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Uno, dressing rooms, and an interview

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Lily's friendship with the boys gets stronger...

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"Chicago, what?!"
Lily exclaimed as she slammed her cards down on the table,
Frank, Gerard, and Will sighed heavily.
Will jumped out of his chair and threw his cards on the table, frustrated, running his hands through his hair.
"I was like...TWO cards away...but Gerard had to give me that damn DRAW FOUR CARD...AND TWICE might I add!" Frank complained with a grin on his face, leaning back to stretch.
Gerard smiled,
"Hey, you could of used that reverse card at any time...instead of hoarding it.". Lily gathered all the cards happily as they spoke.
She looked up to find will fuming,
"Will, calm down" she said, putting the cards back into the box.
Gerard leaned back, tipping his chair backwards onto two legs,"Yeah butterball, its only uno".
Lily could see his pale from all the face paint he put on was really quite nice.....
"Why the fuck do you guys call me that?!" will groaned, lurking off to the back of the mcr tourbus in search of sympathy and solace.
At that moment Bert welcomed himself inside, hopping up the tourbus steps gracefully, in two sweeping movements. He sat on Lily's lap, and looked down the bus,
"BUTTERBALL, WHERE YOU GOIN? WE ABOUTS TO PLAY SOME UNOooooooooo!" he yelled down the bus.
Will gave a hand gesture and continued to talk to Bob about the upcoming Halo 2. Bert shrugged,
"Hey guys.." he mumbled, holding the uno box in his hand.
"Actually Bert," Gerard began,
"We just finished getting our asses handed to us by Lily.."
"Yeah," Frank grinned,"She was representing Chicago"
Bert giggled, "Let's go do something then...." he said, opening and closing the card box.
"I cant," Lily said, gently pushing Bert off of her, like he was a house cat, "I have a show in an hour...I've got to go get ready.""Ok, I'll go with you." he said, freeing her from his weight.
Lily raised an eyebrow as she pulled down her black, ribbed tank top,
It had been only a month since Lily had met Gerard and Bert....or any of the other guys in the bands. She got along great with the rest of the guys, but she seemed to have a special friendship with the two of them. It seemed as though Gerard and Bert were inseparable....and they always managed to find the hotel lobby, in another tour the women's bathroom..on stage. they were always there to make her life a bit more interesting. and she felt it again, that roar, that fire within her. but this time it felt felt real...she didn't need....
Bert and Gerard sat in lily's dressing room.
"Yeah, I think it's really cute when you guys do your little duet on stage..." Lily said, applying her liquid eyeliner carefully.
"Cute?" Gerard mused, " We're two sweaty rock dudes...and I'm usually covered in blood-"
"Let me get some of that sometime" Bert interjected.
Gerard shrugged.
Lily looked at Gerard through the mirror, "You know what I're like Jerry Lewis and dean martin"
"Fuck yeah" Bert said, voice raspy, "I'm dean"
"oh hell no!" Gerard objected.
Lily finished putting on her eyeliner and put her hair down. It fell down to her mid-back. As she plugged in her hair straightener she began to hum the tune of "prison".
Gerard raised an eyebrow and looked at Bert. Something in Bert's head clicked.
Lily straightened a section of hair. A knock on the door made them all jump,
"Come in" lily called. The door opened slowly to reveal Brian. He rolled his eyes,
"There you two are." he grumbled,"Hey Lily" he said, looking up at her with a smile.
"Hi" lily echoed, straightening still.
"Ok guys, Fuse has been running all over the place trying to find you guys, could you at least give them an interview?"
"yeah guys" lily piped in sarcastically with a grin.
Bert flipped her off. Gerard laughed.
Lily stuck out her tongue and got up to rummage through her bag. She pulled out a pleated purple mini skirt with little pink hearts on it.
Bert sighed, "I suppose we could..."
Brian nodded, "Good, they want to talk to you about this lady over here," he said, pointing to Lily, who had stepped behind her changing screen and could be heard zipping up, "And they want your opinion on the new band joining the tour...Opiate"
Gerard raised an eyebrow.
"Are they those fags that do that song about the mirror....and the heart and stuff?" Bert asked, smiling at Gerard...expecting praise for his humor.
"Yes Bert..that would be them" Brian sighed.
Lily stepped out from behind the screen, barefoot with fishnets on under her skirt.
Brian nodded, "That's cute. Anyway, they're right down the hall. So lets go"
"Who, Fuse?" Bert teased.
Lily could tell Brian was getting annoyed, "Yes go before Brian kills us all."Two minutes after Bert and Gerard left they came back..with a camera. that interview would seal their friendship...and it would start everything
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