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Chapter 2-Meeting panic! At the disco

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This is when my mouth starts to run faster than my brain. "Sorry I just spaced out" i said taking my eyes off the paper "Well it'd be great if you spaced back in" Brendon said

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I was sitting in the conference room waiting for the guys arrival. With time to spare I reached for the sheet of paper my boss gave me. I read the questions in a whispered tone to myself. "What made you want to kick out your other bassit"? "Are you getting back in the studio anytime soon for the new album"? "what inspires you when your writing your lyrics"? "Is your schedule more hectic during this tour then the schedule you had last tour"? The questions were dull, but it was orders and I was to restricted to taking the chances.

Opening the door it was them. They looked more younger in person. The more I thought about I had to interview them the more shittier I felt. They sat in the chairs across the table. I gave them a smile and looked at the sheet of paper one last time.

"Comfortable?" I asked

"sure" Brendon mocked

I assumed that was the lead singer.

"Hi my name is Alicia and I'll be your interveiwer this evening"

"Cool my name is Ryan, this is jon, Spencer and Brendon"

"They can't speak for themselves" I implied

"Yeah they have tonigues but I thought I'd save them breathe" Ryan said

"Well aren't you the sweet one"

They just looked at me. I could tell I was letting my shitty day get to me.

"Okay my first question I'd like to ask is...." The more I looked at the questions the more they pissed me off. they were so dull and proabley been asked about 100 times already. This is when my mouth starts to run faster than my brain.

"Sorry I just spaced out" i said taking my eyes off the paper

"Well it'd be great if you spaced back in" Brendon said

"Oh you talk" I laughed

"Yeah I can do other things too" he smirked

A grin fell upon my face.

"My first question has been a rumor thats been going on and I just have to know is there something going on between and him" I said pointing them out with my eyes. The 2 boys looked fustrated by this question and the other 2 were shocked.

"That doesn't have anything to do with you" Brendon argued

"well you did sell your privacy when you signed your contract" I replied

"You know what if your like PMSing don't throw that on us" brendon said

"That was last month honey" I smirked

"Well you know what to answer your question nothing is going on between us" he said sitting back and pouting

"Orly" I grinned

"yeah really" he mocked

"Well then that brings me to my next question are any of you gay?"

"well are you" Brendon asked

"I'm not getting interviewed" I informed

"I have to say in the 2 mintues I've known you've been a real pain in the ass" he said pointing his finger at me

"Thats pretty nice compared to what I think about you" I replied

"I think your taking this too far" Ryan chimed in

"No I'm doing exactly what my job description say's" I said in a calm tone

"Well in that job description does it say be a full throttle bitch" Brendon said

"No it says do what you have to do to get a story, and something in what I'm saying seems to bother you, am I offending you mr.urie" I said with yet another smirk

He gave me a glare and stormed out the room. I smiled looking at the 3 band memebers.

"Well that didn't go to well did it" I almost laughed. They shook there heads while standing up and leaving. I smiled as I gathered up my things and headed back to my cubical

"So how did it go?" Veronica asked eager

"I pissed the lead singer off"

"No you didn't"

"Yes I did"

"was he hot?"


"I always thought he looked cute"

"Well me and him were like in a battle with words, just going back and fourth"

"Was he like a diva or something"

"Well it was he just got offened very easily"

"Summers in my office NOW!" my boss called out

"Your in trouble"

"Oh spank me" i teased.

I then walked in my boss's office.

"You rang" I said taking a seat

"How was the interview?" he asked

" went great, let me go in detail. First off the questions you gave me weren't interesting enough and you know me being me I asked them like 2 different questions"

"And what were they?" he seemed interested.

"Um.. did Brendon and ryan go out and are any of them gay" I said

"What the hell?" he seemed shock

"I mean I'm helping out a lot of people who's been wanting these questions answered, they'd make a great article" I suggested

"No, no you can't mlingle into there personal lives like that" he argued

"Well i can't turn back time" I said

"Tell me this how much did you piss them off" he asked

"Well that Brendon guy called me a pain in the ass and a full throttle bitch" i said

"Did you get anything for an article though" he asked

"No" i replied

"Well you'r not getting out scot free. I'm going to personally apologize to panic then i want you to give them another interview, wiht my boring questions and on top of that I want you to write a full page review on panic's up coming concert" he said

"Yeah you love to torture me"

"No you did this to yourself, do you know how embrassing that is for my best employee to just crash on one of our clients" he said sounding nice as possible

"Sorry it's just today wasn't my dad and I guess i took it out on them" I said looking down

"Just get bakc to work" he said pickign up his phone. i then walked out his room and went back to my cubical.

"I'm so sorry v" i said looking like I was going to cry

"What happened" she seemed worried


"Huh?" she seemed confused

"I..was sent to my desk" i said busting out in laughter.

"Don't you do that" she said laughing herself.

"Your just so vunerable" I laughed

"he he ha ha, but what really happened?" she asked

"He's setting up another interview and I have to write a full page concert review on them" I said

"Wow by time your done with this those guys will hire someone to slaughter you" she smirked

"Then why don't they do it now" I joked
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