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Chapter 15

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First dates are fun...

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"What movie do you want to see?" Brendon asked me. We were finally going on a date, a week later. Surprisingly, we hadn't kissed since the show, but not that he hadn't tried. He was very touchy-feely, which I wasn't sure how I felt about yet. His hugs were certainly nice.

"Um, flip a coin," I said, pulling out the quarter I had picked up in the parking lot. Alright, Gravedancers it is." I had to laugh. I knew he wanted to see it. I loved scary movies, but had already seen it. Oh well, at least it wasn't too awful.

Watching Brendon during the movie was quite entertaining. So were the other people in the theatre. It felt good to act like a "normal" teenager again.

"Shit Anna I'm going to have nightmares! Why didn't you tell me!" he whispered half way through, taking hold of my hand.

"Chill out" I whispered back. "You'll laugh at the end. It's so typical scary movie. I promise"

"Will you sleep with me tonight? I don't think I can sleep alone." He whispered again. I silently laughed.

"Like that wasn't sexual. I'll stay with you until you fall asleep if you need me to. And if the guys don't mind." I whispered back. "Now watch the movie!"

The rest of the movie was uneventful, except for Brendon squeezing my hand jumping a few times. I was right, he did laugh at the end. Walking back to the car, he stopped in the middle of the street, facing me.

"Anna, will you be my girlfriend?" he blurted out. His expression was so cute, I had to laugh.
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