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When will she ever learn?

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Hera takes Neil's many phobias into her own hands. (i don't what to call the 101 things that scares Neil so i just call them phobia) oneshot

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Me: Well your favorite good old boring author is back with another oneshot.
Jayden: Mommy would love to update Twins and Vivo Iterum but she's hanging on a cliff with no way to get up (writer's block for those idiots who didn't understand the statement)
Me: bonk Jayden's head shut up you bozo! Don't insult my readers!
Me: don't apologize to me, you num skull! To the readers!
Jayden: turns toward the readers and bows SUMIMASEN!! (Japanese for sorry, may be wrong though, me no know lot of Japanese)
Me: grrrr!!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


The six teens were in the training room, training and showing off their skills when that ear piercing scream was heard. Five seconds, there it was again. They looked at each other and one of them nodded.

'Yup, she's at it again,' he said. He whipped his forehead which was covered in sweat.

'When will she ever learn? There's no hope in curing him from his phobias,' asked a purple boy.

'Hey, maybe he might have chance, you never know,' replied a red haired girl.

'Theresa, there's no hope period,' replied Archie, the purple boy.

'Come on guys, Theresa's right. Be optimistic, maybe there will be a change,' said Odie. Jay was silent during their conversation. He looked at Atlanta and they exchanged a glance.

'Why don't we go and take a look for ourselves?' he asked. The rest nodded.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Neil was staring at a plastic spider that was in Hera's palm. Hera sighed and moved on to the next test. She held out a deck of square cards and held them out one by one for Neil to see. And at each card, he screamed. Each scream was louder and longer than the last. The six others filled in into Hera's solarium, watching Hera pull out a card which showed either a spider or broken nail or even a shattered mirror and then they would cover their ears to muffle out Neil scream. Hera sighed one last time.

'Ok, Neil. This is the last one,' she said. She showed to Neil. Neil looked at it, and let out the girliest, loudest, and longest scream he ever emitted. He screamed like that for 5 long minutes, no kidding, no joke. For 5 long minutes. Hera looked at him puzzled.

'Neil, why did you scream? It's only a picture of Jay,' she asked.

'BUT DID YOU SEE THAT OUTFIT HE'S WEARING!! THE GUY HAS NO FASHION SENSE!! A TOTAL DISGRACE TO THE FASHION WORLD!!' he screamed. Hera groaned. Herry and Odie slapped their foreheads. Archie, Atlanta and Theresa were giving all their might to restrained Jay from keeping him from pouncing of Neil. Finally, their strength gave out and Jay was free to pounce on Neil, which he did. When Neil saw Jay, anger flaring and all, he screamed and dashed for his life but it was too late. Jay caught him and gave him the worst noogies in the world. And all Neil could was scream, WATCH THE HAIR! WATCH THE HAIR!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Me: UGH! Another crappy story, another crappy ending. Ok gotta stop writing because I'm laughing so hard. Sorry if it's short
Jayden: hee hee. Poor Neil.
Me: see you guys later, don't forget to review!
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