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How it all began...

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This is a story of lily, and her band...and how they started..

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This story is supposed to take place before the Gerard/Bert falling out...right around the revenge cd, when things were still crazy and fun for not going to mess with dates...just roughly around then..enjoy*

"You cant write a song about your grandma...its already been done!"
Lily gripped her pen in her hand...squeezing the squishy, purple grip on it with her fingers impatiently,
"Ok Will, I write the songs, you play guitar. its quite simple" she said, a tinge of annoyance in her voice.
He had been on her ass all day...what was his problem?!
Will shrugged his shoulders,
"Well, that my chemical romance band has already done it..I just don't want us to get shit for it..." he mumbled, walking away to the other end of the tour bus.
Lily scribbled out the lyrics on her notepad.
"Fine." she breathed.
She put her hand to her forehead and closed her eyes, her long blonde hair falling like a curtain to hide her face.
She sighed heavily, imagining how beautiful it would be to beat Will with a baseball bat.
Since they had been signed to a major label, everyone had been acting weird. She could feel the pressure on her shoulders...she had to be creative...amazing...everything she was afraid she couldn't be on demand.
And she knew everyone felt that way too.
Lily looked around the tour bus.
She could hear Will bitching at Ryan to get off the Xbox.
Adam, their drummer, read a magazine on the couch quietly.
He was one of those guys that was strong..on the inside and outside....the "I don't give a fuck" type. He chewed at his lip piercing and hummed to himself as he turned the page. She swore he's been wearing those doc martens since they started Saint Lily in Chicago 2 years ago.
When the band first started, they were called "Georgia's Tears". Georgia was one of Will's ex girlfriends and he was feeling vengeful at the time, and it sounded cool.
One night, after playing a show in a sleazy bar, the boys went and ordered drinks. 15 minutes later, after Lily got off the phone with her mother and locked up the gear, she went back in to the bar to find her bandmates singing "life after love" loudly. That made Lily the designated driver.
That also made her the designated nurse.
And when they threw up, Lily made sure to stop the van and let them puke outside, and when they woke up the next morning at the Best Western, Lily was there with a glass of water and an aspirin.
Hours later, the boys groggily piled into the van, complaining of headaches and drinking bottled water pitifully. Viewing their dramatic display, Lily sarcastically objected,
"Well guys, YOU'RE WELCOME . Oh, and THANKS Will for puking on my shoes. Nice touch."
She finished by grumpily putting on her sunglasses and adjusting the rear view mirror.
"You're such a SAINT, Lily!" Will cracked, taking a swig from his Crystal Geyser. A
dam elbowed him, silently objecting to his sarcasm.
Ryan, whose dyed black hair was matted and greasy, opened his eyes,
"Hey, that's kind of cool...Saint Lily!". And it stuck. Better than Will's ex girlfriend, anyway. Thus, Saint Lily was born.
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