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On stage

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Lily joins the boys on stage...but for what?

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Mcr had started their regular set...and were just about to start "Prison". Bert ran on stage and the crowd went wild. the guitars started to play the intro.
"We're going to do things a little differently tonight....we've got a little TREAT for you motherfuckers!" Gerard said into his mic.
"We have a little cupcake to help us sing our song.." Bert teased.
Lily stood backstage, talking with the roadies about the soundcheck,
"What are they talking about?" she asked aloud.
The roadies went silent and shrugged...suddenly their eyes went wide.
There was Bert, mic in one hand, other hand extended for lily. "What?!" lily cried. Bert held out his hand,
"Come on lily" he whispered, and then said into his mic, "We've got lily...the SAINT to sing with us!"
"Fuck yeah!" lily heard Gerard in the distance.
The crowd cheered...the guitars continued to play the beat....
Bert ended up dragging her on stage. At some point someone gave her a microphone.
Gerard put his arm around lily, and pulled her to his side tightly, "All right, now you know the words, don't you?" he asked her, a huge grin on his face.
Lily looked up at him in disbelief; where they drunk?
She took a deep breath and smiled back, her confidence swelled...the fire went up her throat and helped her speak,
"For your sake, I hope I do." she said with a wink and walked to the middle of the stage as the guitars started to play the rest of the intro. Suddenly, fueled by the stage, she began to sing the intro, and the boys came in later and then they all sang together.
Gerard looked at her with this crazy look in his eyes...and by the end of it...she felt like she was walking on air. When she and Bert ran off stage she burst into laughter, and cried,
Bert laughed,
" You took the intro, and it sounded so good! you bitch!" he cackled, "you should've seen Gerard's was hilarious....his eyes were so wide...."
His raspy laugh filled lily's ears as he hugged her.
About 5 minutes later, Gerard and the rest of the guys filed in.
Mikey came up to lily and praised her,
"That was so good lily...I was truly amazed. you should be our new lead singer"
"Shaddap Mikey," Gerard said, pushing him aside to meet Lily's gaze, "that was pretty damn good." he admitted, his serious face spreading into a grin.
"I guess I knew the words after all" she said with a smile.
He patted her on the shoulder,"You should sing with us more've got a killer voice..and stage presence"
Lily felt herself blush under his gaze, she prayed to god Bert didn't see. She looked to her side to see Bert staring straight at her...a big smile on his face. he knew.
"Yeah," lily said, "that'd be fun".
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