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Within the Darkness

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She walked down the abandoned work road, even though the moon had vanished from the sky, she could hear movement around her... Partially based on a real event

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Walking towards the woods, suddenly the half moon seems to vanish from the sky. I look up at where the moon had been, but it's no longer there, and there were no clouds in sight. Using the street lights, I could see the huge, dead tree banches spreding their ragged dead limbs in a desperate cry towards the night sky.

I looked back down the street, I was standing at the top of it, there where no more street light here, except the few beams from other streets breaking past the houses lining the old abandoned work road. Most of the pavement was over grown, and the woods next to the road where loud with movement.

I took a breath and began to slowly walk down the street, eyes wide, looking for any visible sign of movement. I could hear things moving around me, I could hear the coyotes crying for the fallen moon.

My heartbeat sped up for some strange reason, as the hairs on my arms and the back of my neck stood on end. I'm not sure how, but I could see a strange outline in the distance, very small, very far away, near the other end of the street.

An odd feeling of reckless thrill overwhelmed me, arousing every sense in my body. My senses were hightened to a point like they hadn't been since the last time I had encountered this place at night, but even then, my senses had not been developed enough for them to arouse me such as they did now.

Over the last several years my senses had advanced farther than anyone else I knew. Most of the other children as they grew older, they lost their spiritual awareness, and yet, mine had continued to develop and advance farther than anything I had ever known. I had met very few people who remained just the slightest spiritually aware after they had reached puberty, when their hormones began to drown out the feeling of the supernatural, the odd and out of the ordinary things and events in life.

But here I stood, becoming aroused my a great power, a great and mighty corruption I felt as I walked down this dark, abandoned street on the border of the woods.

I could hear the running water of the creek as I drew closer, the outline slowly coming into my focus. Even though I had not been wearing my glasses, I could see it perfectly clear, my adrenalin had cleared up my eyesight, and even the asthma attack I had begun having just minutes before walking down this street.

It stood there, chest heaving as though it was panting, and yet, its lungs made no sound. It turned it's head up towards me, looking at me through eyeless sockets. It's skin was a dark ashen grey, and its clothing was almost old fashioned, considering how old it must have been. It's hair was long, wild and black.

It's eye sockets widened as if it could actually see me. Suddenly, it charged at me, not like the physically weak creature it should have been, but it seemed strong now, charging as a football player might charge at an opposing player before tackling them.

My eyes widened and I could hear my heartbeat pounding in my ears. I tried to run but my feet refused to carry me. my legs were frozen as though they were nothing but immobile chunks of ice.

My breathing quickened, and no matter how badly I wanted to close my eyes, I could not. I really didn't want to watch it as it came closer, grabbing hold of my useless arms. I didn't want to feel it's icy cold hand grab at my throat, crushing my windpipe.

I didn't want to watch it as it threw me down, showing how weak I truly was. I felt it on the ground next to me, I felt it's arm on my chest, it's hand stroking the side of my face.

"Beauty, perfect beauty. Real, so real," it was muttering in a horrible hissing voice.

My entire body began shaking as the strength of my adrenalin sent my body into shock. Laying there on the ground, feeling this creature, this spirit, what ever the hell that thing was's hands on my face, I realized exactly how cold it really was. My coat had begun slipping off of my arms when I had stood there motionless, now part of my upper arms were exposed to this bitter cold.

My breath was shaky, and once again I could feel the asthma attack I had been having just moments before.

Suddenly there was a shout from somewhere nearby, the hand left my face, the arm no longer laying across my chest.

The thing had been forced away from me, by whome, I couldn't tell. I could hear voices nearby, but my ears would not allow me to fully hear them. I could not recognize them.

I felt strong arms pick me up and cradle me. I felt the warmth of someone's body as they held me close to their chest. Someone put my coat back on me properly, increasing the warmth.

But nothing could warm the ice I felt in my body, the ice inside my soul. Nothing could help my lungs inhale easier. Nothing could take away my fear.

The person holding me, my savior, even though his voice was muffled, I could hear what he said to someone else there with him.

"I hope she's ok. Don't know what the fucking hell that thing was, but it ran back into the woods," he said, his own voice was shaking nearly as bad, if not worse than my breathing.

"It's hiding within the darkness of the woods now," said the other teen. "Dude, I think she needs to go to a hospital or something."

They would never understand. They couldn't understand. No amount of doctors could ever put me right again. I was out of reach, my soul was with the creature. Hiding within the darkness.
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