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Chapter One

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Harry Potter was never the Boy-Who-Lived, his brother was. Sirius took care of Harry and his very unqiue ability, what will happen?

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Disclaimer- If I owned Harry Potter would I be writing this? No, that is why J.K. Rowling is worth so much money. This story will be very AU

7:30 pm - Godric's Hollow, Wales, United Kingdom - October 31st, 1981

Lily and James Potter were playing with their two small sons. Harry, their eldest son had his father's hair, but it was colored a dark almost black color. His eyes were his mothers, but everything else was his fathers. Harry always was very independent, unlike his little brother, Alex.

Alex was only Harry's younger by seven minutes, but that was enough for him. Alex always wanted Lily's attention. He had Lily's features but James' eyes. Harry never really played with Alex, which worried them.

The front door was then blown off its hinges and the Dark Lord Voldemort entered the door with Peter Pettigrew following behind him in a rat like manner.

"Lily, take Harry and Alex and run!" James screamed to Lily. Voldemort smiled and used a shadow to slowing torture James.

Little did the public know that Voldemort could bend shadows to do his will? A very unique ability that he discovered during his rise to power. His first victim was someone who tried to rob him of his gold one night. This memory was the source of Voldemort's basilisk patronus. Over the years he learned to use this power to its fullest extend. He even modified some spells with this power. A perfect example was the modified Cruciatis Curse that took thirteen shadows and made them swarm around the victim. Each shadow held a Cruciatis Curse within them. Voldemort used this spell every occasion he could. He only kept the spell on for thirty seconds, which was enough to keep a man out for five days. Voldemort didn't kill the man, because he could be a powerful weapon in his grief. Voldemort would kill Peter and make James become a dark soldier.

Voldemort then walked up the stairs to where he felt the aura of the Potters. Voldemort obliterated the door and slowly walked in. Lily Potter tried to defend her children, but Voldemort used the Shadow Pain Curse as he called it. Lily passed out as well. Voldemort drew his wand for the first time this entire night and cast a Killing Curse, supercharged with shadows. He fired the curse at the eldest one.

Something that a Dark Lord would never suspect happened. The Killing Curse went into the boy and discharged around him. The majority of the Killing Curse went to Voldemort, while a tiny amount just to scar his brother went to him. The energy formed a small lightning bolt in the middle of his brother's forehead. Harry then passed out.

Due to the sudden collapse of magic, Lily and James woke up, and ran to the boys' room. They then grabbed the babies and went to the Headmaster's office.

8:15 pm - Headmaster's Office, Hogwarts - October 31st, 1981

"Headmaster, we were just attacked by You-Know-Who, but he just died." Lily said very quickly. Lily would always be like that when something big happened.

Dumbledore asked for the complete story that he received mostly from James, but a little bit from Lily. He learned after much mindless talking that Voldemort was a shadow controller, which was similar to the power of Native American shamans. It seems that Voldemort had extracted the information of where the Potters were hiding from Peter Pettigrew, whom had willing given the information.

Both Lily and he were skilled Arthimancy, which modified spells. For months they had tried to develop a way to make any information useless. They tried various clause that inserted memory charms but they did not work. Dumbledore one day found an old book on gray art in the Hogwarts Library. This book had a spell that strip a person of the magic in their blood. To combine the magic with the Fidelus, they need a homunculus heart. After much searching they found one in secret labs of Czege Castle, which was in Romania. The result was a supercharged Fidelus Charm.

Since Voldemort still had his magic, Wormtail had betrayed Lily and James to Tom. He had to wonder what happened to all of the excess magic for a sudden collapse of such a magical being. He did a magical scan to see what had caused the scar on Alex's forehead. The scan revealed that there was residual Killing Curse energy, which was focused on his forehead. Also, it appeared that Alex had some ability in Parseltongue, only talking in it not casting spells though. He cast the spell again, but on Harry this time. Harry had gotten all of Tom's magical abilities and knowledge; sue to the fact that they had to go somewhere, because they were to powerful. Dumbledore had to separate these two children. If Alex, the Chosen one were corrupted by Voldemort's magic, all of Dumbledore's planning would be for nothing.

