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Does he even notice my feelings for him

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meryl true feelings towards vash. I DONT OWN TRIGUN!!!!

Category: Trigun - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Characters: Meryl, Vash - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2006-11-25 - Updated: 2006-11-26 - 135 words

Oh; for I long for his touch at night but I wonder does even notice my feelings for him. Even though I see him everyday seems like he still not getting the idea. So many times I've came close to telling him my feelings but sometimes my doubts stop me from telling him. Vash The stamped, if only you knew the truth about my feelings for you. But What if... he doesn't react to the way- I think he gonna, what if he just see me as a friend, what if he has interest into someone esle.
Next morning I finally put self together and was gonna tell vash how I felt about him.
"Vash","Can I speak to you for an second", said meryl
"Yes meryl what is it". replied vash.
-To be continue-
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