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Chapter Three

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With a will reading in the near future, M.A.R. completely destroyed, what will Vega do?

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Disclaimer- If I owned Harry Potter would I be writing this? No, that is why J.K. Rowling is worth so much money. This story will be very AU

1:01 pm- Somewhere in Upstate New York, United States- November 5th, 1996

Vega pulled up to an old beat down warehouse. Hidden was a keypad and Harry entered his personal code. The warehouse was a storage space for all of the artifacts that M.A.R. had acquired over the years. Vega went over to two cases.

The first artifact was called the Gauntlet of Azad. It was black leather like substance that went to elbow. There were no fingers. As soon as Vega slipped it on it became skin-tight. The second artifact was the Pendant of the Covenant. The Pendant acted as an amplifier to all shadow based magics. As soon as the Pedant was around his neck, the Gauntlet acted up. The substance spread across Vega's body. Vega had a black body suit on, but after his waist, it became trench coat like (A/N-Think Neo's clothing in the Matrix: Reloaded). On his forearms were spikes. The form when back into the Gauntlet, and Harry got on his bike.

Outside, Vega got a letter from a black raven. The letter was from Gringotts. It read.

Mr. Black,

Your presence is requested for the will of your father, Sirius Black. You need to come as soon as possible.



This made Sirius's death final. Vega could not shed anymore tears for some reason, so he apparated to England.

1:30 pm- Gringotts Bank, Diagon Alley, United Kingdom- November 5th

Vega shrunk his bike, and put it in his pocket. The bike ran on magic so there was no gas. Vega had the letter in his hand as he walked threw the doors of Gringotts. He was led to an office that had a Romanesque style to it. A goblin then walked in wear what looked like gladiator armor, but his helmet was in the crook of his right arm. He motioned for Harry to take a seat in the golden chair. Silverhook then said, "Mr. Black, you have been summoned here to have the private reading of Sirius Black. Do you have anything you wish to say?" Vega shook his head, as the pensive started a recording.

The small ghost Sirius said, "Vega, if you are watching this, which means that I am dead. I am so sorry that I kept so much from you, but you must know the truth. You know that your parents, James and Lily Potter let me adopt you, but that is not the entire truth. I suppose I should start at the beginning. As you know, you were born Harold James Potter the Third. You defeated The Dark Lord Voldemort, but all of the magical worlds besides a certain few know about this. The entire Wizarding World thinks that your brother defeated the Dark Lord. You must not tell anyone about this Vega, if you do there will be total anarchy. It seems however that a lot of power was transferred that night. Before you were attacked, you had a small ability in Parseltongue. When you killed Voldemort, all of his power transferred to you. You gained his Shadow abilities and a pure Parseltongue. Your partial Parseltongue had to go somewhere, so it went to your brother, Alex. Albus Dumbledore told your mother and father that you were magically contaminated, but this was a load of shit. The old man said I was magically infected too once, nothing ever happened though.

Your brother went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at age eleven. He was treated as a god. His first year, he barely stopped a possessed person from giving the stone to Voldemort. In his second year, he figured out that a basilisk was in the school and had help destroying the Chamber of Secrets. Fourth year he was entered into the Triwizard tournament and witnessed the resurrection of Voldemort. Fifth year, Albus Dumbledore told him a prophecy concerning him and the Dark Lord. We can not rely on this propaganda spread by Dumbledore's men though. We guessed that he had major help from every one of these years.

Your parents however have had another child. Her name is Heather Elizabeth Potter.

Vega, I want you to know one thing. I am so sorry that this ever had to happen to you. Understand that I am happy to call you my son." Sirius's image said as it faded away. Vega then broke down into tears. Silverhook then said, "Mr. Black, a public will reading will occur in a day's time. Do you have any formal wear, or would you like us to open, your vaults for access. Just don't buy all of Britain, because you could do that." Vega looked at Silverhook and asked how much money, did he really have. "You have 679,784,013 Galleons. You also have stocks in various companies." Silverhook said. Vega thanked the goblin and asked if he could get about two hundred galleons. The goblin gave him a pouch with the desired amount in it.