He then told James and Lily that Harry would have to be isolated from Alex, so as Voldemort's corruption would not infect him. Lily started to cry, while James's eyes were watering. The only reason that James was not openly weeping like his wife was because he knew how a magic infection worked.

A magical infection would happen if someone of a certain magical type would be close enough to the opposite type of magic. A light person could change a dark arts user to the light side, if they were close enough for a constant period of time. This was a major problem.

Dumbledore then told Lily and James that Alex was the Boy-Who-Lived. Lily then started to cry tears of joy along with her tears of sorrow. They then flooed out to Sirius flat to tell him the news.

8:45 pm - Sirius Black's flat, London, United Kingdom - October 31st, 1981

"Hey, Padfoot we have some news for you to hear." James said as Padfoot, a.k.a. Sirius Black had come out of the kitchen. Sirius motioned for them to sit on the couch. They did so and they put the babies down. Sirius sat down on a chair and listened to the story of what happened tonight.

"I am going to kill that motherfu..." Lily quickly closed her children's baby ears. "How could Wormtail betray us?" Sirius said. James continued his story about how Harry had a magical infection, so he had to keep Harry isolated. This outraged Sirius, this brought up very painful memories of a woman that he loved very dearly. "ARE YOU GUYS STUPID!?! HE IS YOUR SON!! YOU CAN'T ISOLATE HIM FROM HIS FAMILY, ARE YOU TRYING TO CREATE A DARK LORD?" Sirius screamed. James got up with his fists clenched. "Fine, if you are going to do that I will adopt him. I go a new job that is in America." James nodded his head and drew the Manna Rune, while Sirius drew the Othala Rune. These two runes drawn in that order was basically an adoption ceremony for wizards, and James, Lily, and Alex all flooed out of Sirius's flat.

By his family's law, he had to name Harry after a star. Sirius then dug out some old Astronomy charts from his Hogwarts days. He liked the name Vega, which was from the Lyra constellation. He also had to name Harry's middle name after a constellation. Sirius chose a not so well known wizard constellation. The constellation was called Crowan, the Shadow Phoenix. Harry James Potter was no more, now in his place was Vega Crowan Black. He then conjured a crib and put Harry down to sleep.

Sirius started to pack up all of his things, because he had to leave for America in the morning. At about one am he was finished and went to sleep, but not before checking on Harry.

The next morning Sirius grabbed his trunk and Vega while he flooed out of his flat, to his new job.

9:30 am - Magical Assault and Recon Headquarters, New York City, New York, United States - November 1st, 1981
"Welcome to M.A.R. We are a very elite strike force tasked with magical and muggle counterterrorism." A man with a medium length black hair said. "My name is Captain Brown; I am the leader of squad seven, which you are replacing a member of." Sirius greeted the man, and asked if there was a place that he could put Vega. Captain Brown led him to Sirius's quarters. Sirius conjured a crib for Vega and laid him down. Captain Brown then led Sirius on a tour of the facility.


Magical Assault and Recon was founded in the 1940s to respond to the threat of Grindlewald. The President of Magic, George Mason was worried that the Dark Lord Grindlewald had foreign operatives ready to strike in the United States. To respond to these threats, President Mason formed M.A.R.

M.A.R. was not only a domestic force, but also a Special Operations force. They helped in D-Day, the Battle of Midway, The Battle of the Bulge, etc. They were very good at what they did. Now, they had their hand in every branch of the armed forces.

In the facility, they had wandmakers, which were as good as Olivander, if not better, an armory, etc.

Sirius was trained for over ten years in magical and muggle combat. Harry was being taught in M.A.R. tactics at age five as well. He also attended the Salem Magical Institute.
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