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Chapter 14

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"What the Hell?"

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~~A/N: Time to Dance and my other project ABC's are going to merge into another project. Time to Dance will be ending soon. Look for the new title where you will see Maddie and Anna in the same story. ~~*

"What the Hell Brendon?" I said when we were back stage. He was lucky it was during a break in the set. After the lights had dimmed, he had grabbed my hand and pulled me into his dressing room, without so much as a word to anyone. Someone pounded on the door.

"You have five minutes Brendon!" the voice said. He began to undress.

"Can I at least borrow some of your make up to touch up?" I said, his back to me. He turned around, shirt half unbuttoned, and looked at me with the same look he had been giving me all week.

"What the Hell?" I repeated for the second time in the past minute.

"Look Anna, I'm sorry, but you've been driving me crazy!" he finally answered, turning back so his back was to me. He finished unbuttoning his shirt, and put on a fresh one.

I was hurt. Was I annoying? What did I do?

"What do you mean? I didn't do anything to you that I'm aware of!" I said, raising my voice slightly in frustration. Again he turned back around. His expression turned to one of frustration, but also hurt.

"I didn't mean it like that Anna! It's just, goddamn I'm in love with you!" he finished. I stood there shocked.

"What? You're in love with me?! You barely know me! And why have you been ignoring me? Is that what this is all about? What the Hell!" I screamed the last part in frustration. He smirked.

"That seems to be your favorite phrase, now doesn't it?" he smiled for the first time in days. He strode over to me and placed his lips on mine again. This time, I responded. Just then there was another knock on the door.

"Brendon we need you now! And have you seen Anna?" the voice said again. He walked over and opened the door.

"I was just asking Anna for make up advice. We're good to go," he said to the stage manager. He winked and walked out the door.

The rest of the show went off without a hitch, and I was glad my part was minimal. My mind was spinning. Was he serious? And if he was, how did I feel? Sure, he was gorgeous, and he was so sweet on my birthday. And I had missed him, although I was unwilling to admit it to myself. The show ended and we all took our bows. Backstage, I found my way to the dancer's room and changed into comfortable street clothes. An hour later, we were back on the buses, getting ready to leave. I was sitting in my bunk, when Brendon sauntered on the bus.

"Well aren't you Mr. Cheerful now. Guess that kiss woke Cinderella up!" Breanna said, winking at me. I knew people had seen it. Not only the crowd, but Breanna was to my right when it happened.

"Yeah something like that." Brendon replied, rubbing his neck. "Actually, can I borrow Anna for the ride to the next destination?" he asked. His words were met with cat calls from all the crew, and I stood up, grabbed his hand, and dragged him off the bus.

"Where to?" I asked, still holding his hand. I noticed, and let go. He grabbed it again, lacing his fingers with mine. I couldn't help but blush.

"Follow me," he started walking towards the band bus. "So, um, have you thought about what I said?" Shit. What do I say now.

"Um-" I started.

"You don't have to say anything. But, when we get to the next venue, can I take you out? Like on a date?" he said, stopping and facing me. "God you're so beautiful." I blushed.

"Well, sure. Why not." I said. Smooth I thought. Real smooth.
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