Vega then walked out of the bank and went to Knockturn Alley. Everyone thought that Knockturn Alley was a dark place, but it was not. Diagon Alley was where all of the rich people shopped, but Knockturn Alley was a lower part of town, with a lot of better things. Vega walked into Sir Clotho's Clothier. Sir Clotho was very respected in the magical world of fashion, but looked down upon by the fact that he lived in Knockturn Alley.

Vega walked in and went to the front desk. Sir Clotho's apprentice, Rasputin Markolov, manned it. Vega asked for a full Wizarding wardrobe. Rasputin called for his master. Sir Clotho led Harry into a measuring room. After being poked about seven million times, Vega had his wardrobe. Harry had five dress robes, two pairs of dress shoes, five black silk ties, five everyday black robes, and a black silk robe-suit.

A robe-suit was a new kind of dress robe. The top was similar to a suit, while the bottom was very robe like (A/N-Think the Merovingian's suit in the French restaurant in the Matrix Reloaded.) The dress robes were all made out of silk, and the shirts were different colors. They were blood red, green, blue, black, and silver. The total of this purchase was ninety Galleons. Vega then headed to a trunk store and picked up a seven compartment trunk for fifty Galleons. Normally it would be one hundred fifty Galleons, but he got a discount due to being an ex-magical official. Vega then walked back to Gringotts and got fifty galleons exchanged to British pounds. The exchanged rate was around twenty pounds to a Galleon. Vega walked out of Diagon Alley and went to muggle London.

Vega drove around until he found a Hot Topic. Vega got a couple of long sleeved shirt. The ones that caught Vega's were a two black one's. The first had two grey revolvers going vertical by the barrel together, and the back read the Sex Pistols. Another had the Green Day logo on it. Vega got various other shirt and hooded sweatshirts. He also got five pairs of black cargo pants and a pair of combat boots. Vega then headed back to the Leaky Cauldron. Vega set up the first part of his trunk to be his closet. He wanted to wait before he set anything else up.

While Vega was shopping around in the muggle world, he heard about a rave that was going on. After a quick shower, Vega jumped on his bike and went to a building called Graver. After being let in Vega was assaulted with a mixture of heavy metal and techno music. Vega went over to the bar to get a beer, which was very cheap by the taste of it. When Vega was about to drink he caught a weird smell in the air. It smelled like death. When no one was looking, he drew his wand and Beretta. Vega saw what looked like three vampires, all of them were heading to a young girl who was about his age. Vega saw what looked like a wand coming out from her pocket. Vega shot at the vampires as all Hell broke loose. In an instant there were over twenty new vampires, but one of their brethren had turn against them and ripped out on of their throats. The two vampires turned into a pile of ashes as they screamed in pain.

Vega yelled at himself mentally for forgetting silver rounds, but who predict a vampire? The three of them were handling them selves pretty well, but as soon as reinforcements came in. The total amount of vampires that came in was around one hundred. Vega thought that the whole god damn clan came in. All three of the fighters went back to back. Vega fired an entire clip at the vampires and got head shots all of the time. The witch was using the guillotine curse, which was a gray curse, on the vampire's heads. Vega's gauntlet then started to pulse. The transformation happened with a great pain. The entire battle stood still due to the massive burst of magical power. From Vega's wrists two stakes appeared.

After the air had enough magical saturation Vega flew to each opponent, leaving a ghost image behind him (A/N- Think the thing that Lord Marshal does in Riddick.) The first vampire he impaled his stake threw the bottom of its jaw. The next two Vega broke there necks by kicking them while impaling two more vampires. This battle last for less than a minute, Vega then walked up to the last vampire foe who was cover in ashes.

"Who is your master?" Vega said in a double voice. The vampire smugly said he would rather die than betray his master. Vega the ripped the vampires head off. Vega transformed back to his normal self and said, "That is the last time I go to a rave."

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