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Chapter Two

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With Vega trained as a soldier what happens next?

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Disclaimer- If I owned Harry Potter would I be writing this? No, that is why J.K. Rowling is worth so much money. This story will be very AU

6:45 am- Black Ranch, Upstate New York - November 5th, 1996

Vega woke up and jumped in the shower right away. After ten minutes Vega was dressed and looked at himself in the mirror before leaving. Vega was around six feet tall and had a decently muscled body due to his training. His features and his hair were from the man who used to be his father. His hair color tough was from his the woman who used to be his mother, but his hair color also added some black highlights. He usually wore the color black, and today was no different. He was wearing a pair of black jeans, a Hobgoblins long sleeve shirt, a pair of black Vans (Vans was invented in 1966, so they would be around in 1996-A/N), and a black hooded zip sweatshirt

Right before exiting his room, he grabbed his silver Beretta 92, which was in a hip holster, and his twelve inch black ash phoenix-griffin feather fusion wand, which was in a holster that went on his right hip, opposite to the Beretta. This wand was made to accommodate his unusual magic flow. Due, to Lord Voldemort's shadow magic entering him at a young age they were assimilated into his magical core. The wand before this one burned up and left only the phoenix feather. So, wandmakers at M.A.R. created for him the first fusion wand.

When Vega got down stairs he saw Sirius trying to make pancakes, but only a dark thick smoke was rising up from the pan. Vega told Sirius to move, so that he could try to save the house from burning down. His father gave his usual dog like laugh. After about a half hour, the pancakes were done. After a quick breakfast, Vega went to the garage, and started up his bike, which use to be his fathers.

The black Harley-Davidson was a custom built model. It was pure black, and had a very powerful engine. Harry jumped on and rode for about an hour, before the worst thing that could happen did.

When Vega was driving back, he saw the Dark Mark over the ranch. Vega pushed the bike to its limits. When he was entering the ranch he drew his wand and Beretta. Harry broke down the doors and saw at least twenty Death Eaters. Vega opened fire. The entire entrance hall was filled with green curses and bullets flying everywhere. The Death Eaters though they won when a Killing Curse hit Vega. The only thing that this did was unleash Hell's fury.

Whenever Vega went into a dangerous situation, he always put a thin layer of shadows around him. The Killing Curse dissolved the barrier. Vega knew that he had to find Sirius soon. Vega used his control over the shadows to choke the life out of every Death Eater in the hall. Unfortunately, this used all of the shadows in the room. Vega put a new clip in his gun and went up stairs to find Sirius.

Thirteen steps and two clips later, Harry finally got to Sirius' study. In the study he saw a man who he recognized on the M.A.R. most wanted lists, slowly killing Sirius. Antonin Dolohov, who was a K.O.S. (Kill on Sight.) He was wanted for torturing countless muggles. Vega shot him in the right shoulder, Dolohov fell down. Vega then out his entire clip into the man's head.

Vega then walked up to Sirius. Dolohov, being the sick bastard that he was had pierced Sirius's stomach. The normal time that some one could live for fifteen minutes with a wound like the normally. But, Dolohov had made sure that the time would only be five minutes.

"Sirius, I am so sorry. I promise you that I will kill them all." Vega said with his eyes tearing up. Sirius smiled and pulled the Black family ring off of his finger. Vega knew what this meant.

Sirius had once told him that the Black family ring was only given to some to a son, when the Patriarch had died. Vega also knew that he had to go to the Gringotts headquarters in Diagon Alley. Vega then started to cry as Sirius had left this world.

Vega's eyes glowed Avada Kedavra green as he went to the cupboard behind Sirius's desk. He pressed a loose board and a rack of weapons and ammo appeared. Vega saw that an MP 5 and an S&W 500 Model were missing. Vega knew that those were his favorite guns. Vega grabbed a MP5KA4 and three grenades. Vega walked out of the room and started to open fire on the approaching Death Eaters.

As soon as Vega got out of the door he shot five Death Eaters in vital organs. Vega a bullet in on Death Eater's head, and before he fell down Vega put a grenade in his mouth. Vega got behind some cover as the grenade blew up. Harry then chucked two pieces of debris that looked like grenades and saw the Death Eaters running. Vega got out of his cover and opened fire at the Death Eaters' backs. Harry went up to the last breathing Death Eater, and put a grenade in each hand. "Hold on to them." Vega said in a heartless tone.

Vega got on the bike and the entire house had exploded. Vega knew that the grenades couldn't all do this. That meant that Sirius had activated the self-destruct. Vega started to get teary eyed again. Vega drove off and then rode to M.A.R. headquarters.

M.A.R. headquarters was a war zone. Random thing were exploding as the Death Eater marched behind a green light show. Harry saw a soldier be skinned in mid air. Harry saw an M-16 with a XM26 LSS attached to it on the ground. Harry started to open fire on the Death Eaters. Harry saw all of Sirius's squad dead. This pushed Harry over the edge. His whole body became like a shadow expect for his eyes which glowed gold. Harry went so fast no one could see him. He appeared by one Death Eater and broke his neck. The next Death Eater would be buried without a head. This continued until every Death Eater was dead.

Harry ran into the build and saw blood everywhere. The halls were littered with corpses. Harry's eyes watered as he saw all of his comrades dead. He got to the Commander's Office and saw the commander with a slit throat and one of the Inner Circle behind him laughing. The woman had a cackling laugh as she apparated. Harry saw that the commander's last moment were to take off the fail safe on the self destruct. Harry knew the man's last wish and flipped the switch.

Harry apparated to his bike and rode away.

1:00 pm - Number Twelve Grimmauld Place, England - November 5th, 1996

"I have called this meeting to discuss the recent attacks of Lord Voldemort. The Dark Lord has recently attacked the Magical Assault and Recon headquarters. M.A.R. was a magical and muggle anti-terrorism strike force. They would have been invaluable to our fight, but alas."

"We did not need them Headmaster!" James Potter, his new Transfiguration teacher said. Professor McGonagall left after an incredibly long career at Hogwarts. His son was usually allowed to sit in the meetings, much to the displeasure of Severus. Lily, his charms teacher, nodded her head in agreement. We do not allow mercenaries to fight with us in our war! James thought.

Then an owl ward tripped. A black owl flew threw the window and dropped of three letters. One when to the Potters, another to the Lupin's, and another to Dumbledore, who were all shocked.

A little history is needed on the Lupin's. At the end of fifth year, Remus and Tonks announced that they were getting married. Tonks was currently seven month pregnant with Rosaline Athena Lupin. Rosaline was born with a unique werewolf gene. These caused her to age at will, and have complete control her form, expect at full moon. She had pale skin and dark black hair. She inherited some Metamorphagus abilities from her mother, mainly changing her hair color. She was allowed in the meeting only because of her ability. She was like a normal sixteen year old, and she was currently dating Alex Potter.

When they all opened their letters, only Lily, Nymphadora, and Rosaline cried openly.

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