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Chapter 1-Like always

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"Well I got you an interview with Panic! At the disco" "Panic what?" "Here's a list of questions I'd like you to ask"

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I opened my eyes to the beeping sound of my alarm clock. Reaching to press the snooze button I sit up shoving the cover that laid on my body to the side. I looked around my perfectly tidied up room. I didn't know what was more shittier my attitude or my morning breath, going into the bathroom I turned on the light and reached for my toothbrush and the tooth paste.

Applying an even amount of paste on the brush I began to brush in circles on my teeth. With the following step I rinse out the paste with water I jump into the shower. And wash my hair. Getting out the shower I wrap the towel around my body. I take out my dryer and dry my hair.

When my hair is dry enough I pick up my ironed clothes I hung up in my closet the night before. I slipped on my pen stripe pants and plain white long sleeved shirt. Going back in the bathroom I comb through my hair and put it in a French roll and spray an even amount of hair spray around my hair. Putting the hair products up I take out my make-up and apply some liquid eye liner to the lower and top lid. Then add some white eye shadow underneath my eyebrow.

With satisfaction of my appearance, I put everything I took out back in place and turn off my light. I grabbed my coat and purse. I unhook my keys off my key rack and locked the door behind me. Driving to the nearest starbucls I order me a hazelnut cappuccino extra crème.

Parking in my usual spot I get out my car with my purse and cappuccino. I zip up my jacket as I set the alarm on my car. I hear the reassuring sound and I make my way to the 10 story building that stands in front of me.

I walk through the automatic doors to be greeted from the by passers, that looked familiar to me. I walked in the elevator and pressed the number 7. Stopping on my floor I stepped out the elevator making my way to my cubical.

I lay my cappuccino and purse on my desk.

"Morning gorgeous" I hear a familiar voice say. I turn around and it's my best friend slash co worker Veronica.

"Good morning to you too" I said not bothering to look at her.

"come on tell me what's wrong?"

"It's just I feel like shit today"

"Well to make you feel better, you look nothing like shit"

"Your such a good friend"

"Aren't I!"

I laugh at her sarcastic ness.

"Please don't' make me laugh, I don't' feel like laughing"

"Well then talk more so I could stop with this corny jokes"

I smirked as I saw her make a face.

"I just want to feel like I don't' have to be perfect any more"

"I hate to tell you this but you are perfect"

"Thanks where's my certificate"

"Well I'm going out to a night club tonight..."

"No way, spare me. I don't' want to be surrounded by drunken immature sex addicts"

"there you go, first step to not being perfect is to not put people below you"

I looked at her with a guilty expression.

"And how old are you again? Have some fun let down your hair down"

"maybe your right"

"I know I'm right"

I took a sip of my cappuccino

"Do you still feel shitty"

"Uh..yeah it's still there"

She sighed.

"Hey summer's in my office now" Darrell called.

"Oh I wonder where this is headed"

I smirked as I made my way to his office. I went in and took a sit.

"Summers I have a special project for you"

"Oh please don't keep me guessing"

I teased. he laughed.

"Well I got you an interview with Panic! At the disco"

"Panic what?"

"Here's a list of questions I'd like you to ask"

"Don't tell me those are the kids with that closing the god damn door song"

"Yep thats them, You'r going to meet them in the conference room, on the 4th floor"

"but why..."

"Just thank me later"

"I'll be sure to add it on my to do list"

He picked his legs up to lay on the corner of his desk. I stood up and walked out of his room.

"So what was the punishment"

"I have to interview a couple of kids"

"they sing"

"There a rock band, panic! At the disco"

"Closing the god damn door"

"I'm already forming a head ache"

"Have fun"

"I'll try"

I said as I got my notebook and pen.

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