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An Encounter in the Women's

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Saint Lily meets the other bands at IHOP...chaos ensues?

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"Ihop? sounds like an ipod commercial...gayyyy"Ryan said as he looked out the window at the blue and white chain restaurant.
"When I think of ihop..I think of a"
Will said spacing out ,raising his eyebrows up and down absentmindedly. He had taken his shower...and was in a much better mood.
Lily's eyes weren't on the blighty lit restaurant, but the two tour buses already in the parking lot. She gulped and zipped her black sweat-shirt all the way up. She wanted to hide herself.
"Now is not the time to is not the time to be is the time to pretend you're who you want to be...the crazy girl you used to be...oh god I feel nervous"
Lily whispered to herself as the bus came to a stop.
She felt like she was on a first date....the butterflies seemed to soak up her anxiety and swell in size....they were trying to fly out of her throat-
"Lily, what the hell are you talking about? Calm down!"
Will whined, biting his lower lip...looking at the tour buses,
"You're making me nervous" he said quietly.
So Saint Lily sat there on their shiny black tour bus for 5 minutes, staring at the Ihop with fear in their eyes.
Lily remembered the girl she was last year...crazy..loud..jumping around...annoying was the word. And then they sold her grandparent's house...and then she tried it...and then she couldnt stop. She sunk. Low. She tried to climb back up but it wasn't really the same.
Its never the same.
Lily broke the still, eerie mood and stood up valiantly,
"We are going in there, dammit!" she cried, pulling up her hair into a messy bun.
She felt something start to catch fire inside her....and it felt bigger than a candle flame...not the old familiar roar of a bonfire she had felt when she was younger...before everything, but it was a start.
Adam shrugged his shoulders and hopped down the bus stairs....Ryan followed. Will glanced up at Lily, and stood up,
"Lets go." he said with a weak smile.
Lily stepped off the tour bus and into the stale night air...feeding the fire once more.
"Where is everybody?" Lily asked as they walked up to the hostess.
Will shrugged. They scanned the room for tattooed men.
"I'll be right back.." Lily said and patted Will on the shoulder, walking to the bathroom.
As she stepped into the brightly lit hallway, adorned with cheesy framed pictures and smelling of disinfectant, she could hear the dull roar of conversation behind her. It reminded her of....
"Oh I'm sorry!" Lily blurted, "I didn't see you-"
"Oh problem." smirk..grin...the once over.
"....Aren't you...?" Lily raised an eyebrow....the fire burned.
"I think I just met Bert in the women's bathroom..." Lily mumbled in Adam's ear.
" Are you sure you weren't in the mens?" Adam asked, speaking quietly into is menu, eyebrow raised.
Lily sat in silence....was she? She looked up to see matt, sitting in the middle of the table, he was discussing with a thin boy with glasses over whether to get the pancakes, or the stuffed french toast special.
Will was already talking about halo, and Ryan was pouring sugar into his coffee. Suddenly, Lily caught the gaze of a black haired man sitting at the end of the table. He was a bit tousled...messy...and had beautiful hazel eyes. As soon as she caught his gaze he looked down at the menu. It burned brighter.
"HEY HEY HEY....who is this?" a voice asked loudly.
Lily took her eyes off of the mystery man to find Bert McCracken sitting next to her.
"Hey," Lily began, "didn't I meet you in the girls bathroom a second ago?" she asked, eyebrow raised.
Bert grinned, "That was you?" he chuckled and scratched his head.
" I want some fucking pancakes." he stated, throwing the menu at the middle of the table. It landed on Will's water glass, spilling a bit .
"What the hell man?" Will grumbled, wiping up the water with a soggy paper napkin.
"Sorry man!" Bert mimicked, eyeing Will,
" Sorry butterball..." he said with a sarcastic wink and a throaty chuckle.
"Hey Gerard....he's a turkey..." Bert said across the table, a throaty, raspy laugh following.
Gerard emitted a tiny giggle.
Lily smiled.
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