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Life on the road

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Meeting matt, the manager....a tour?

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Ryan,Will,and Adam, were playing Halo again.
Lily stood in the small bathroom, brushing her teeth. "WHAT NOW MOTHAFUCKA, WHAT NOW?! OH HELL NAW! BACK ME UP RYAN!"
Will yelled into his headset. Lily stepped out of the doorway, mouth full of Colgate total, and spoke to the best of her ability,
"Ay you guys, mast goeen to be here, so shu up!" she managed.
she spit and rinsed out her mouth and wiped the extra foam off her lips,
"Hey, are you listening?" she said, hands on hips.
They kept their backs to her, the only sound the tinkling of joysticks and the tiny clicks of buttons. They cheered simultaneously as something exploded.
she walked around them and stood in front of the tv,
"HEY!" she demanded.
They looked up at her, obviously annoyed.
"what Lil! You're making us die!" Ryan moaned, trying to look around her at the screen.
"Matt's going to be here any minute! So clean up!" she insisted.
Will groaned loudly as his player died. He took off his headset, annoyed,
"Great Lil..great! Now my points went down".
Lily turned off the xbox,
"Take your showers. I'm not your damn mother" she grumbled as they moped away.
They needed to shave. Their hair was so greasy it looked wet. They smelled...they were 20 something yr old men that couldn't comprehend the concept of hygiene. Lily glared at the xbox. she hated that thing.
Matt, their new manager, would be here in about 20 minutes, and her bandmates were standing around smelling like a mexican restaurant.
"Are these clean?" Will asked, smelling his boxers.
His blonde hair was matted and lay across his face, greasy and stringy. He stood there in his scooby-doo pajama pants, searching through his bag and pulling out various and assorted pairs of boxers, scanning them with his deep brown eyes. He was the lead guitarist for the band, and the one with the most attitude. Ryan, the bass player, stood next to him,
"No man, they look dirty to me. You wore those two days ago".
Ryan pulled out a pair of jeans, some boxer briefs, and a t-shirt and made his way to the bathroom, only to be cut off by Adam, who made it in just before he did. Ryan objected, only to have the door shut in his face. He grumbled something about washing his face in kitchen sink and walked off.
Ryan was one of those guys who dyed their hair all the time. Right now it was black..and he seemed to like it. He hadn't dyed his hair a different color in a month. He usually pulled it into a faux-hawk. When he was nervous or bored he pulled at his eyebrow piercing. He went to highschool with Lily...almost 5 years ago.
Adam had spider webs tattooed on his elbows, and always wore Doc Marten steel toed boots. They all called him a bad ass, which got on his nerves, but he didn't deny it. When Lily made fun of him, she called him princess. He had sandy brown hair that fell in his eyes...and he was pretty tall. He used to be a bouncer at a goth club..back when he dyed his hair black and wore fishnets. He got over that phase, and he doesn't like to talk about it. Every once in a while, when he and Will get in an argument, Will calls him Robert Smith.
Ryan was pounding on the bathroom door for Adam to hurry up. Will was singing loudly and picking out his clothes...and every once in a while yelling at Ryan and Adam to "hurry the fuck up!" .As cliche as it sounds, she always got along with boys. Lily was used to boys...she was the only girl in her family.
She had blonde hair that she insisted on straightening daily, and large blue eyes. She liked mascara a lot..and black eyeliner.
For most of her teen years she had been the fat girl. She had been the but of jokes, fake ask outs...the usual. Then she just stopped eating fast food so much and ran every night until she was sore...and slowly but surely, the weight started to fade away. Ryan still calls her tubs.
Adam came out of the bathroom, running his fingers through his wet hair. Ryan pushed passed him and shut the door. Will pounded on it, whining,
"Let me brush my teeth!".
Lily smirked as she watched her three best friends. She couldn't believe they had been signed by Reprise. As a feeling of warmth and happiness washed over her in a wave, the bus stopped.
"Oh shit! dammit! Ryan hurry up!" Will cried, brushing his teeth frantically.
"Ok!" Ryan whined, the pitter pat of water becoming quicker, the splashes bigger as he tried to shower as fast as possible.
"The Used? No way! sweet!" Ryan exclaimed.
They sat at a booth in a Denny's somewhere...what state were they in?
Matt, their new manager, sat across from them, drinking a Dr. Pepper,
"Yes Ryan...way" he said with an amused smirk.
"I heard Bert's a dick though" will grunted, peeling back the paper seal on a mini creamer.
"Hey hey hey" matt raised an eyebrow, " No shit talking. You've never met him"
Will gulped down the creamer, much to Lily's disgust,
"Sorry," Lily began, "He's just mad because he didn't get to take his shower..."
Matt laughed.
"And it wasn't my fault, Adam had to take a ten minute shower!" will interjected. Adam smiled.
Matt shook his head.
Lily felt embarrassed....
"So you'll be touring with the used and my chemic-"
"No FUCKING WAY" Will yelled, choking a bit on some creamer.
"Will, shut the fu-" Adam began, but Lily cut them off,
"My chemical romance? Vampires will never hurt you...them?!"
Matt nodded and smiled at her,
"Its going to be a tough tour..but I think you guys can handle it"
The band nodded....Will drank another creamer. Ryan punched him in the ribs, mumbling something along the lines of
"Stop you fucker".
Matt cleared his throat,
"Looks like you'll be the only FEMALE in sight boys better protect her, ok?"
They chuckled, amused at the thought of such a thing.
"I think I'll be ok...." lily thought aloud...a bit embarrassed at the suggestion that she needed help with anything...and the reaction of her bandmates.
"So tomorrow we'll meet up with the bands and get ourselves acquainted. Im sure you'll all be charmed..." matt said with a grin.
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