"First show tomorrow!" Breanne exclaimed when we appeared. I smiled. We were flying to New York for the first show after the costume fittings. Things were moving so fast!

Breakfast on the go, we arrived at the design studio a few minutes early. The costumes ended up being amazing! Not something I would wear in front of my grandmother, but she didn't need to see that. At 12, they drove us back to the hotel, where we packed. Second time to the airport in a little over 24 hours, I was excited. I loved flying! The flight wasn't supposed to be long either. Meeting up with the boys again, we definitely kept ourselves entertained on the plane. The flight thankfully went smoothly.

Once in New York, we met our homes for next 2 and a half months: the tour buses. After picking bunks, we crashed. The next morning was nerve racking. Nerves were turning my stomach into a boxing match. Around 3, we pulled the show together for the first time for a run through. Brendon wasn't acting as energetic as I had seen him on the last tour, but I shrugged it off. Something was eating him though. He hadn't talked a whole lot the whole time I'd been around him. I figured I would ask Ryan about it later. But later was going to be much later than I thought. After the sound check, we were rushed to hair, make up, and the dressing room. For the next 3 hours we were busy getting ready. I could hear people in the venue as the other acts played, cheering and singing along. I was amazed. In an hour I was going to be out there! The girls and I began stretching.

"15 minutes everyone!" a manager yelled. I pulled out my ipod and listened to some classical music to try and relax.

"Come on A! We gotta go!" Jen said, grabbing my hand. Dropping my ipod back in my bag, I waited on the stage wings.

"Ladies and Gentleman!-" the announcer started. That was our cue!

The crowd was amazing! The guys were playing great, but Brendon still didn't have his usual energy. For the last song before intermission, I ended up practically dancing on Brendon. We hadn't practiced it, but he knew.

"What's eating you?" I whispered in his ear at one point.

He finished the song. "Not doing this," he whispered back and pressed his lips to mine as the lights began to fade.
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